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J the Hedgehog

  • Physical Age: 18
  • Chronological Age: Mid 20's
Height 4' 5"
Weight 88 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Rare Malay Hedgehog
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Eyes: Light Blue
  • Red short-sleeved shirt
  • Light Blue baggy jeans
  • White/Red Shoes (originally Red/White shoes, but are now inverted after 70 years)

MikuHatsune's fanfics

  • Rin Rose (future daughter)
Affiliations Ultimate Lifeform siblings
  • Jay (his real name)
  • Child/Kid (doesn't seem to bother him)
  • Racer (formerly)
  • Jay-Jay (Cindy, his girlfriend)
Romantic Interests

Vampire93's fanfics

  • Cindy "Cindi" Rose

??? fanfics

  • Unnamed girlfriend (possibly)
Current Residence ???
Weaponry Switchblade (hero-aligned, harmless to other heroes; uses this to kill dangerous criminals)
Super Formation
  • Super J
  • Fire J
  • Darkspine J
  • Moon Spirit J
  • Hyper J
  • Data J
Ability Type Speed
DOB (Date of Birth) January 27, 1989
Birthplace (Fictional) Malaysia
American V.A.
  • Ryan O'Donohue (Sonic Fanon X)
  • Joel McDonald (Sonic X Next Gen)
Japanese V.A.
  • Jun Fukuyama (Sonic Fanon X)
  • Nobuyuki Kobushi (Sonic X Next Gen)

J 'Jay' the Hedgehog (ジェイ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Jei za Hejjihoggu) is a rare, yellow, anthropomorphic Malay hedgehog. He is also the older brother of N the Hedgehog, who is a non-Ultimate Lifeform sibling, including his first adoptive sister, though he was not aware that she does have parents, until he met her mother, in which Sunny has told her about him. So far, his current fate is unknown, although it is presumed that he is still alive, along with his younger brother, but has hardly seen him since he has a girlfriend.


Main article: J's History

Physical Description


J was once a happy, chivalrous, enthusiastic, and kind hedgehog, way before he was chosen to become one of the Ultimate Lifeform siblings, making him the only sibling not to be created. But later on, at his current age of 21 (although he still resembles as a teenager, being chronologically 18), he is suffering an emotional disorder from his changes of his ULF DNA, which has not only caused him to act like this, but because of the loss of one of his relatives, thus controlling his emotions are nearly impossible. However, he does seem to handle his emotions later on.

Despite this, he is also a skilled racing driver, even though he was involved in near-fatal accidents. He is also very kind towards his friends, as well as his relatives, but he can get serious if he were to encounter enemies that would get in his way. He gets along with N, his younger brother, very well and his roboticized sister (although this is rare, since he hasn't seen her for so much). J is also a professional mechanic, whether by himself or with his team. Since he has already become a legendary racing driver, he now focuses on looking out for his relatives, although N has yet to achieve his goal.

If J were to find out that a relative of his has died (whether ULF or not), he would become completely devastated, and this makes it difficult for him to maintain his emotions, despite his adult age. For this reason, it is best to not let him know.

However, after 70 years of being sealed inside a cryogenic chamber, his personality has been dramatically changed; he is now level-headed, laid back, cool-tempered, calm and mature. If confronted by enemies, he does get serious, just like his old self would, but knows how to hold his own against opposing foes. What is also strange is that he virtually has little to no memory about any occurring events, although he still remembers his friends and relatives, after being sealed inside the cryogenic chamber for many years. While he no longer pursues his dream of being a racer (even though he already did), he currently wanders around on his own, with no one by his side, but what is he after is unknown for now, although he may be searching for his relatives. It is unknown if he did reunite with his relatives, as well as his parents.


At first, J can only wield basic attacks, meaning that his strength is average. However, his strength has been gradually enhanced caused by Xilax the Hedgehog, who gave him the ability to use of Chaos powers (which also received a curse before he defeated him). He used to have a dangerous Dark form whenever this happens, but this was ultimately replaced and is no longer in him.

J also have very good senses, indicating by his ears twitching, even listening to the others that are almost out of range.

Despite not wielding any Kinetic attacks, J is very well experienced with Physical attacks and excels well in hand-to-hand combat, due to his great reflexes and his high defense and speed.

He is now one of The Ultimate Lifeform Family, even though he was never created by Professor Gerald Robotnik, making him the only character (or sibling of The Ultimate Lifeform Family) that is never been created at all.

  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Blast
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Heal - Though his ability was gone, it was restored and renewed after 70 years. This would also mean that he can heal critically wounded victims
  • Chaos Missile - Taught by Shima, his older sister
  • Copycat - Can materialize enemies' weapons by using his Chaos powers and uses it against them
  • Chaos Reversal - This works against any types of Chaos powers used by any enemies that are battling against him. This ability can only be used once
  • Chaos Disruptor - Like an EMP, can negate disguise-related abilities
  • Chaos Card - Taught by Selenia
  • Chaos Revive - Can only be used once, as the slightest mistake can lead to exhaustion
  • Chaos Flare - Like Solar Flare, though it blinds enemies for 10-15 minutes, resulting in disorientation. This ability is only used for sunlight or for harsh temperatures

*Denotes J's new abilities.


J isn't very good at taking care of Chao, because he feels like that he's "multi-tasking". Even though J is one of the Ultimate Lifeform Family (since he is the only character who is never created at all), he is forced to face his emotional mix-ups, right after he saw countless of flashbacks about what happened inside Space Colony ARK, thus rendering him unable to fend off enemies. Using Chaos Control to teleport four or more people can lead to a loss of Chaos Energy and exhaustion, if he is not carrying a Chaos Emerald.

He has been receiving numerous injuries and near-death experiences, most likely caused by car accidents during races, so J is not capable of enduring his extreme pain, due to his lack of physical strength (since he prefers speed over strength, despite his well-balanced hand-to-hand combat). He is also incapable of seeing through Darkness. Despite his Chaos powers, they were not to be used as a flashlight and J can get hit by unseen attacks due to zero visibility. While he knows how to fly planes, J isn't a really good pilot, since accidents can occur due to lack of piloting skills. Due to his insurmountable amount of emotional disorder he receives, his dark entity was recently born inside his body, because of changes of his Ultimate Lifeform DNA, although since he has been able to maintain his feelings, his dark entity does not emerge to take control of him. Strangely, he is slightly weaker than before, due to the fact that he has too many Chaos abilities for him to handle, as this has caused overloading his nervous systems before being knocked unconscious.

After 70 years later, his weaknesses have been changed. Although he has gotten stronger than before, his stamina has been slightly shortened, so he will have to rely on regular attacks in order to conserve his energy. Otherwise, overusing his stronger Chaos abilities will result in fatigue and shortness of breath. If this occurs, he would likely lose consciousness for at least three minutes before getting back up on his feet, though he may need to be careful while restoring stamina, as enemies may close in on him upon doing so.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Upgrading/repairing/designing cars
  • Participating racing competitions
  • Protecting his friends (including their loved ones and his siblings)
  • Battling even the most powerful enemies
  • Winning racing competitions
  • His girlfriend
  • Hanging out with his friends (mainly his relatives, as well as Sunny)


  • Multi-tasking
  • Losing a boss battle
  • Complicated/difficult decisions
  • Drinking coffee
  • Doing sit-ups
  • Friends that are arguing at each other
  • Being called as Sonic (even though he looks like Sonic)
  • Losing a race
  • People, his friends and his siblings getting badly hurt
  • People insulting Sunny (he's always by her side and will stop people from insulting her in a negative manner)

Biggest Fears

  • Unknown (he may be shown little to no fear after 70 years)

Relationships with Other Characters


  • Unnamed Grandfather and Grandmother (deceased)
  • Unnamed Mother and Father (deceased)
  • N the Hedgehog (younger/deceased; revived)
  • Sadie the Hedgehog/Mecha Sadie (younger sister/roboticized sister)
  • Sunny the Hedgehog (adopted younger sister)
  • Rin Rose (future daughter)

Ultimate Lifeform Family

Since J was fused with an Ultimate Lifeform DNA inside his body, he now wields Chaos powers, even without the use of Chaos Emeralds. J is the only character to become one of The Ultimate Lifeform Family, since he was just an ordinary hedgehog (with a passion for racing) and was never been created by Greald Robotnik. His codename signifies that he is very protective to his friends and relatives, including their loved ones, even though he was never been created inside Space Colony ARK. Here are his relatives:


NOTE: Most of his friends and allies are also his relatives, since he wasn't created created to be a ULF sibling, but rather chosen to be one of the Ultimate Lifeform Family.


  • Amy Rose (because she always mistake J for Sonic)
  • Kyle the Hedgehog (obviously, because he goes into nothing but trouble)
  • Statyx the Hedgehog (he treated Shima badly, and Statyx was not aware of her Dark form. J manages to clear Shima's charges so no one knows if she's a criminal or not)
  • Violet the Fox (still thinks that Violet is a villain)


Love Interest

  • Cindy "Cindi" Rose (girlfriend; Vamp's fanfics)
  • Unnamed girlfriend (possbily)


"Now that's what I call perfection!" After getting S rank

"That wasn't bad enough, was it?" After getting A rank

"That was simple enough." After getting B rank

"I think I should try improving this next time." After getting C rank

"Was that supposed to happen...?" After getting D rank

"If I would let my friends down, then I'm letting my family down, even my brother..." After getting E rank

"Let's move!" After being selected

"Prove to me that you have what it takes to beat me." Before a battle

"How's THAT for a challenge?" After winning a battle

"I can't... go on...*" After losing a battle

"Oh no...!" After failing a timed mission

"This wasn't supposed to happen..." After failing a mission

Other Quotes

Main article: J's Quotes

J's Vehicles

  • Desert Hawk - Trophy Truck
  • RG-15 - Roadster
  • Thresher XL - Big Rig
  • MACH10 - Formula 1 car
  • SkyStar - Hill Climb Car
  • FR34 - Supercar
  • Excelsior V8 - Dune Buggy
  • Crown Diamond R/T (Mobius Patrol Vehicle) - Police Car
  • Argento GT1 - Tuner Car
  • Napalm 4x4 - Sport Utility Vehicle

While this list is incomplete, the majority of his vehicles have been rusted out, decommissioned and are completely old, rendering them completely useless.

J's EX Gear (from Sonic Fanon Riders)

  • Board: Yellow Lightning - Speed
  • EX Gear:
    • Red visor glasses*

*J's attire remains relatively unchanged (except his visor glasses).

Character Interactions

Violet the Hedgehog

At first Violet thought that she views J as an enemy, but when she realizes that she was under the control of her own Darkness, that's when she views him as her younger brother. J was proud that he has another sister (followed by Shima and Hali) and that he and Violet (along with his younger brother, N) go on adventures.

Sunny the Hedgehog

While Sunny is ignored and insulted by most people, J greatly cares for her and denies people on how Sunny looks in a negative manner. Even though it is J's second younger sister (even though she was adopted, despite not being an Ultimate Lifeform sibling), he acts like her best friend and this makes her very happy. Since she got over her depression (but not permanent), Sunny will do whatever she can to return the favor for her adoptive brother by making him happy, should his emotions spiral out of control again. However, with the death of Sunny, he hopes that he would see her again in his dream.

N the Hedgehog

As a non-Ultimate Lifeform sibling, N has always stood by to his older brother, no matter what situation he's involved in. Despite not wielding any Chaos powers, he's always been able to fend off enemies with exact ease. J always gets along very well towards his younger brother and the two are looking forward to end the negative parental and sibling issues for good.

Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog

J's new and current older sister, as mentioned by N, since Selenia is one of the Ultimate Lifeform siblings. He gets along with Selenia very well, much like to Shima, Hali or Sunny. J never knew about this, but Selenia does seem to have her royal family and that J, along with his younger brother, is quite surprised to hear this for the first time. He seems to be nearly identical to Lightning and both she and J may be twins, but this is unknown.

Kinomi 'Sapphire' the Hedgehog

Tikal the Echidna

In the fanon Sonic game, Tikal plays an important role for J as his story progresses through, and is given tips and advice throughout the adventure, including the final part where J makes a daring rescue attempt to save Tikal from danger.

J.S.C. The Frog-Mouthed Brat

Considers him as an "immature wannabe" for making rude comments towards J, and J's fans stood up and declares that "the person giving J a bad name deserved to be hated on". N also placed a "Kick Me" paper stuck onto J.S.C.'s back, also declaring that "the true nerd who obviously fails at accomplishing real dreams".

Cutlass the Hedgefox

J cannot find out why Cutlass wanted to kill him and N. However, J has successfully defeated Cutlass several times, although Cutlass was hardly killed, rather, injured severely.

Alternate Counterparts

Sir "Revo" V12

Sir "Revo" V12 appears in Sonic and the Black Knight: The Return of King Arthur. He is commonly called Joseph by many of his friends. His "V12" name is rarely been used by the others. Unlike most of the characters, his body is entirely made out of steel and almost resembles as a vehicle, making him a vehicle/hedgehog crossbreed. Unlike other characters, Joseph is not a mecha, as he still expresses his emotions and feelings towards others.


  • J is one of two characters that cannot be turned into a Robian, for obvious reasons.
  • This was revealed that in The Crazies RP, J is a vegetarian as he is forbidden to eat any kinds of meat due to his health condition. N, however, does not have any problems eating any types of food, even meat. This was before J likes to eat meat, until he realizes that he thought the meat were from Mobians who died, as mentioned by his unnamed mother, and has ultimately stopped eating meat for many years.
  • Both J and Hali (or Sunny) go on adventures together a lot of times, mainly because of his main relations to his either younger sisters, since he promised to look out for her.
  • In many Sonic fanon games, his eyes are ocean blue (although a lighter tone, resembling as light blue), rather than a light blue/ocean blue on each eye, and has never wielded a switchblade as his weaponry.
  • Though J can speak Malay, it is very rare and is never heard in many Sonic fanon shows or in Roleplays, as he can only speak English, even though he reads and understands Malay words. He understands all other European languages very well, excluding Spanish. Likewise, he is 90% Malaysian, with a small portion of British, Icelandic, Danish and Slovenian.
  • His real name is simply "Jay".


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