Ixis is a character who appears in the 2016 film Sonic the Hedgehog as well as the upcoming 2018 video game Sonic Freedom, serving as a major antagonist in the former. It is the embodiment of all evil on Mobius, a demonic entity that is extensively featured in the mythology of Mobius. It is based on the character Ixis Naugus from the Archie Comics.


Ixis is a demonic being, roughly 80 feet tall. It is dressed in a dark purple furry robe that reaches down to its feet. The robe is decorated with various bizzare, ancient ornaments that are said to tell the story of Ixis' creation. Its skeletal thorax is seen through the robe by emiting a pink light. The only visible area of its body aside from its chest, which is in fact covered by its robe, is its head and skeletal face. Its face is grotesque, lacks a nose and has a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. Its most notable feature is its eyes, which emit a pink light. On top of its head are three pairs of horns, the second pair is the longest and grows transversely from its parietal area. From the horns are dangling numerous heads in a discohesive manner that look like earings. Ixis does not speak in a comprehensible language. Instead, it communicates through an ancient language via one's mind individually.


Ixis' beginning is placed in the mythological era of Mobius. According to Mobian mythology, Ixis is the result of a fusion of three different entities: Agunus, Nusgau and Suguna. These were the three children bore by Kakia after her union with Phthonos. Ixis' mother, Kakia, is the embodiment of evil (from Greek κακία) while its father, Phthonos is the embodiment of envy (from Greek φθόνος). Thus, Agunus, Nusgau and Suguna are the products of resentment and envy, as allegorically shown in their family tree.

The three brothers Agunus, Nusgau and Suguna were some of the very first beings created in Mobius that possessed the gift of magic. They are said to have given this gift to Mobiankind in the mythological era. When, however, they looked at the sky and witnessed at Eh-Ra' s kingdom, they decided to usurp his power, become God instead and rule Mobius at their desire. They fused into one single entity named Ixis Naugus (the name Naugus being a combination of the three brothers' name). Merged into the body and mind of one, Ixis Naugus challenged Eh-Ra to a battle for Mobius but lost. 

Ixis Naugus was banished to the Zone of Silence, where it would live in a state too weak to become dangerous. It was soon proven, however, that it was too powerful to be contained. Thus, Eh-Ra bargained with Ixis and the two came into an agreement. Ixis would reside in the Zone of Silence for eternity but in return, Eh-Ra promised it a mass devestation that would take place in Mobius, causing the death of millions, every 1000 years for Ixis to feed on negative energy. Eh-Ra sensed that Ixis would not keep its word and thus forged the 7 Chaos Emeralds out of his divine essence. He bestowed them to the Humans and the Mobians, to use them in times when evil would prevail.

Over the history of Mobius, Ixis made numerous attempts to regain its power and escape from the Zone of Silence. As it was too weak to sustain itself, Ixis created the Order of Ixis, a secret society that acted as an extension of itself on Mobius. The Order of Ixis was tasked with carrying out Ixis' plans on Mobius. Their ultimate goal was to create suitable conditions on the planet for Ixis to become powerful once more and leave the Zone of Silence. The Order of Ixis would orchestrate wars for people to die in large numbers so as for Ixis to feed on the emotions generated such as fear, sorrow, misery, anguish, hatred, lament and suffering.

Appearances in Media

Sonic the Hedgehog (2016 Film)

Ixis first appears in the 2016 film, where it serves as the primary antagonist. In the film, Ixis is portrayed as a wicked, shapeshifting entity that it too weak by itself to leave the Zone of Silence and operates through its servants who comprise the Order of Ixis. Its goal is to acquire the 7 Chaos Emeralds and restore itself to power. Ixis feeds on negative energy such as hatred, death, malice and suffering and grows stronger whenever the world is consumed by these emotions. It is able to create shadowy entities from its body that are vesseled into semi-robotic monsters built by Snively as an extension of itself in order to carry out its evil intentions.

Ixis' presence in the film is scarce during the beginning. It briefly makes a cameo appearance in a mural in Absidia in its Ixis Naugus form destroying a city. Ixis makes its first appearance on screen during the film's third act where it is revealed that Snively has been a member of the Order of Ixis all along, sabotaging his uncle in order to get his hands on the Chaos Emeralds for Ixis to become God. Once he succeeds, Ixis shapeshifts into a cloud of darkness and subsequently covers all of Mobius, heading for the Land of the Sky where it can thrive.

Fortunately, with the help of Dr. Robotnik, Sonic travels to the Land of the Sky where he confronts Ixis in his super form. After an epic battle in the skies of Mobius, Sonic defeats Ixis, forcing it to hide back to the Zone of Silence. Sonic acknowledges that while Ixis cannot be fully defeated, Mobius can remain safe by preventing it from being consumed by fear, malice and hatred.

Sonic Freedom

Ixis' role in the game is drastically reduced in comparison to the film. Even though it does not appear by itself in the game, its menacing presence is felt strongly throughout the game, especially when its name is mentioned by characters. It appears in the story's prologue, which narrates the war of Ixis Naugus against Eh-Ra. 

Sonic Rising



Being three different entities in the body one, Ixis is undeniably the most powerful and most ancient wizard in all of Mobius. Having existed from the time of Mobius' creation, Ixis is believed to be immortal, as his existence keeps the world of Mobius in equilirbium with the forces of good, was judged by Eh-Ra. Without evil, good cannot exist in the world.

A master sorcerer, Ixis can manipulate the minds of men, corrupt their hearts, cast curses, and create extensions of itself. It also possesses the ability to shapeshift. By itself, however, Ixis is fairly weak and cannot live beyond the Zone of Silence, the place of its imprisonment by Eh-Ra. Therefore, to sustain itself, it feeds on the negativity of the world, namely emotions such as fear, anguish, hatred and malice and grows stronger whenever these emotions take over the hearts of men. The Order of Ixis, a secret society that worships Ixis Naugus as its god, is tasked with empowering the fiend by creating viable circumstances for it to thrive.

When Ixis becomes powerful enough, it can transform into its ultimate form, Ixis Naugus. It was the form it took when battling against the Gods in the mythological era. Ixis Naugus possesses godlike abilities that can easily rival those of the Gods. No mortal eye has ever seen its ultimate form, but perceived depictions can be found in the mythological books.


The 7 Chaos Emeralds were originally forged to protect the world from Ixis' influence. Although Ixis is weak to the power of the emeralds, in Sonic the Hedgehog (2016 Film) his intentions are to get its hands on them so as to become God. Therefore, the Chaos Emeralds have a dual opposite effect on Ixis, depending on the user's intentions. Ixis is also weak to sunlight, as it is a demon.


  • The name of Ixis' mother Kakia derives from the Greek word Κακία meaning evil. Its father's name Phthonos derives from the Greek word Φθόνος meaning envy.
  • Ixis' mythological background is based on Typhon's.
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