Cquote1 Bah, it was simple, really. Shut your jaw and wipe away that look of surprise. It was like a connect the dots picture, you see, and all I had to do was find the starting point. And once I did that, the answer did not surprise me. I knew from the start who you really were, but the picture was fun to draw. Cquote2
Isla the Jellyfish.


Isla is a short young female with presumably average weight. She is green and her tentacle like hair is tipped with a light turquoise. Her hair is styled into two pigtails that reach below her waist, and if her hair was straightend to its full length, it would reach about her knees. She also has a tuff of green bangs on her forehead. Her muzzle is peach, and her hands an arms are green, and possesses no nose or ears, or at least not visible. Her eyes are a hot pink.


Isla is a very bubbly and happy lady. She is very wild in her moods and actions, being sweet one moment and angry the next. She usually is very well mannered and is very talkative, and is nicknamed "Blabbermouth" for a good reason. She is always happy, and has never been seen to have been upset or angry, when not in a mood swing, as nobodt has intentionally or by accidentally angered her (exception of mood swing).

She has a fascination towards any human and loves studying them, and loves to study other Mobians, usually only ones with special talents like super speed (seen when she begged Sonic to let her run some tests on him). She is very quirky for that reason, and many others, often seen as a very peculiar child in comparison, not even mentioning her above average intelligence.



Born on March 12th in the country of Germany, she is the only child (so far as we know) to her unnamed mother and father. She was inspired to become a scientist after watching Tails and Sobic battle a large robot made by the nefarious Dr. Eggman, vowing to give it a better name like Tails is doing. There forth, she spent most of her life studying and learning about theorems and other scientific things.

Imre's Death

She was not a major part in this storyline actually, but it is said that she was earning her PhD in multiple areas, though they were not specified.

Hero Saga

Here, Isla plays a crucial yet fairly small role. She is first seen talking to Alice and April after school and inside her workshop (first time her shop has been seen, also first time her occupation is mentioned), inquiring about the Allen boys (first hint that she actually knew them and is later revealed to be a friend). After being unable to figure out what's been going on, she disappears into her work for a while.

She later appears at the park Tavor is in, and asks if he and his brothers are alright. Tavor has a flashback, but responds that he is alright. Isla wasn't convinced, but she left, having to do a lot of paper work.

The next day, she isn't seen until the night. The vigilante group formed by the Allen brothers had not been going too well, and they realize that they do need help. Not knowing where to go, they figure out someone who can help them develop the tools they need: Isla. Later at night, they go and see her, dressed in their vigilante outfits, asking for help. Isla reveals that she knows who they are, and gladly agrees to help. She develops Cayos staff, modifies Kaspers crossbow, and creates Cades handgun. She also tweaks Tavors sword a little, though what she did is unknown. She then tells them to come whenever they need her service.

She is usually used after that to help fix their broken weapons or to help break into or hack things that Kasper and Cayo can not, usually for top secret government or G.U.N. files.


Isla apppears to have hydrokinisis, or the ability to control water. She can't use this power for very long, or else she'll get a bad headache. This power is also very weak, and she himestl can't do much with it. It is rumored that she gained it due to her so many experiments involving water, and she developed or created a way to control water.


Isla is able to breath underwater for as long as she wishes. This could either be the cause of her hydrokinisis or her being a jellyfish. She is also able to see very well in the dark and can see as well as if she was in normal lighting.

Her high IQ could be considered an ability as well.


Although she is only a young child, she has various important skills.


Isla is a Class S Chemist (a very high ranking), and has been able to develop many vaccines and other important items because of this.


She is a Class S Physicist, and has developed numerous items that contributed to society.


Being that she is very creative, it was only natural that she is able to invent little nick knacks here and there. This skill is underrated and not used as often as it should, being a scientist.


Her wild mood swings make her very easily to manipulate and can make her uncontrollable. She also lacks "street smarts", being a bookworm for most of her life.

Her hydrokinisis also can be used against her, for if she uses it too long, she'll gain a headache.


Although having a fairly small role, her skills and knowing allowed her to meet various people.

Cade and Cayo

Cade and Isla get along very well, as both love talking about science and things such as that. They often "technobabble" with each other, and Cayo often drags Cade away so they can go home on time. Cade stops by very often, and Isla tries to visit them whenever she can. This eventually led Isla to gain a small crush on him, and Cade seems to share the same feelings for her as well.

Cayo and Isla are also on very good terms, and respect each other very well. Cayo respects her for her hacking abilities, and Isla for his pranks (not to say she has not fallen victim herself). She and Cayo sometimes team up to perform various pranks, due to Isla having lots of recourses and Cayo's many ideas.


Isla and Imre get along very well, and Isla often referred to him as Little I, as both of them have and "I" at the beginning of their name. Isla used to teach him about chemistry, and Imre seemed to really enjoy it.


Tavor and Isla are extreme opposites, but they seem to repeat each other. Tavor likes Isla's odd behaviors and habits, and Isla thinks that Tavor is a sweet person. They get along well enough for Tavor to believe that she can keep their superhero secret and she does.


Kasper and Isla get along very well, often seen just reading together. Kasper is a little fearful of her eradic behavior though, being a naturally quiet person, and Isla sometimes wonder what he's thinking, usually conspiring that he's plotting to overthrow everyone, though it's uncertain if she actually believes this.


Isla and Alice are very great friends, and they both have multiple things in common. Alice said that she would like to work under Isla to be a Forensic Analyst, and Isla said that she hopes they would work side by side. Alice and her are seem together a lot, and Alice visits her very often, mostly so they can gossip about people.


Isla and April seem to get along very well, and they often talk to each other when they can. April worried about Isla time to time, hoping she hasn't blown herself up again, and Isla wonders what she's doing.


  • "I know that tomorrow's the deadline, but I have... Complications with this upcoming date."
  • "Oh come on guys! Who else do you know has a PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and other things I don't want to bore you with."
  • "Hey, even I have my Achilles heel."
  • "Sure sure. I'll have it in by next time."
  • "Hope the Allens 're doing well. I know how hard it was losing Imre, and I'm not even family."
  • "Scientifically speaking, theoretically, anything and everything is possible. Realistically, you're going to die a very painful death should you do that."
  • "Sucess is not measured in how many metals you win, it is how many lives you save. But, medals and trophies are nice."
  • "No Mobian is perfect. Perfection is simply an illusion in the field of science. A delusional hope and goal that will never in one's lifetime be acquired. A sad, but necessary truth to learn."
  • "I'm thirteen. I have more than seven PhDs. I've written several books. Autobiographies, biographies, and all that good stuff. I've won every science fair I've been in. I have the highest recorded IQ in history. I've disproven half of Issac Newtons and Albert Einsteins theorems. I. Got. This."
  • "Sure, the grass may be greener, but what's wrong with this side? Just add some water and you're grass will be just as green."
  • "Ah ah ah! Remember, satisfaction brought it back. Interesting, no? A cat found the secret to immortality. Ha!"
  • "Come on Cade. We've got work to do!"
  • "Finding a needle in a haystack? Why would you bother with something so trivial as that? And if you're having so much problems finding it, just use a magnet. Or buy a new one. They're cheap enough to where you can do that, ya know?"
  • "Oh come on. What great, avid reader hasn't read this. I can't believe I'm the only one who recognizes the similarities between Alice and that book."
  • "Humility is a very important part of being a scientist... But... It is very refreshing to be able to rub in your nemesis face that you won first place..."
  • "Rub rub rub! I am rubbing my win in your face!"
  • "Nien! Don't follow him! Allowing one person to go through the timestream is cataclysmic enough! See?! Tavor is already bending the laws of physics, and disrupting the flow of time! All four, and you will damage and bend the timestream, making the fabric of time and space collapse in on itself!!"


  • Being a jellyfish, we can plausibly assume that she can sting.
  • She loves sushi.
  • She is the only female who wears pants.
  • Her parents are unnamed, and this is because she has hinted that her relationship with them are estranged.
  • It is rumored that she can do Alchemy. Her creator, when confronted on this, said, "Maybe. Maybe not. You'll see in due time."
  • She has a bit of a fear of heights, possibly due to her being a sea creature.
  • According to another rumor, she will be taking up an alias like the Allens, but no one knows why her name will be.
  • The reason why she has the "highest recorded IQ" is because Tails IQ wasn't recorded, otherwise, Tails would be smarter by an IQ point.
  • Should April actually die, it has been released that she will become a hero and try to help the brothers fight a new villan, presumably the rumored White Knight.
  • She has a thick German accent, having only recently arrived in Central City, the entire country, really.
  • She often speaks German when extremely stressed, and has sworn in German a few times as well.
  • Her sentences can be quite fragmented, due to her native language being German, but it is usually in perfect English,
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