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Ivan the Machamp is the leader of the Chaos Dragoons mercenary group, and a seated member of the Mercenary Five-Man Council.

Ivan the Machamp

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Machamp (Mobianised)
  • Skin: Blueish-grey, w/ three bone ridges along the top of his head
  • Eyes: Red
  • Black wrestlers girdle w/ power-saver belt.
  • Brown trenchcoat (worn closed during meetings only)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super Strength
  • Prodigy-level martial artist
  • Skilled with attacks from a variety of elements
  • Possesses the genetic ability No Guard.
  • Trained tactical mind.
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Appearance

Ivan, as with most Mobianized Pokemon, looks similar to his non-anthro counterpart, moreso due to his standard appearance. He's taller than most Mobians, with blue-gray skin and three bone ridges from his forehead to the back of his skull. He has an extra set of arms protruding from the rear of his shoulders, which make him seem even less Mobianoid. His musculature is almost exaggerated, with massive muscles on his arms, legs & torso, although he only has two toes.


Like all Machamp, Ivan wears the black legless girdle and power belt that seem to be their signature clothing, or as some suggest, grafted onto their skin. Along with this, he also wears a customized trenchcoat, with two extra sleeves for his other two arms. He only really closes the coat during meetings of the Five-Man Council, because the others have objected to having his muscles waving in their faces. Ivan, on the other hand, thinks it's due to jealousy from the other men, and the fact that the girls can't get enough of his body.


Early Life

Ivan was born a Machop in the Pyranic Empire, guarded by police after a series of anti-Pokemon revolts and assassinations of young Mobianized Pokemon and Mobian/Pokemon hybrids. As such, his early years were spent in fear, with his parents forced to keep certain things secret from him, such as his genetic ability and his sheer strength, at least, not the greater part of it. At the age of six, he was sent to a boarding school in the western half of the Empire by his parents, where he was taught physical combat, and began to train in his strength, alongside Mobianized Pokemon like himself, and pure Mobians. However, alongside his prodigious strength, he also learned cultural arts, such as dance, poetry and food & drink preparation, as well as mechanical theory and combat training. However, while he was decent with the theory, poetry, and combat skills, he was pretty bad at any form of task requiring dexterity, with his fat fingers fumbling and dropping things quite regularly.

Ivan was trained with other strong children, and felt that his strength wasn't a stand-out compared to the others. Indeed, he focused more on his battle tactics and his technique over his pure strength. However, he'd gained enough experience and strength over the years to evolve into a Machoke while fighting in a tournament at school, impressing the other students and scaring his opponent, one of the toughest kids in school, who he easily pummeled with his new-found size and strength. A few weeks later, while traveling back home to his family with the cat girl he'd had a crush on for years, the two kissed, with something transferring from her genetics to his, triggering a second evolution to Machamp, which frightened his crush, making her leave him.

Founding the Chaos Dragoons

With his new form, complete with clumsy fingers and lack of forethought, his parents were reluctant to see him enter a normal, menial job, and as such sent him off to find his own way, the way most Machamp could - combat. Through luck, instead of having to join the Pyranic Empire's military, a member of the Children of Supplicium, a mercenary organization, noticed Ivan training, and asked if he was willing to join. Ivan agreed, and for the next two years, Ivan fought as one of the mercenaries, learning the ins and outs of the organization, and exactly what it needs to be successful. Then, at the age of twenty, Ivan left, taking a small portion of the equipment and a couple of his closest friends with him. It was about four years after the defeat of the Children of Supplicium at the hands of a single swordswoman, so Ivan and the others noticed the lack of respect that they received, both from other mercenaries and potential customers, so with their gear, they fled. Ivan revealed his training as both an unarmed fighter and a tactician, while the others revealed their skills in their area of specialty, ranging from ranged combat with firearms to vehicle piloting, and even negotiations and finance - all traits befitting a mercenary group. Ivan suggested that they form their own group, suggesting the Chaos Dragoons as a name. This was accepted by the others, who nominated Ivan to lead them. As such, the close-combat expert became the front-man of the mercenary group, which remained small in comparison to the others. About four years later, the Chaos Dragoons, with a total of 100 people, were invited into the Mercenary Five-Squad Alliance, where they were allied with a group of four other groups, with a promise never to attack the other groups, and to call upon each other if a mercenary group in the alliance was threatened. When he agreed, Ivan was made a member of the Mercenary Five-Man Council, finding himself alongside the leaders of other groups. However, unlike his team, the council objected to his bare chest and relative lack of pants, although Ivan simply annoyed them with that by suggesting jealousy and distraction as reasons why they wanted him to "put away his guns", although he complied by adding a brown trenchcoat to his normal attire.


As a Mobianized Pokemon, Ivan's movepool is more encompassing than most Mobians, with attacks that come from a wide range of elements and styles. As a master hand-to-hand combatant, combined with his super-strength and his four arms, Ivan is almost unmatchable in hand-to-hand combat.

Ivan possesses the genetic ability No Guard, a double-edged sword of an ability. It ensures all attacks he launches strike their target, no matter what. However, it also means that his evasive skills are sub-par, because while he focuses on striking his target, any attack launched by his opponent always hits him in return. In a one-on-one fight, this isn't much of an issue, as Ivan can catch their close-range attacks with one of his own, but in a large-scale battle, this often means that he has to be extracted from the battle with serious injuries. As such, a medic normally accompanies him.

Ivan is skilled at creating battle plans before an operation, and these often appear to be well thought-out and constructed. However, once in the battle, Ivan's intelligence is suppressed by his powerful fighting instincts, resulting in his actions occurring before he thinks about what he is doing.

Ivan's great weaknesses are Wind-based opponents, due to their penchant to hang back and blast him with attacks at range, making the most of his genetic ability's downside, and also Psychic wielders, who can alter his perceptions and environment with their powers.

Nature Abilities

Poison Abilities

Dark Abilities

Earth Abilities

Fire Abilities

Ice Abilities

Electric Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities


As a Machop, Ivan was self-conscious, aware that he didn't look like the others, and as such constantly tried to make up for it through training with the stronger kids, easily able to match them for strength, despite showing very little muscle. He also showed the characteristic lack of dexterity that haunted him over the years, where any task requiring dextrous actions was botched and failed by his inability to move his hands that fast, but made up for it as a tactical thinker, finding ways around his problems.

Despite only being a Machoke for a few weeks, he was noted to be a lot more self-confident and brave, capable of impressive feats of strength and surrounded by friends until he evolved again on his way home.

As a Machamp, Ivan seems to have lost all fear of other people, even though his form couldn't be further from Mobian norms. He became cocky, arrogant, and prone to anger, something with the other mercenary group leaders noticed quite rapidly. While retaining his tactical thinking skill, it became diminished by his issue of giving in to the fight, and fighting by instinct.

Allies & Enemies




  • Nautilos Entrai - a Hedgehog, and leader of the Word of Kiritsu, the largest organization in the Five-Member Alliance.





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