JA Broadcasting Corporation
Network type
Private broadcaster
Type of broadcaster
West Allis (Trussville)
Founded And Launched
Picture format (TV)
1080i HDTV 480p SDTV
Audio (TV And Radio)
Stereo Surround Sound

JA Broadcasting Corporation (stylized as JABC) is a collection of free-to-air Radio And TV channels owned by JA Corp. The network was launched in 1944 as IERTV with a giant number of franchises but in 1991 has renamed to JABC but in 1999 when franchises lost on-air identity and charged to affiliates. It's biggest competitors are Prower Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 1, Mobian Media Network And Senator Broadcasting Corporation (sbc).


JABC Television

The JABC has 20 affiliate stations, all of which broadcast in DVB-T digital. JABC television transmission in Fow Toth Town are encrypted; reception of JABC television service is impossible without a ViewBox or a FreeTele box and a reception license.

JABC Radio

As a private service broadcaster, JABC's charter requires the production of radio broadcasts.


They often include a list of JABC services and some information on the bottom.

JAPlayer App

The JAplayer app allows one to catch up on JABC Programmes, watch all JABC Channels live and use one's smart device to act as a ViewBox+, FreeTele or ViewBox+HD remote. In an update, ViewBox compatibility was removed due to legal concerns, however it was reintroduced after an agreement with SBC had been reached.

Sub-Feeds of JABC

  • JABC Emeraldsbourg Radio And TV (Main) - F.R.E. & Echidna Country - English
  • JABC World Radio And TV - All of Mobius - English
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