Island of Kardon: The Great Desire is a fanfiction/roleplay about the fall of the world, with its only lingering light being the Voice of Spirits. The unworldly relic is now at the hands of six villains who hold the key to the world with an almighty god corrupting their minds, it is up to six heroes to liberate the island and return life to their dying worlds.



A relic of great power known as the Voice of Spirits once rested safe in the heart of the Bakisian Isles, guarded by an old everlasting monk known as Numen.

One day, everything went to hell. Numen lost his hold on the ancient relic and a beast known as Malwrath the world destroyer was born. Numen used his powers to set back the monstrosity that is Malwrath as much as possible, only to fail and have the relic be shattered. Malwrath gained more power but was still too weak to destroy Azima and the entire universe.

The shattering of the relic caused the great monk Numen to lose his memories of his past life and be set on a life of gradual decay, this caused the monk to get desperate and call forth the help of six unique heroes from different backgrounds.

He summoned Xulius, Vaylor, Moya, Haru, Greigor, and Faras; all of them being well known for their abilities and powers, but not their moral compas. Xulu was a god of rebirth and with his wonderful leadership skills, he led his party into retrieving the shards of Spirits and eventually rebuilt the Voice of Spirits.

Malwrath returned to Kardon to then manipulate and corrupt Moya. Moya ended up turning against Numen's cause and forged a bond with Malwrath, promising the other heroes a place in her "new world", this in turn disgusted Xulu and caused a huge battle between the two. Faras ended up forging a relationship with Moya and disconnected himself from Xulu's group. Greigor ended up going independent and Haru was forever lost within the island. Xulu had nobody but Vaylor who promised him they'd get Malwrath.

Malwrath finally ended up coming face to face with Xulu, Vaylor, and Numen. Xulu and Vaylor gave their all in the battle but they effectively lost to the power of the malevolent being. Numen did nothing but watch as they became corrupted by Malwrath's might.

Vaylor lost control and had a mind split, Xulu lost his godhood and was stripped of his former power and weakened into a state of mortality, Moya gained power but in turn lost her morality, Faras went insane with his intelligence and migrated to the mountains away from everyone, Greigor became disfigured and an atrocity to look at losing much of his power of rock manipulation, and Haru became a shell of himself.

Numen picked up the Voice of Spirits and had used it to revive Xulu whom was dying due to his removal of his godhood. He takes the relic away from Numen, stating that "The relic will not go into your hands". Xulu promised he would break the relic once more, permanently ending Numen's life for causing the other members of his party so much strife, blaming the monk for much of the world's problems and that he had brought this on himself.

Numen did not resist Xulu, rather he tried his best to convince the befallen god to assist him in fighting Malwrath. Xulu cursed at Numen and went on his path to group the other members of his party.

Xulu spread out to speak to each and every other person in his party only to find out that they had lost all sanity. Vaylor tried to help Xulu but only in turn if Xulu aided the weak and sick civilians of Kardon. Xulu agreed and the two ended up creating a gaseous sludge that doesn't assist the civilians but instead enslaves them, causing Vaylor to become depressed and hiding in an undersea cavern. Xulu tried his best to reverse the affects but lost many civilians to Moya who stole them to build a lava fortress in the wastelands. Now completely alone, Xulu shatters the Voice of Spirits causing Malwrath to return to the universe and seek out Kardon; now more powerful than ever.

Numen recognizes the destruction of the Voice of Spirits and rushes to find six more heroes to help with his cause. This time the monk was so desperate he completely ignored any morality and was instead looking for anyone with a strong will. He used up most of his power to find five heroes instead of the originally planned six due to his shortage of power. He summons them into Kardon, hoping that they would reverse his mistake and forever lay Malwrath to rest, effectively saving their worlds.

Included Characters

The Ineekah:

Hiero the Hawk: Hero of Fire (Hosted by yours truly)

Don t play with fire kids by fracturedmirror-d7z4413.png

Hiero appears as the lead hero and pyrokinetic of his party.

Burdened with the loss of his mentor, this young eighteen year old hawk is quick to finish his work on Kardon to return home. His hopes of becoming a warrior and hero to his people nudge him in the right direction of returning to home to glory.

Tense and aggressive, he is quick to let his emotions do the talking for him. Albeit, he is strong, loyal, and practical when level headed about tense situations. He is on the journey of his life and is on the path of self understanding.

Phantom the Mink: Hero of Air (Hosted by HauntedAlchemist)

File:Phantom's Redesign.png

Phantom appears as the annoyed hero of Air. She looks upon saving the world as more of a burden than anything, and merely wishes to hasten their journey so she may return home. Ironically she sometimes delays actions as she's unable to see eye to eye with Hiero and his orders. She's not pleased with having to work with the other heroes, but remains with them as she still wishes to survive their journey, that being her only motive.

Additionally, she has the ability to see the dead, and working as a treasure thief, knows her way with traps, ancient or not.

Taura the Squirrel: "Hero" of Earth (Hosted by TheSkullWolf)

Taura the Squirrel Sketch by Starz.jpg

Often referred to as Taura the Terror in hushed voices, Taura is a black-furred squirrel of questionable origin who has a tendency to be very dark and malevolent.

She is unlike the other heroes in it that they have a passion to get the job either done or save the world, she cares very little for this ordeal. She would rather see through to the end that she has become more powerful and fearsome, something not quite honorable or humble. Being a vampiress, she may be seen by the others as a potential secondary threat, as there's no telling where her true loyalties lie. Her specialty is quickly dealing as much damage as possible to her enemies, though she is rather easy to remove from a fight.

Being dead, she can only be seen clearly when she wants to, otherwise she is only seen as a mist-like, shadowy figure. However, those who can see the dead can see her clearly regardless of whether she wants them to. In her possession is an umbrella that absorbs sunlight so that she can walk among the living during the day.

Coda the Salamander: Hero of Water (Hosted by TheSkullWolf)

Coda was an unfortunate victim of the distortion of Kardon. Due to the distortion, his body became out of sync with his true age, causing him to look much younger than he actually is.

Once living a life of happiness and serenity as a water channeler for the Bakisian Isles alongside Numen, Coda found himself lost during the Island's distortion into a state known as Kardon. Once Numen had summoned several "heroes" from far off lands to save the universe, Coda remained skeptical yet obedient to the monk, entrusting that he would know what is best for the island.

As soon as the Skaadi had lost themselves to corruption, Coda feared for the worst and blamed Numen for the havoc caused by the villainous figure known as Malwrath. Soon, his very people would become victim to an enslavement gel that later on corrupted his own mind. He became a reluctant slave of Xulu, however because of his previously pure nature he did not become as mindless as some other islanders.

During his time of enslavement, he began to see images of Malwrath and come across the other villains of the Skaadi. Rather than giving up hope in surviving the new threat, Coda believes that there is still a chance at repairing the universe and stopping Malwrath.

Coda wields the Graceful Gift, an ancient baton and artifact of the Bakisian Isles. It grants him the power to channel the healing properties of the island's water and heal others. However, in his corrupted form, it is merely a tool of death and destruction.

Frost the Wolf: Hero of Ice (Hosted by.. Well.. Frost the Wolf)

Known to many at one time as "Volk Krovi", or "The blood wolf", Frost is a powerful soldier feared for his unparalleled fighting prowess, supernatural abilities, and remorseless brutality in combat. Serving under Rivak, a tyrant who dreams of uniting the world under his rule into one empire, Frost was the ideal candidate for creating an unbeatable soldier. Having been stripped of most of his humanity and granted powerful cryokinetic abilities and a hyper-accelerated healing factor through scientific/magical experimentation, the wolf went on to destroy cities and legions of soldiers almost single-handedly. Frost was rightly feared as a demon and Rivak's most dangerous weapon.

However, all of this changed when he found himself on Mata-Mobi, and ended up saving the island from the tyrant he once served under. Working with his sister Crystalline and a select few of Mata-Mobi's residents, including Hiero the Hawk, Frost slowly recovered his sense of humanity and ended up saving the island. However, the deaths of so many people, including Crystalline, were too high of a cost for the wolf to bear.

Frost is the hero of ice. Feeling convicted of his former life as a mass murder and soldier responsible of untold levels of devastation, Frost has been given a second chance for atonement. Having taken a one way trip back in time to undo the death of his beloved sister Crystalline and the destruction of countless lives, both on his home world and on Mata-Mobi, he now spearheads the revolution against his former commander. Quiet, cynical, and adjusted to warfare, nothing comes a surprise to this stoic wolf.

The Skaadi: (All Played by Minato Arisato00)

Each villain holds a shard of the Voice of Spirits and it is up to the heroes to collect their souls and craft the relic.

Xulu the Befallen God: Villain of Air

The macabre bird of solidarity, Xulu was once praised as a God to his people. He's the god of rejuvenation and death.

Coming from unknown origins, this former God was sent to Kardon to liberate it from another deity hungry for destruction. It was his battle with this deity that corrupted him and reverted him to the form of a mere mortal. Xulu is said to appear as a flaming white bird, but ever since he became a mortal; he has become charred with ash and a smokey aura covers his body at all times.

Sick and dying, Xulu bands up a group of four other island travelers to assist him in his efforts to rid the island of that rumored deity. He ended up having only one ally who stood by him which was Vaylor as the rest either joined Moya or left to their own accord. He gained new found powers of Air, he then began to master poisonous gas clouds and mind numbing hallucinogenic clouds. Xulu retains some of his abilities as a god, such as his ability to read the minds of others within contact of their faces. He's a gifted persuader and his methods are questionable. He is considered the last sane member of the villains.

Vaylor the Great Healer: Villain of Water

Hailed as the magnificent healer of Cordaqo, Vaylor is a beautiful angel of sovereignty from where they were from.

Regarded by their people as an angel, Vaylor single-handedly saved their own shanty-town from a vicious disease contracted from contaminated rivers. They used their powers of hydrokinesis to assist and cleanse out the water of their homeland as well as take care of and heal its inhabitants. It was thanks to this axolotl why the people of Cordaqo got to see another day.

Vaylor went on a explorative journey to master the art of healing. They ended up landing in Kardon, being led by a mysterious monk and a shadowy bird. After interacting with the bird and assisting him on his quest, Vaylor's mind had split under the pressure of the accursed deity on Kardon.

This brought forth a great corruption of their initial healing waters, turning their once cleanly waters into toxic sludge. Combined with Xulu's halucinogenics, the sludge became a beacon of mind control.

Moya the Psycho: Villainess of Fire

Once the great rebel of Torugos, Moya became a warrior to lead women into warfare to fight for her dying country from an oppressive regime laid out by her country's men.

She was a brash and heavy handed warrior, feeling that her gender was at stake back in her home country. She fought for her island's nobility and for equal footing with her country's men. She led a rebel army that ended up taking back a large chunk of Torugos. Often feared by her enemies and loved by her allies, Moya was on the path to becoming a war hero.

After saving her country from a oppressive regime, she ended up taking time off to hone her skills and develop her pyrokinesis. After some time, this young gilla monster was summoned into Kardon to assist with its scourge of the evil deity. Determined to kill this god so that she can return home with victory, Moya accepts the quest.

She ends up coming across the evil deity, instilling fear into the heart of this lizard. The evil deity promised her power and strength enough to destroy all who may cross her, to rule her life with an iron fist. Initially seeing the opportunity to make right in her world, Moya accepted and became corrupted with chemical flames. She had later lost her morality completely after losing her relationship with Faras and ended up praising Malwrath in hopes of creating a new world.

After joining forces with Xulu and Vaylor, she takes the hallucinogenic sludge and enslaves Kardon's inhabitants with a disease that makes their minds numb to control. This ends up causing beef between her and Vaylor, as well as the rest of the villains.

Faras the Lone: Villain of Ice

Faras was once a lone scholar, with intent to learn everything about the world he lived in. He was a pious scholar, but his religion didn't stop him from learning things outside of it.

He was from the land of Faerah, a city full of academic scholars and wizards. Faras was described as being once one of the most intelligent students to have ever come across Faerah. He loved his home land, but it was full of melting glaciers causing his people to die, and inevitably caused the destruction of Faerah. The catastrophe led to the deaths of almost a million inhabitants.

This led to his fixation on trying to make life immortal and ice unmeltable. He ended up surviving the collapse of Faerah and training in knowledge in far off regions of Lua. He ended up being summoned to Kardon via the monk after honing his abilities in cryokinesis.

He ended up joining forces with Moya, despite the fact that he felt she was insufferable; he knew her as the stronger leader as he could tell Xulu was dying. Moya introduced him to the evil deity and the deity granted him knowledge of everything. Having his mind blown, the fox went insane and corrupted with how much knowledge was in his mind. He separated himself from the other villains and ended up building a base on his own high in the mountains of Kardon.

Due to his vast intelligence, he has completely forgotten and negated the english language in favor of mental communication. The issue with his language is that he and other gods are the only ones that can speak in such a language. Yet with his newfound knowledge, Faras intends to become immortal. He has already invented plasmatic ice that does not melt. He can only hope he can return to Faerah and rebuild his once beautiful scholarly kingdom and be held as a hero.

Greigor the Bastion: Villain of Stone

Greigor was never anything special, nothing but a peasant mink who got around by his looks.

Greigor hailed from a land called Iguroka, a land full of plains and forests. He was a handsome young mink who was obsessed with himself and was considered a rebirth of narcissus. He had the powers of mineral manipulation (terrakinesis), he could create and destroy constructs of rock and stone.

Even though he was a peasant and only defining quality was his looks, Greigor was a champion at fighting and he was considered unchallenged with his manipulation of stones. It was his power that gained recognition from the monk of Kardon and he was indeed summoned to Kardon.

While at Kardon, Greigor was to himself for a long time siding with no one but choosing to explore the island rather than fight against some deity he didn't believe in. It was his sense of self-righteousness that ended up having him meet the evil deity on his own. The deity spared him no time and corrupted his appearance and powers, granting him the ability to manipulate sands.

This made Greigor an ugly abomination, which caused the mink to enter a state of self-deprecation and cowardice. He ended up covering his body in stone so that no one could ever see how ugly he has gotten. Any who are unfortunate enough to see his face will face his wrath.

Special Characters: (Played by Minato Arisato00)

Mysterious Monk: The Grand Monumental

The monk.

The Monk is the figure behind much of what is going on in the island of Kardon. He is also known as Numen/Herus.

Having almost no perception of morality, the monk summons those with skills he feels will help the world survive to see another day.

Weak and desperate, the Monk is rumored to be a resident of Kardon, living there for centuries. His origins are unknown and no one really knows just what the monk is (aside from Coda, but that is merely a fragment of what Numen is). He is covered from head to toe in a large cloak that shadows his face. Only his white piercing eyes are visible.

He is both a friend and enemy to the heroes and villains of Kardon because as previously discussed, he has no perception of morality; he merely is looking for the one that can best get the Voice of Spirits repaired and back in his possession. 

The Monk's motives are largely unknown but are rumored to be that he is the only being capable of defeating the evil deity. Despite looking feeble, the monk carries immense (or at least once did) power, capable of granting powers and upgrading equipment just being a small extent to the power he holds.

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