This is the latest fanfic by Mr.Zaya of its time. It is the Sonic Fanon equivalent series to The Fanfic Isaiah and Shred's Adventures on the BlurayOriginals wiki.

Main Plot

Isaiah was finally defeated by his alter-ego, Devin The Lion, allied with his brother, Rave the Lion. And the same for Shred. The two were killed, and soon they found themselves in an Afterlife similar to the planet Mobius, called Aftlerlife Mobius, ironically, and before they ever could possibly be revived, they trained for Rave and Devin's arrival along with the rest of his friends.But at the beginning, little did they know about what could happen to them.


Isaiah The Red Wolf

The main protagonist, Isaiah was the primary target with Shred in the situation. Isaiah was actually excited to be defeated because him and Shred could see his fallen relatives again.

Shred The Red Wolf

The deutergonist, Shred was the secondary Target with Isaiah.By the time he reached Afterlife Mobius, he was very dissapointed in himself due to losing to the two because normally Isaiah and Shred would win.

Rave The Lion

The older brother of Devin and the alter-ego of Shred, who is the main antagonist in this, although he is a minor character.

Devin The Lion

The one who planned to kill Isaiah and Shred. The other antagonist in the series.

Alfred The Wolf

Isaiah and Shred's Step-Grandfather, as old as their great-grandmother.

Vegas Silversnow

Isaiah's Crush

List of episodes

Episode 1: The End-The Pilot Episode of the Series.

Theme Songs

Main Theme: We will fall together (By Streetlight Manifesto)

Isaiah & Shred's Theme: Forgotten Hero (By HalusaTwin)


The characters are supposed to have wings and a halo.

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