Izrazz is a purple mischaker with beige arms, chest and the inside of his ears are also beige. the underside of his tail is beige, along with the toes on his feet. the gem on the top of his tail is light blue, his eyes are ice blue; and his front quills, which are jelly-like in texture, are lavender. finally, he has his tribes marking on his left shoulder blade.

He wears a black and gray striped sweater with black shorts and light blue shoes with black socks.


Izrazz is big goofball and loves to make people laugh; he also had a mischievous side, which is common for his species. he loves pulling pranks, but hates getting into fights. he has a tendency to make jokes at inappropriate times, much to the annoyance of the people involved. Izrazz can be a big softie and cares a lot for his lived ones, and tries to be there for them whenever he can.


Izrazz was born in the land of the Michakers: Endolæt; he grew up with a brother, Sri, who hated him for no reason. Sri woild beat up his baby brother, which he did get punished for. Izrazz always loved his brother even though he was mean towards him as a child, but as they grew older Sri felt indifferent to him. Their parents, Yota and Velma raised them to the best of thier abilities. Velma taught Izrazz to be honest and caring, along with teaching him how to cook and sing. Yota on the other hand, was much more serious, and wanted the boys to grow up to be strong and learn how to properly use thier powers. Izrazz hated how harsh his father's training was, and would get really stressed from it all. Once Izrazz grew to be a teen, he wanted to see what else the world had to offer. During this time, their realm was under a horrifyingly huge attack. Yota denied any exploring as it was very dangerous to venture out alone. Most of the land was covered in ice, a big weakness to mischakers. Izrazz, Being the stubborn best he was, pestered his dad, thinking he's eventually give in. Boy was he wrong. Izrazz found one of his friends and asked them to help him escape. His friend gave him a "key" to open up a portal that led to another world. He put on a cloak and mask and kept in. He arrived in mobius, and has stayed there to this day, causing mischief.


Shape-shifting. Izrazz can shape-shift into almost any object. his most common shape is a vase, which he turns into when he's scared or nervous.

Dark orbs. He can form a ball of semi-strong dark energy and hurl it at his opponent.


His eyes and his gem glow in the dark, giving him vision in pitch black areas such as an unlit cave. If he is injured, the light dims. if his gem is cracked he will grow weak and if it shatters he will die.


Ice. Izrazz is VERY weak to ice. if he is touched by ice, he will develop a second-degree burn on that area. He cannot be in freezing temperatures, as his body will gradually solidify. If he is I impaled by an ice-based object, his body will start to turn to ice, as it will spread all across his body, slowly killing him.

Light. Izrazz is weak to light-based powers such as a lightening bolt. It will stun him for a fair amount of time.

A reference pic of Izrazz
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