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"Hey there, I'm Isaiah. Disregard the wings on my back. In a way, I'm just like the rest of you...sorta..."
—Isaiah's Greeting[Author]
Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox

Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox

Biographical Information

Chronological Age: Unknown

Physical Age: 23

Relatives N/A
Alias Isaiah
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Angel (Made into an Anthro)
Gender Male

Green Fur

Lightly tan arms

White Wings Green tail with white tip 


White T-shirt

Blue Jeans

Green Shoes

Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Hero
Affiliations Team Chrono Flight Type





Assault Rifle

Abilities Angelic Magicks
Super Forms

Shining Isaiah

Archangel Overdrive

Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Two Steps From Hell - Archangel

Two Steps From Hell - Archangel

Archangel-Two Steps From Hell

Original Creator

Game Info

HP: High

Range: Medium (Magic only)

Power: High (Sword and Knives Mainly; Somtimes will use a Shield)

Speed: Medium

Hyper Combos:

1: Frenzy Blades: (One bar) Isaiah summons four more Angelic swords like his, and all five blades attack a single enemy, dealing 10 strong hits total if close enough. Deals One-hit KO to Low health fighter, Half health for Medium, Quarter health for High. (Brute attack, combo hit-rate depends on range, the closer he is, the more hits made. Damage depends on range as well. Partner Switchable.)

2: Magicks Blast: (One bar; airborn is allowed) Isaiah throws down his sword, and unleashes a 14 hit barrage of Energy beams, followed by an explosive blast. (Any range attack. Damage: Medium. Partner Switchable)

3: Shining Isaiah: (Three bars) Isaiah transforms into pure white, then pulls out his sword and deals a 50 strike combo on all opponents followed by a final slash covering the entire area and everything in its path. (Brute multi-ranged attack. Damage: Medium to High. Low HP characters get one-hit KO. Non-Partner Switchable)


In the Beginning

Everything changed for me that day, that day when I first took a breath. I opened my eyes to see an odd world around me, a beautiful world...A devastatingly beautiful world. The world of the Angels.

I didn't see it for very long, because my thought of such devastation is what removed me from that world. I was blinded by words of change, words of rebellion, words of destruction. Worst of all, these words swayed me, and I joined their cause.

The lips that spoke them were owned by a being named Lucifer, and he spoke of a rebellion against a higher power, a power that had become infatuated with some people he had created below this world. I bought into the jealousy he felt for that power, and followed Lucifer into the ends of his rebellion, until he was destroyed. That's when everything changed.

The Fall to Earth

I stood before a coucil of others who looked just like me. They condemned me for charges I didn't understand. All I could do was beg for their forgiveness, even though I was guilty in every right. They spoke amongst themselves in a language that confused me. Shortly after, they addressed me again. They told me that they found a strange power within me, something that shouldn't have been in a "fletchling" like me. I didn't understand their words, but I did understand their meaning. They were going to let me remain, let me live, but they had to punish me. Chains were applied to my wrists, ankles, and wings, yes wings, which turned invisible shortly after. One of the council stood and addressed himself as the Archangel Gabriel. He told me that I was to be exiled down to the human world and forced to live my life with all my power. At the time I didn't believe this a curse at all, but over time I came to understand. Gabriel struck out at me, and I was suddenly falling. My last thought before passing out was: This landing is going to be a little rough.

Milleniums Past

After I awoke. I found myself in a desolate wasteland. Life was a pain from there. I was so naive to begin with. Whenever I saw somebody, I'd try to explain to them what had happened, but they only screamed and called me a monster, a demon, a cursed human, stricken by evil. Everybody ran, everybody hid. I was a freak of nature. Now I began to realize why it was supposed to be a curse to me. Everything I came close to, I ruined.

After years of it, I just gave up. I hid away for fifty, a hundred, a thousand years. I missed everything the humans did. From the end of the BC era on, everything was unknown to me. I completely cut off all communication from this world. So much help I could have given, and yet I let them go on without me.

An Ancient Treasure Revealed.

In the beginning of the 20th century, I finally came back out. The world had changed dramatically. Tents had become well-built buildings. Horses had been traded in for carriages, and new parts of the world were being discovered. I was in Old England, sometime before the first World War. Something else was going on as well, something more terrifying.

A series of mass murders were being cause by an occult belief in the area. I went to investigate, finding nothing else to do but look into it. After a lot of searching, I came upon the group halfway through a summoning ritual to summon a demon. I was too late in stopping them, and the demon was summoned. Instead I had a feeling of release. I felt stronger than ever before. I fought of the demon and destroyed it, the power disappearing once more.

I didn't understand this ability until years later, when I was revisited by Gabriel, the Archangel in charge of my chains. He would loosen my chains in order to stop something that was too perilous for humans to control, but otherwise were left tightened. In this ability, I found a new reason to live: To protect the humans from the things they weren't meant to see, and to watch over them from a closer view. To understand why the humans that Lucifer envied so much were worth loving. World Changing Experience

I spent decades following my new purpose. I defeated countless things from behind the curtains, going unnoticed by other people. Whenever I found somebody worth listening to my story, I'd explain it. But they promised the secret to be held to their graves. I found company over the decades with these few people who could understand me and grant me a bit of sanity on this cold and lonely world, and I was able to continue on for many years after. But, as I should have known, when I begin to get used to things, everything changed. This is where my story becomes a bit closer between events.

In short, you could say I died. A spiritual piece of this world, a piece I will refer to as the Spiritual Core, was overtaking by the destructive madness of darkness. Evil was destroying the balance between the Angelic and Demonic halves of this core. I spent months digging my way down to the core, and at the end of my journey, I gave my life to restore the power of the Spiritual core. I thought my story was over, my tale completed. But fate, or maybe that Great Power that I'd once heard of, had a better plan for me.

The Third World

I awoke on yet another different world. When I stood up to check myself, to see if I was still alive, I found fur on my hands. I checked myself over once more, and found my whole body had changed. My original clothes had changed into a white tee-shirt and blue jeans. I looked behind myself, and saw a tail. Most of all, my wings were standing straight out behind me. No matter how hard I tried, I could no longer make my wings disappear like I could before. The only thing I still had like my old life was my chains. They still haunted me like before, which meant that I was still connected to Gabriel, and my chains could still be loosened or tightened.

I searched for information on where I was, finding myself in a world full of anthropomorphed animals. The told me that I was on Mobius, and that we were all mobians, which felt pretty obvious to me. This was a new world, where I'd have to go through everything all over again, or so I originally thought.

As I wandered around the world, I met many different heroes and villains, finding that this place was more dangerous than the world I once knew. I was able to fit in better with my powers out in the open than I'd originally believed. This made it easier for me to integrate into the world and help fight off dark entities like I had before.

Life As We Know It

Soon after my appearance on this world, I found out why I was brought here. This world was a carbon copy of Earth, which meant it also had a Spiritual Core. I decided that I wouldn't let this world suffer the same attack that the last one had. I devoted my time to finding the Core, which was only a few short months. I built a home at the Core's strongest point, and as life went on, a city was built around that. I am the once again the Core Guardian, and now protect that city, fighting off every single threat that comes near it and the core that lies beneath it. My story is yet to be finished, but this is all I can tell you: Life tends to change you as you go, so follow it wherever it takes you, you just might be glad you did.


Isaiah is a calm, ambitious, kind, and loving man. He always looks on the bright side of things, and never backs down from a good challenge. Isaiah's love and patience know no bounds for those who are willing to look for it. He usually keeps to himself, only to talk with his friends about certain matters, but mainly staying quiet. His greatest of all traits, though, are his unending faithfulness and trust to his friends. Isaiah will stop at nothing to right those in the wrong, and will take any and all costs to save or protect his friends. He fighting, he will play around, enjoying his fight. He is usually entertained in pushing limits and breaking new barriers, so he usually doesn't release his full potential immediately.

Abilities and Super Forms

Flight: He can fly using his wings. These wings, when he was a human, could disappear to hide his real identity.

Agility: He's quick on his feet, but not fast enough to not be stopped.

Magicks: He has a special kind of magick which is based off of mind power. He thinks of the task, snaps his fingers, and it happens. Usually he uses this to make explosive finishing or starting blows to throw off an enemy. When his shackles are applied, he can only use this ablity once, but can still perform small tasks for convenience.

Archangel Overdrive: This is a special form that he doesn't enjoy using and will always be only a last case scenario. This ability of his was realized when his shackles were loosened far enough that his full power was unleashed. He attains two more wings, aquires a beast-like lust for destroying the target, and usually will lose every ounce of sanity until he passes out or his target is completely obliterated. Isaiah doesn't enjoy this specific form, since it deals a lot of damage to his physical and psycological states.


"Why do you think people act the way they do? For the fun of it?"

"My work is never finished, is it?"


Demonic items: Due to Isaiah's physical form being human, his body is unable to handle the radiation of demonic objects. Demonic items corrupt his already mortal form, further diminishing his power. He has to rebuild his power again after dealing with them.

Bullets: Again, he is still human, so being shot can affect him, he just has a faster healing ability to keep himself going.

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