Template:Construction Blaze The JT-Falco Conflict is a rivalry between JT The Androhog and Falco the Eagle, it has appeared in many roleplays and is a very recognised rivalry among users in it's continuity.

In Memory Crisis

Memory Crisis was JT's first roleplay, this Roleplay also included Falco, this was not his first Appearance, however.

JT landed on a rock after the heroes had fought Eggman. Sonic was reassuring Falco that Lightning the Hedgehog would be ok and that they would find him, and then Sonic left the room. Just then, JT questioned Lightning to himself, Falco noticed him and said "Hey, Who's that?" JT had given Falco a small piece of information before teleporting away. In the morning, Falco and Shine had went on a search for Lightning alone while Sonic and the other characters had left them at the house. JT found Falco again but this time laughed at Falco for naming him 'PJ' JT left tricking them to go to Space Colony ARK, when JT returned, he noticed them taking in his false advice, angered by this, Falco decided to fight JT. This fight sparked their rivalry and it has been brought up many times over the pair's history.

In Control



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