This is an article about Isle Togerra, a location created by FunkyTownGang112.

Isle Togerra is the main setting of the Funky Town Franchise and where Becky the Skyhog and the Funky Town Gang live. The island is known for being a big melting pot for Gaian Peoples, as it was the one place the remaining members of many tribes went to for a new life. It is also known for it's lightning bolt shape, and has a mountainous region passing through it, as well as plains, and a desert in the south.


The mountainous region has wide forests with wildlife and plants that would live in the woods, such as deer, owls, and grouse. The plains have wildlife and plants such as prairie dogs. The desert to the south has wildlife that can live in the desert.


The climate is mainly tropical wet and wet and dry in the north, east, and west, while the south has a more desert climate. Typically these regions tend to have hot summers and cold winters. Depending on the elevation of the mountains, one can expect wind and fog. The desert has a more humid desert climate, and has hot summers and mild winters.


Isle Togerra was host to a few tribes, but became the one place many Gaian Peoples escaped to in hopes of starting their new lives. Those peoples brought with their own customs, cultures, and rituals, and all of those things blended into a very close society.

Significant Populations

A great majority of the populations come from tribes from Spagonia, Apotos, Mazuri, the country where Empire City is located, Adabat, and Shamar.

Notable Areas

The most notable areas of this island include the Black Forest located close to Saint Angelo City, Crystal Cove, a beach located west from the city, and Seducardoro's Cave.


The main landmark of the island is the mountainous region that goes through it.

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