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This is an article about Isidro the Hedgehog, a character created by Isidro54321 on 05/11/2015.


A 15 year old, Yellow Hedgehog with Chaos Emerald-infused Spikes and has 2 defining scars, one on his Right eye and the other one on his belly, has a Black Inhibitor Ring. He is Straight, Male


He is Kind, Good hearted, Not as gullible as his friends, smart and passionate


Originally made by Dr. Eggman as part of a hidden project inspired by his grandfather, he now lives his days as a Hero with Sonic and Shadow

Powers and Forms

Super Form

Hyper Form

Angel Warrior Form

Zoroark Form (chooses to be a Lucario most of the time)

Stiker Form (thanks to an armor made by his dad)

Exe form (only when in intense suffering)

Chaos Blast

Hydro Blast

100 Ring Bomb

Venomuck form (had a strange mixture of Venom and Megamuck bond to him)

Power of 7 (Ultimate Attack)

Love Slash (can do this with his gf)

Musical Dischord (Can achieve this with his Siblings: Sonic, Sonia and Manic)

Harmonic Super (achieves this by using the Elements of Harmony instead of the Chaos Emerald)

Werehog form


Can Parkour, can see in the dark, can talk to animals, Can eat a lot X3, can run at the speed of light and beyond, if needed, has a connection to the chaos emeralds


Able to see in the dark - Was perfected by his Gf

Spin Dash - Taught by Sonic

Chaos Control - Taught by Shadow

Mastery over Fire - Taught by Mario and Blaze

Mastery over Time - Taught by ???

Fire breath - Self taught

Chaos Wind - Combination of Chaos Control and Sonic Wind

Dominance over his urges - He has mastered this over time since he's a bit beastly


Mega Muck (original variation), Negative Chaos energy, His scars, Mental attacks, Bacon (cause he loves it sooo much),


His soul was split into around 50 parts in a battle against Sonic.exe... Only 7 parts have united, the rest are in alternate universes...

He sometimes visits Eggman and Bowser to this day..

His Gf is not just one single person, since his soul is fragmented, he has close to 50 girlfriends... (that also causes major ethical problems for him)

His current father is a godlike being of a race named Om-Th'aul and his mother is a Zoroark...

(the image you are seeing right now of my character is not infact a recolor... It was made by a friend of mine, but if you want other drawings, you can go to my Deviantart page *cough*shamelessselfpromotion*cough*)

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