This is an article about Isis the Skyloudaki, a character created by SPop120 on 09/22/2013.


Isis has stark-black fur, and she has light, icy blue hair. She wears a maroon cloak, and a light grey t-shirt with a skull on it. She wears ripped up denim blue jeans, and she wears boots with bone-like rims. She wears fingerless red gloves. She wears a necklace which is her pylactery, the source of her magic power and temporary immortality. If it is destroyed, she will die.


Isis is rude and selfish. She will do most anything for anything she wants. She finds killing to be okay, as she does it almost all the time. She is trying to achieve the utmost immortality that she can. She will continue to try to achieve her goals, no matter how farfetched they seem. She tends to act a bit crazy.


Isis was born to her two parents, then given away. She was given away to a family of her same species. She became extremely jealous of her "sister", Gemini. She hated Gemini with all her heart, as she felt that Gemini got more love and attention than her. She decided to attempt to kill Gemini, and attempt to gain immortality. She met a witch who could do both, and took her under her wing. Isis was then trained to kill.

However, the witch turned her into a Lich, and gave her a phylactery. Isis hid her phylactery, and wears it as a necklace. Isis took the more of her training more seriously. She attempted to kill Gemini, but instead she froze herself and her entire family in time with a spell accidentally.

Someone, a young Ermine stumbled across it, and unfroze them and ran away. Isis continued to search for the perfect immortality, and the perfect way to kill Gemini and her twin, Libra.


  • Arcane Magic- Isis can harness Arcane magic. She uses it for almost every purpose, whether it is to help in her plots or to dueling.
  • Necromancer- Isis can bring the dead back to life using magic. She uses this to build an undead army secretly, to aid in her plots.

Special Abilities

  • Skeleton form- Isis can interchange between her "alive" form and "undead form." Since she is a Lich, she will appear like a skeleton. This is her true form, and she uses it to scare others off.


Nightshade hates meeting other Liches and wizards. She likes being the only "powerful" one she knows. She tends to throw fits and be fussy. Due to her childish behavior, this can be used against her. She will ocassionally go ballistic.

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