Isella is a character created by SuperIcee/TrueIcee in 2010. She was designed as the intention to be an expirement to see how the original 3 characters created by SuperIcee/TrueIcee would look like in the opposite gender. Due to Icee being redesigned, she recieved one as well, which was revealed May 22, 2014.


Isella, being a clone of Icee, shares a similar look. She has the same fur and skin color as well as eye color. Different from her male counterpart, Isella wears an orange midriff baring short sleeve crop top with a sky blue star on it, along with a blue jacket. Her pants are gray with flame designs on the bottom half. Isella wears red and blue shoes with a white stripe. She has a sky blue bracelet on her right wrist and her Ability Gauntlet (similar to Icee's Ancient Gauntlet) on her left.


Isella has a unpredictable personality. Do to her being a clone created by an evil mastermind, she was created for evil puproses, however, thanks to Icee's heroic thoughts and kind nature, it not only makes Isella self aware, she is able to defy her creator. Now she is caring like Icee, but she has female thoughts as well as Icee's memories.


Isella shares the same powers with Icee, being pyrokinetic and elecktrokinetic. Like Icee, she can also combine her abilities as well as enhance them through her Ability Gauntlet. She also carries a beam sword that runs on her electric powers, to use Icee's sword mastery, however she is against using her weapon unless she actually calls for it.


Xlar was thinking of a new plan to stop the Zerometro Freedom Fighters and his nemesis Icee. He tried in the feat of robotic duplicates, but that had failed. He came to the idea of cloning, to which his assistant Cathrine immediately scolded him, saying "If you can't win with a machine, you can't win at all." Xlar then ordered a Do-It-Yourself Cloning Device. As he finished it, he tried to make some modifications to it, not noticing the clause on the box, that not all clones will be 100% perfect if modified. Xlar modified the device so that whenever clones were made, they'd do his bidding and never question. Icee heard about the device and wanted to stop Xlar from finishing it, but the one he destroyed was a decoy, leading Xlar to actually get some of his DNA to create a clone. The process started off stable, however there was one real issue, Cathine had noticed as the process went on that the clone's gender was classified as female. Xlar, was made but still saw this as an oppurtunity to destroy Icee. Soon, Isella was released into the world.
Isella 2013 Bio

Isella's original design

 She was told by Xlar she worked for him and their job was to take the throne. The then nameless clone said nothing, and agreed, not knowing she had free will. She was given clothes and began reeking havoc on Zerometropolis.

Villainous Affairs

Isella began her evil ways on Zerometro City. Xlar at the time had ordered each of his minions to steal certain items from different parts of the country. Isella was told to go after the mystical "Shard of the Ancient Ligers". The story behind the artifact is that it possessed the amazing phoneminal powers of an old ruler back when ligers were in the area. Isella fought against the Zone Brigade for the artifact, stealing it and giving it to Xlar, who planed on using it with the artifact to rewrite history in his favor. Isella headed out for the last thing needed for it to work, the Zerometro Chaos Emeralds. As she stole, Isella was seen as a heartless monster. She would go to the point of killing without question or reason. She began to wonder if what she was doing was really right.

Seeing Double

Isella after stealing the mystical shard was in for a shocker, as this was her first encounter with Icee. The two thought each was an imposter of the other, which lead to arguing with one another and finally, fighting. They were both evenly matched, and Icee was trying to tell Isella that Xlar was only using her. She failed to believe him and ran off. Each time they met, Isella questioned her purpose more and more. Until she overheard a conversation between Xlar and Cathrine, with Xlar saying he'd wouldn't care what happened with anyone after he rewrites history. Isella had decided she didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. She turned against Xlar. The next day, Icee had a run-in with her and he was relived to see she had returned everything she stole. Icee talked to her and they actually clicked really fast. Now the have a near brother-sister relationship.


Now that Isella has reformed, she has joined Icee and the gang as an offical Zerometro Freedom Fighter. She also now has her own team, Team Rush, consisting of her, Alex the Fox, and Marci the Echidna, all three of them being clones of the members of Team Boost. Isella has taken initiative to right the wrongs she caused. And she has been making really tight relationships with the Freedom Fighters as well as the commoners.