Ivy Solani is a fox that appears in the Shawn & Lisa series, the sequel to the Jezz of Time series. She is a pink 5-year-old fox with a cyan T-shirt and yellow shoes.


Ivy is the child of a rich fox family from the Highmount Republic of Aerolatus. However, her parents preferred that she stay indoors, where it's "safe". Ivy did not enjoy staying inside, and so she sneaks out whenever she can to enjoy her back yard.

One day, she went outside to have her day in the yard, when a floating pod object came by and kidnapped her. It was driven by a human cyborg called Garcandin Transk. He did not get far with her, though, as a green and orange blur came by and destroyed the device he was using to carry her away. Her two rescuers then brought her back to her home.

The two heroes introduced themselves as Shawn the Hedgehog and Lisa the Hedgehog, and after they got to Ivy's house, they left, waving their goodbyes.


Ivy is a gentle sort, not one to enjoy violence, and not one to be the aggressor in a given situation. She does seem to live in her own world, although this is common in children her age. She is shy and somewhat timid, unable to defend herself when necessary.


Ivy has the uncanny ability to manipulate plantlife. This enables her to grow flowers, vines, or even trees, and bend them to her will. She never uses these abilities offensively, however, which makes her an easy target.

She has yet to learn Spin Attack-based techniques.


Ivy is neither physically strong, nor physically hardy, which puts her at a disadvantage when a stronger opponent comes her way. She also lacks fighting ability, and is afraid of danger, leaving her defenseless as well.

Her plant powers are negated when there are no plants or plant-producing surfaces nearby. Cold temperatures also don't work well for her.









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