Itsumi Soltis is a G.U.N. Transport driver and a former rival of Niente the Mongoose.

Itsumi Soltis

Biographical Information
  • Captain Itsumi Soltis - rank
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Flying Hedgedog
  • Fur: Purple w/ peach muzzle & white patches
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Black
Casual Attire
  • Red dress
  • Red shoes
  • Turquoise necklace & set ring
On-Duty Attire
  • Gray t-shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • Brown leather gloves
  • Turquoise necklace
Political Alignment and Abilities
VehiclesHammerforge Industries Longhaul Armored Transport
  • Possesses the genetic ability Backup
  • Flight
  • Advanced Psychic abilities
  • Skilled with geokinesis & electrokinesis
  • Studying Dragon-powers
  • Advanced combat
  • Skilled driver
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Itsumi is roughly standard in Mobian height, with rough purple fur, tipped in places with white. She has a small group of quills hidden under stark white hair, plus a pair of wings and a long tail, plus piercing black eyes.


While off-duty, Itsumi wears a moderate-length red dress, with holes cut into it for her wings and tail, plus a pair of red shoes and turquoise jewelry. However, while on duty, she wears a gray-t-shirt and black pants, with black shoes, leather driving gloves and her turquoise necklace.


Early History

Born and bred in Central City, as all previous members of the Soltis Family were, Itsumi was a pleasant child, learning how to use the triad of elemental powers she was blessed with, plus the family genetic ability of Backup. Her family had an emphasis on G.U.N., with a long history with the organization, and Itsumi was being prepared for that. Her mother, a Flying Dog, wished to see her daughter in G.U.N as a security officer, while her father, a hedgehog, leaned more towards the idea of piloting. As such, her training was mixed between her elemental skills and, when she was old enough, her ability to drive and control a variety of civilian vehicles.

Meeting Twitch and Niente

As soon as she was old enough, Itsumi was off into the cadet programs, emerging at the age of eighteen as a transport driver, experienced with three-section armored transport trucks. Assigned to the Second Army Division, Itsumi straight away entered the scheme of things, shuttling personnel and supplies around for the old-school technology-loving legion. This gave her role of transport greater weight, as many units relied on her for ammunition. With her gunner, she was soon a regular in the mid-lines of battle or running high-priority convoys, which is when she met Goran "Twitch" Engstrom. The scout walker pilot was out of ammunition for his primary weapon, and was retreating from a larger force than he'd anticipated when she simply plowed through, her Hammerforge-built transport unit proving that it's armored front could simply cleave a path through enemies, while her gunner proved their accuracy against the soldiers and tanks, the twin laser cannons shredding units of all sorts. Once returned to the nearby resupply bay, Goran thanked the young woman, who instantly felt smitten by the charming bat. Soon after, he would greet her regularly, and she found herself falling for him. Then, she met Niente the Mongoose.

Niente was one of G.U.N.'s elite infantry clones, a being rarely seen interacting with others off the front lines thanks to her clone status, plus the body of someone nine years older than her actual age. Goran admitted that while he found the young hedgedog fascinating, especially considering her ability to fly and her powers, he loved Niente, and had drawn her out of the same one-track mindset shared by her 'sisters' to make her more like everyone else. Instantly, Itsumi took it the wrong way, and challenged the mongoose to a fight for his heart. In this battle, her family training proved it's worth, allowing her the easy advantage. Unfortunately, Niente was equally well versed, and although she only possessed a single element, her knowledge of other powers and elements allowed her to counter almost everything Itsumi could throw at her. In the end, Itsumi tired, the use of her elemental powers in single combat proving too draining. By comparison, Niente, a bred footsoldier, was still ready and raring to fight, granting her the victory on default when Goran intervened. His disappointment with Itsumi's action was clear, and he left with his mongoose partner. Barely six months later, although she was over him, Itsumi found out that Goran had passed away. This hurt her, and she tried to offer support to Niente out of compassion, but the clone turned her aside, lost in her turmoil as she was removed from active duty. Not even a month later, she had vanished into the bizarre mists that grew and shrunk around a certain part of Mobius.

Recent History

Two years later, despite the disturbing reports of a mongoose physically similar to Niente's clone stock operating as a battle mage alongside the vicious elemental clan within the mists against G.U.N. that reached her ears, Itsumi remains a firm member of G.U.N, rising to the rank of Captain of a team of four transports. This position she takes seriously, transporting cargo around Mobius and from place to place for the Second Division.


As a member of the Soltis Family, Itsumi possesses the genetic ability Backup. This is a naturally powerful technique, made even moreso by ancient Technomage technologies installed into her family home. Backup makes her completely immortal in combat. A fatal wound causes her to 'de-link', almost like an AI, and teleport into a "regen tank" back at home in Central City. Within the tank, she would remain comatose for at least six months as her body literally reconstructed itself from the ground up, eventually returning her to complete working order. This, however, has left her vulnerable to poisons, which her body refuses to consider as injuries from combat, so even a minor nick can cause her to expire. On top of that, the Technomage technologies have a specific radius - outside of that, they can't help her, and Backup simply shuts her brain down, leaving her defenseless until she can be healed and revived, a sitting duck on the battlefield.

Itsumi was trained as a child in two elements and the opening path to attributes - Geokinesis, Electrokinesis and Psychic powers. The two elements are stable strongholds in her combat style, but her true power is the Psychic techniques, which exist to a miraculous level. Recently, since Niente's disappearance, she has also begun to learn Dragon-techniques, in order to make her ready in case she has to face her old rival once again.

Itsumi, as a hand-to-hand combatant, is nothing to be taken lightly, with numerous combat awards under her belt. However, as a pilot/driver, she lacks the stamina to continue a fight for too long.

Of course, Itsumi's greatest weaknesses are also common. Chaos-powers are obvious, thanks to the power of Chaos to interfere with Psychic abilities. On top of that, there is also the little side-effect of certain healing techniques, which have absolutely no effect on her body, thanks to Backup, meaning a wound that could be easy for any other fighter to recover from with certain healing powers/skills to kill her, or at least force Backup to activate.

Outside of combat, Itsumi is a talented driver, having received employment offers from a number of rally and racing teams, considering her skill with a three to five-segmented mechanical monster of a transport.

Fire Abilities

Dragon Abilities

Electric Abilities

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Signature Skill

Spark Strike Wave - Two forms of Itsumi's signature move exist, both electrical in nature. The first version is a three-hit physical combo, each hit imbued with lightning, with an electrical fist-shaped blast launched on the final strike, capable of throwing her opponent and easily stunning them.
The more powerful version requires a short time of charging, creating an energy buildup within her body to be unleashed in a slash-like wave. This is equal in power to the electrical fist, but is followed by a trio of large electrical explosions, capable of stunning or flooring entire groups of targets. Strangely, both forms of this technique appear to harm Draconic beings greater than anything else.


Itsumi drives a modified Hammerforge Industries Longhaul Armored Transport. As per most, it has the large, snowplow-styled assembly at the front, which serves both to armor the front from attack and to provide a battering-ram like tip to the transport motor. Behind it is the cab, complete with turreted weapons. Originally, the weapons normally fitted to the unit was a set of dual laser cannons, with a second set of paired lasers fitted above the cab doors and firing over the armored front. However, upon her promotion to captain, and considering her position in the Second Division, the turret lasers were replaced with twin machine guns, capable of both anti-air and anti-infantry use. This cab was over the engine, a large beast powered by Mega Coal, where all the energy went into generating torque and horsepower. The cab unit is completed by a specialized hook, allowing the one unit to haul any number of trailer units, ranging from infantry transports, complete with fire-ports or turrets, to equipment vans, to even artillery pieces. The maximum amount of trailers possible is five, using four bridge connecters and a single piece at the rear, be it artillery or a turreted trailer.


Itsumi typically has a cocky, self-absorbed personality, and a love for tinkering. Once she joined the military and met Twitch, she was instantly set on making him fall for her, and when he revealed his girlfriend, challenged the other soldier to a showdown that lead to her loss. She has an interest in ballistic weaponry, but only to a point. She enjoys tinkering on her Longhaul Armored Transport, aiming to improve it's systems to a new peak.



Bart the Jackal - Her typical gunner, and a marksman with machine-gun style weapons.


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