J.C. the Hyena
Current Age
Around 4'5"
81 lbs
Fur & Hair
Grayish brown with black spots

Brown hair

Black tail
Sapphire blue
Neutral (usually Evil)
Sonic (definitely!), pasta, his own kind, Macro Furries, darkness, technology, Hyena Labs., saying that he's an evil genius, his friends, jazz, rock, techno and/or organ music, things going the way he wants it, his godhood, making Sonic happy, getting people to go on his side, video-games
Humanity (to a degree), people who cause him trouble, things not going the way he wants it, people who are mean to Sonic, Sonic being in trouble, people badgering him, losing something he really likes

J.C. Denton

J.C. the Denton (Japanese JCはダークハイエナ藩主 JC wa dākuhaiena hanshu "J.C. The Dark Denton Lord") is the starring character of Versalife Labs. Comix and usually the main antagonist on some of it's media.

J.C. is often portrayed as the founding president of the powerful corporation, Versalife Laboratories Inc., and the diety who created the H.L. Universe, a world in which he, Paul and their friends live in. J.C. He is 23 years old.



JC is a clone of his older brother Paul Denton (thus, he is referred to as the "Secondary Unit" by Bob Page and Walton Simons and why Morpheus makes no mention of Paul as a relative) and a prototype created by shadowy organization Majestic 12 to test their nano-augmentation program. As a result ofscreening, Paul was found to have the right combination of biological and genetic factors to make him a good candidate for the nano-augmentation program. To create more compatible test subjects, Majestic 12 produced clones of Paul, but most failed to accept the augmentations. His parents, however, were infertile after Paul's birth. They approached MJ12 looking for a method to have a new baby. MJ12 offered one, in the form of the implantation of an embryo. This procedure produced a clone of Paul, which would later become JC Denton. Paul and JC are, thus, identical twins born eleven years apart. However, later on in the game, it is shown that a third clone (revealed to be Alex Denton, the player in the sequel) was being constructed in a tank filled with liquid and wires going into its body. This is presumably either the growth acceleration procedure carried out by MJ12 or the nano-tech augmentation embedding for the subject.

Later, as Paul reached adolescence, he became more independent and MJ12 decided to have him and his parents killed, while JC was sent to a Swissschool where he could be more closely supervised. Paul escaped this attack, and JC grew up unaware of his early childhood with Majestic 12. After graduation, JC joined UNATCO, United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition.

Early Life

Quick Ascent to Godhood

J.C. immediately discovered his powers when he became 1 year old, as well as his family and other people. Very intrigued in his newfound magic, J.C. studied it and practiced his new skills. At the age of 5, J.C. never had an education because his parents were worried about what everyone else at school would think of him just because of his new powers, but eventually that matter was resolved when everyone discovered how brilliant a mind J.C. had; he became a fast learner and became very creative. Because of the respect he was given due to his brilliant, yet quirky smarts, J.C. eventually became proud of his talents, which would explain his habit of saying how much of a genius he is.

At the age pf 10, J.C.'s powers fully matured, and it wasn't before long until he began to realize his potential and saw how much fun it was being so villainous as well, thus mixed the two together and made himself the god he was before. After that he decided to organize his plans to rule the world as he originally intended.

The Rise of UNATCO

Versalife Labs originally turned out as a small-time business but literally within but a few months became the mega-corporate empire with J.C. as it's king. when J.C. became 16, Versalife Labs. took total control over the H.L. Universe, J.C. had accomplished his original goal in ruling his world.

The Start of a "Way Past Cool" Friendship

During J.C.'s quest to build Versalife Labs., he somehow crossed paths with the one and only Paul Denton, no one knows how, but he did. JC eventually found interest in Paul and decided to have him as a friend, immediately they became good buds.

It's not easy being augmented

J.C. always appears as a moderately tall, well-built male wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. His vision is augmented.

Personality and Traits


Powers and abilities

  • Lockpicking: JC can open doors.
  • Hacking: JC can read other people's emails.



Born in 2018 from Ma and Pa Denton, when Paul Denton was five, Majestic 12 scientists determined that his physique and genetic makeup were the most suitable for the nano-augmentation project. His immune system was excellent, yet he had no allergic reactions to non-biological foreign materials in his body. He also had no predispositions to myopia, obesity, or heart disease, and he was highly intelligent. Since Paul himself was considered too valuable to experiment on, Majestic 12 scientists created a number of clones of Paul, trying to find the "sweet spots" in the brain that would allow the clones to control nanites and receive information. Meanwhile, Paul started to grow up, blissfully unaware of the experiments being carried out in his name. When JC (a cloned embryo of Paul) was born, the two were raised as brothers, under the careful and clandestine scrutiny of Majestic 12. Their parents never knew that the children were identical twins born eleven years apart.When Paul was 17 and JC was 6, it was becoming clear that Paul was a bit too unpredictable and independent for Majestic 12's tastes and sent JC into a special Swiss school (actually a front for Majestic 12) where his development could be more carefully controlled. To that end, they arranged to have their parents killed by a terrorist faction under Majestic 12 control. Paul was deemed expendable, and he was scheduled to die in the same attack, but to the surprise of the conspirators, Paul not only survived the attack that killed his parents, but also vowed to join UNATCO to avenge his parents' deaths. By this point UNATCO was nearly under the cabal's thumb, so Majestic 12 decided to let him live and work at the anti-terrorist agency, where they could keep a close eye on him.

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