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Ishertak the Dragoness Ishertak the dragoness

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Green Hair
  • Purple skin
  • Red underbelly
  • blue wings
AttirePurple sweater,blue jeans,red shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryHer tail, and claws
AbilitiesFlight,fire breathing,fire turns into crystal
Super FormsN/A
Other Information
American V.A.N/a
Japanese V.A.N/A
Theme Song(s)N/A
Original CreatorEAJ


Having been a crystal dragon she is a very warm and gentle when she is in a safe enviorement. When people piss her off expect bloodshed to follow because she's as vicious in battle as she is gentle outside of it.

Despite her being a young dragon she only has had 1 daughter that she let a boy take because she was busy fighting off besereked males.Then soon after everything calm down,she found her baby with Yang,seeing that he was taking such wonderful care of her and love at 1st sight,she stayed with him and had another little dragoness



When looking for Prisma,she found her with Yang and liked him.The two hanged out with Prisma and decided to stay together as a family.Later,Yang told her how she felt and she was the same,then together,they had another child together that made the family bigger







She's gentle and caring to those that she trust and loves dearly, but when her love ones and friends are in trouble, she unleashed a vicious beast that won't stop until everything calms down. She's very loving to her husband and two daughters, spending tim with Yang and teaching Prisma and Elfie what dragons do when they are older.


Ishertak is mobian dragon with lavender scales, red wings in mobian form, green short hair with bits of it sticking out, a red underbelly and yellow eyes. In her dragon form, She still have the same scale, hair, which is sticking up from her head to her tail, underbelly and eye color, only her wings are blue on top. Her mobian form wears a purple sweater, blue jean pants, and rose shoes with a white stripe.

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