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This is an article about Ivory" Amagumo" Da wolf, a character created by Sonsofchaos on 02/1/2013.
You may be looking for Ivory the Leopard.
Ivory" Amagumo" Derek Tyon
Ebony"Voltio"Zachary Tyon( twin brother)

Topaz amarillo (sister) Shadan (father) Opal (mother) Shadow (technical uncle) Morpheus the hedgehog (technical cousin)

Circuit the hedgewolf (adopted brother)
Whitey( by sonic)

Amagumo (by Uila) and topaz Nimbus( by people who have trouble pronouncing his other nickname) Mysterious anti-lightning (by Siobians) "Faker"( By Uila at times for a joke) "Marble"(By Hekili) Big white mess (by topaz)

3 ft, 52 inches
127 Pounds
Cumulonimbus(dark form)

Strato(super) Amagumo(riders) Tempest(wereform)

Thunderstorm(fusin with Uila)
His family, burritos, soda, water, his friends
His enemies, Hekili, scourge, Eggman nega
Voice actor
Relatonship status
Currently single
current occupation


"I am only an assassin because I do it for innocent people, not for greed or evil. So I will never kill anyone for greed"
—Amagumo explaining why he became an assassin


This character is going to be remade.


The idea of Amagumo came up when Voltio first started out as Volt. He was originally going to be like a split personality for Volt, but he sone became so fleshed out that he was made into the twin of Volt.


Physical appearance

His appearance is similar to voltio's only reversed in the opposite color, his fur being a snowy white, and his streaks being a sterling silver opposite to Voltio's glaring gold streaks. His eyes also have irises that lack pupils, though they are also silver. His muzzle is as dark as Voltio's.


He wears


Amagumo is considered to be the opposite version of his brother. Whereas Ebony is hotheaded and stubborn, Ivory is calm, patient, while he does tend to be a little stubborn he tends to agree with anyone, al long as they are good and are smart.



Amagumo was born in the sol dimension, only a few seconds after Voltio. However Amagumo and Voltio were separated at birth. Voltio was taken from his family for unknown reasons and was prepared to be sent to the Chaos dimension, also for unknown reasons. Ivory's sister, Topaz, was born two years after this happened. While Ebony was in the Chaos dimension, Ivory grew up becoming the guardian of his island home alogside Topaz and against ay and all hostile beings. He continued his life style not knowing his brother or his mother, as she left to watch over him due to her suspicion of the mysterious beings' intent.


The return

Amagumo eventually returned after Vulcan kept seeing his "ghost" everywhere. Silem made a machine to reverse the effect of the "ghost machine". After this he soon returned even making a surprise rescue of his family after they were incapacitated by the eggpawns.


Amagumo can control a small variety of clouds. He can also form a few choice items out of vapor. He can also form some cloud cover


He is capable of performing incredible acrobatics.


Amagumo is very flexible. He can dodge certain attacks with ease (but he can still get hit, he's not invincible). He is also a skilled kunai user. He is as good as Uila is with a katana. He can also use a short katana. He also has trained his senses to the max, to the pint where he became a light sleeper, in order to make sure an attacker can't catch him while he sleeps.


While Amagumo can form anything he chooses, he can't make anything that could boost one's power( such as a chaos emerald). He also can't control the natural cloud. He also has the same type of endurance Uila possesses. They cannot over-exert themselves too often or they will get too tired to fight.


Cumulonimbus: This is Amagumo's dark form. This transformation rarely occurs but when it does, he is a force to be reckoned with. His power ranks up there with Diablo's own power (in Sonsofchaos' opinion). When this occurs Amagumos fur turns a very dark gray (thunder cloud gray), his eyes turn stormy gray with very dark slits for pupils. He grows fangs and his gloves turn into clawed gauntlets. His boots turn as dark as his jacket (which is a deep, deep gray). They also become tattered and ruined, losing their luster and shine. He, like his brother, has a tencency to growl in this form.

Strato: This is Amagumo's super form. He turns a bright yellow, with bright green eyes and light-blue streaks. His normal jacket disappears, his gloves gain a sort of white aura around them. He is capable of controlling certain clouds in this form.

Tempest: This is Amagumo's wereform. He is brutal and violent and is very destructive. He is also physically stronger than Amagumo in his day state, but he is weaker and smarter than Shocker, at least when the moon medal isn't under use. This form is sealed however as Ivory uses the sun medal to avoid this transformation.

Sol: This is Amagumo's calamity form. This is his strongest form, just as Spectrum is Ebony's. He is capable of going toe-to-toe with Spectrum, once doing so. However he has a hard time battling Hyper Sonic as he isn't as fast as him.

Cyan laser: Amagumo can only use this power with the cyan wisp, he can only use this color power however. His favorite cyan wisp is one called speedy.

Nimbus form: When he uses the green stone, red stone, and white stone, he turns gray with volcanic ash and twin blades of wind swirling around him, this form is the strongest out of his forms, although he can't use it often.

(Possible) Vampire Ivory: Ivory as a vampire. He appearance is the same as when he isn't a vampire. But his fur is a lighter shade of brown as to show his paleness, his eyes have turned a pale blue, and his fangs have grown out a little bit. This form is only temporary however and will only last for as long as how much blood was lost. He still retains the tradtitional vampire weaknesses and thus must give Ebony his sun medal to avoid being burned to death. His werewolf powers also fade, with Tempest instead becoming Ivory's blood-lack personality.

Assassin Ivory: He changes his outfit for an assassin's. It gives him enhanced stealth capabilities and special abilities, that he hasn't learned of yet. This outfit consists of a mask to hide his face, a gray hood, and a gray overcoat. Strangely this coat is capable of changing it's appearance to anything clothing related so as to avoid blowing his cover. It can also change it's color to help him blend in with his surroundings.


Marble (Nubesino) Rex Dion: He is Amagumo's moebian counterpart. He is the exact opposite of Ivory in every aspect of their lives. Where Ivory is friendly and loyal to his friends, Marble isn't. He is (or was) a dishonest, disloyal backstabber, who would sell someone out for a penny.

Sir Balen: His arthurian counterpart. Balen wears armor forged from ivory( the metal) with silver markings on them. His greaves are ivory as well, only they have silver in the middle, and on the sides. He wields Cymylau, which is welsh for clouds. Balen's title is Knight of the Clouds.

Kura: His mobius two counterpart. He is pretty much the same guy, only he is more loose and carefree. He also talks back alot more than Amagumo normally does. His fur is silver with the streaks and cloud medal being white, in other words, they aren't so different.


Uila the wolf (twin brother)

Topaz Amarillo (little sister)





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Plain the artic wolf



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Marble (can't battle, deceased)



Eggman Nega



Vulcan (when he was evil)

Lux (when he was evil)

Aurum (when he was evil)

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Sun medal: This allows Ivory to maintain his normal form whenever a full moon occurs. He will not hesitate to give up that freedom however to anyone who needs it more. 


"I feel like that means something. But what?"

"AHHHH, who the heck are you? Why do you look like me!?!?!"

"I may be look like my brother but I can assure you, I don't get into fights that easily."


"Hello, my name is Ivory, but you can call me Amagumo or Derek."

"My favorite wisp is the cyan wisp, I can actually feel the pleasure of moving as fast as Sonic when I use it."

"I've trained myself in every kind of weapon I know, for if I should ever lose my powers, than I could handle the weapon I'm given."


Ivory could be considered a blood-related siobian version of Uila, because they are both opposite colored.

A possible reason for Amagumo to have coloring that is opposite from his brother, could be because his mother was the same way from his father. As such Lightning inherited his father's coloring and Amagumo inherited his mother's

Amagumo was originally supposed to a alternate Lightning, only with white fur and green streaks. This idea was scrapped however and Amagumo was made instead to be lightning's twin brother.

Amagumo, Uila, and their sister's relation was based on Sonic Underground.

Vulcan and Amagumo have met more than once, all of these times Vulcan stated that he never met a siobian lightning. This led to Amagumo facepalming everytime.

Ivory rarely gets angry, but when he does his dark form, Cumulonimbus, is as fearsome as Diablo( which earns a little respect and sibling rivalry from Diablo), this is strange seeing as how Diablo doesnt care much for other dark forms.

Ivory's creator does not really remember his time of creation (or birthday)

The creator is well aware that Ivory and his brother have female names. It is just a way of saying that they are twins, but opposites at the same time.

Ivory is a scaredy cat when it comes to scary things. Ebony usually loves to exploit this and constantly drags him along for a haunted house or a scary movie. Ivory has been known to overcome his fears if it involved having to save his life or others, or if he just has to survive.

Ivory shares his name with the white handgun from Devil May Cry.

Ivory also looks to be cryokinetic due to his being able to harden the cloud he summons.

And although Ivory was a hedgehog he never really made an appearance as one.