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Isaldymas the Lynx is an assassin that serves the Ice Clan of Kyanos. She is the sister of Ivanka the Lynx, who disappeared years ago and was presumed to be dead, but in reality Ivanka is now a member of The Boreal Acolytes.

Physical Description

A slender lynx who stands a little bit over three feet tall, Isaldymas has a short muzzle with a triangular nose, large, diamond-shaped ears ending in tufts, and a short, fluffy tail. Her upper canine teeth also stick out of her mouth slightly.

Her fur is primarily sky blue in color, with a white muzzle, inner ears, chest, and stomach, as well as cerulean ears and eye markings, a cerulean stripe on the bridge of her nose, and cerulean stripes that extend from her eyes and down her jawline; she also has a collection of cerulean spots decorating her shoulders and upper back. She has no hair on her head, instead having a tuft of longer fur, and her eyes are amber in color.

Her outfit typically consists of a black tube top, black fingerless gloves with white cuffs, black shorts, and black boots with white cuffs.



Ivanka's Disappearance

The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Other Stats

As an assassin, Isaldymas excels in the realm of stealth and swift, deadly attacks, able to dispatch unwary foes with little to no hassle. Her agility and respectable physical power allow her to easily thrive in a fight against a single opponent, but she tends to suffer against multiple foes, due to her inherent lack of durability.

Being a lynx, she has impeccable eyesight and hearing, and it's difficult to ambush her because of this. She also has very sharp teeth and claws, making for effective natural weapons. Speaking of weapons, her primary one is a dagger, which she uses to swiftly dispatch her targets. When engaged in an actual fight, she used her other weapon, a spadroon.

Isaldymas is an adept cryokinetic, and primarily used melee-range, mid-tier offensive techniques of the Ice Element, such as Freezing Slash and Ice Fang. However, she has little in the way of using ranged abilities apart from simple techniques such as Icicle Spear.


Isaldymas is relatively resistant to the Elements of Ice and Water (her Ice resistance is somewhat higher, however). She is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks. She's also more than capable of dueling a single opponent.


Isaldymas is weak to the Elements of Fire and Earth. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks, and to survive against multiple opponents. Being a manipulator of Ice, severe ambient heat can render her powers nigh useless.

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Her name is the Lithuanian word for "freeze" (as a noun).

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