J-94 Dragon Maw is a weapon whose general design and functions were designed by Justin the Dog, and manufactured by G.U.N.

Appearance and Function

The J-94 is a weapon worn on one's forearm, and is about twice the length of one's forearm. Halfway in its length, the gun opens up into two "jaws". On each of the "jaws", there is a a barrel embedded within them. In the "mouth" is another large barrel, with two high-pressure flamethrower nozzles on each side of the large barrel.

The J-94 is a weapon designed for multiple uses. The barrels in each "jaw" are capable of firing bullets at a high rate, comparable to a machine gun. It is possible to change the settings for the weapon, allowing it to fire from the upper barrel, the lower barrel, or both. The two nozzles on each side of the large barrel in the "mouth" of the J-94 are capable of releasing powerful high-pressure flames. The fuel for these flamethrowers are stored on each side of the back half of the weapon, protected by extra armor. The large barrel is a last-resort function as it is capable of firing a mortar shell packed with explosives. Using this function is known in code as "the dragon is roaring".

The J-94 also has close-combat capablities. Due to its size, it is capable of being a powerful and lethal blunt instrument. In addition, two blades are hidden and in each "jaw", which are capable of being released via spring-loading. These sharp blades drastically increase the lethallity of the J-94's close-combat strikes.


A large, very noticeable weapon, the J-94 requires the wielder have a fair amount of strength and stamina so they can properly wield and carry the weapon. Even with these attributes, the weapon is heavy enough to sufficiently slow down the wielder, making it very ill-suited for high-speed combat.

Known Wielders


Wolfe the Hunter's Variant

A whitish-grey variant that is designed to interact with his shadow powers. The "flamethrowers" now release high-powered lasers of shadow energy, while the small barrels release bullets of shadow energy, and the large barrel releases a mortar shell of shadow energy, which explodes into "shadow shrapnel".

Hack the Cat's Variant

A neon-green, lightweight version with less armor, and lacking the blades. The small barrels release needles charged with high amounts of electricity, potentially fatal if it hits vitals. The large barrel has been upgraded into an extremely powerful plasma cannon. The blades have been exchanged for an extremely unique and arguably far more effective function: if the weapon has data on a person's DNA (either downloaded or analyzed directly), it is capable of releasing a powerful pulse of energy that will temporarily nullify that person's powers completely. This function is extremely effective against clans and Trolls, due to shared DNA and genetic data, respectively.

Todd's Variant

Todd wields a smaller, lightweight prototype of the J-94, which is less sleek and with less armor. The small barrels are shotguns instead of machine guns, while the flamethrowers have less pressure for the flames, but the nozzles extend farther, and the fuel barrels are larger, but lack extra armor. The large barrel is smaller compared to newer models, and instead of firing a mortar shell, fires a baseball-sized cannonball-like explosive. Due to being an older model, Todd's variant requires regular maintenance more frequently.

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