This is an article about Izzy The Mountain Lion, a character created by Alphonse Uprising on 08/13/2015.

"What can I say? I turn the world upside-down!"

Isabella Delago is a Spanish-Invidian football player and parkour artist owned by Alphonse Uprising. Highly agile and nimble, Izzy is equipped with special boots that allow her to defy gravity by sticking onto walls and ceilings without falling off. She also has cloaking powers, allowing her to render herself unaffected by light to simulate invisibility, and ionikinesis, the ability of manipulating plasma energy.


Isabella is a highly competitive player in the football arena. Though she's pretty aggressive in the game, she's a good sport and a really nice person. Isabella also gets excited to meet new people, ready to grab their hands and shake them like an earthquake. Isabella also has a passion for video games, and even calls herself a "gamer girl".

Isabella has shown to be a good leader as well, standing by a moral that all teammates should not just work together, but help each other out through every problem they face.




Isabella is one of the few characters in the Tesla Hunt series to have more than one power. She wields limited gyrokinesis and ionikinesis.

Abilities and weaknesses

Light-cloaking: Isabella is able to render herself unaffected by visible light. This makes her completely invisible. However, if she is exposed to ultraviolet (such as the Sun) or infrared rays (lasers), it will disrupt her cloak and cause her to become visible again.

Anti-gravity boots: Isabella's boots allow her to stick onto walls and ceilings without falling off. These surfaces must be some type of metal or concrete material, or else it won't work.

Stealth: Thanks to Isabella's cat-like habits, she is highly stealthy and can be nearly inaudible even with the noisiest of shoes.


Agility: Isabella is so agile that she is practically a parkour artist; she is capable of wall-jumping, powersliding, and jumping across large gaps between buildings and platforms.


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