J.C. the Hyena

J.C. the Hyena
Also known as
The Dark Hyena Lord

Mr. President Mr. Director The Dark God/Hyena God (Mythological Media) Mr. Hyena (by some of his employees) King of Darkness (As a Heartless) The Spotted One

That Darn, Dirty Hyena (Several people who hate him)
Around 4'5"
81 lbs
Fur & Hair
Grayish brown with black spots

Brown hair

Black tail
Sapphire blue
Neutral (usually Evil)
Sonic (definitely!), pasta, his own kind, Macro Furries, darkness, technology, Hyena Labs., saying that he's an evil genius, his friends, jazz, rock, techno and/or organ music, things going the way he wants it, his godhood, making Sonic happy, getting people to go on his side, video-games
Humanity (to a degree), people who cause him trouble, things not going the way he wants it, people who are mean to Sonic, Sonic being in trouble, people badgering him, losing something he really likes

J.C. the Hyena (Japanese JCはダークハイエナ藩主 JC wa dākuhaiena hanshu "J.C. The Dark Hyena Lord") is the starring character of Hyena Labs. Comix and usually the main antagonist on some of it's media.

J.C. is often portrayed as the founding president of the powerful corporation, Hyena Laboratories Inc., and the diety who created the H.L. Universe, a world in which he, Sonic and their friends live in. J.C. is often shown as a villain, but aside from his malicious personality, he's is actually kind hearted and often laid-back, not hesitating to offer help whenever he finds it nessecary, and mainly loves being able to do whatever he wants. He is 18 years old and was born in February 12th, 1991 and had his powers fully mature when he was 10.



J.C. originally existed as a non-physical super-dimansional life form (preferably a diety that existsed without an actual body) with no real namesake whatsoever, nobody knows what he was originally named before he coined J.C. In his amorphous form, he searched the endless void for a world that he would make in his image (if he had one). Eventually he found a huge amount of empty space, a perfect vancant spot for him to reside in.

To create his own universe, he made copies of entire locations of other worlds he visited in search of his own and merged them all together with created material of his own designs, within time, the H.L. Universe came to be. After shaping his world to perfection, he created life out of everything, making his universe as thriving as possible.

Much time afterwards, J.C. realized that his universe needed authority, to make sure that things stayed going the way that he wanted. So he mustered all the powers he had and brought himself into his world physically, and he form into his own body by coming back to life by natural means.


Surprisingly, J.C.'s godhood resetted itself when he took form in his world, this of course did not affect all the things he had done before, but his powers rewinded themselves in a way where he has to learn how to use them again. His memory also resetted, thus giving him no recollection as to his godhood.

For a time, J.C., comepletely unaware of who he was or what was going on, laid dormant as his new physical body took shape in the womb of what would later become be his mother. it wasn't before long until his conception was complete and he was ready to be born (or more rater reborn).


J.C. reborn.

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