Cquote1 I'm no ordinary Joe. I'm not the world's best. I'm not the most amazing. I'm not the most heroic. I'm myself. I can be modest, and I can be cocky. It's right because I'm being me. And you should be yourself too. There's nothing wrong with that. Cquote2
Isaiah The Red Wolf

Isaiah is a 10-year-old Red Wolf who doesn't let anything discourage him due to his high self-esteem. He is usually entergetic and carefree, unless when it's time for him to get Serious. He cares deeply about his friends.He is also willing to help them in need.

Isaiah The Red Wolf

Isaiah V.13

Isaiah The Red Wolf.

Biographical Information
Age 10

Shred The Red Wolf (Brother)

Jason The Red Wolf (Brother)

Counterparts Devin The Lion(Alter-Ego), Rayzur The Red Wolf (Reincarnation)
Future Relatives

Akiko (Future Daughter)

Ferham Spades (Future Wife)

Alias Sikol (Sickle)
Romantic Interests

Ferham Spades

Vegas Silversnow (Formerly)

Physical Description
Species Mobian/Coyote/Grey Wolf (Red wolf; more of a Coyote than a Grey Wolf)
Gender Male
Description Really really shaggy guy
Attire Brown Shirt, Teal pants and black-and-white Skateboard shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Don and Zay
Weaponry None
Abilities Moderate Strength (He's a power type)
Super Forms See below
Other Information
American V.As.

James Arnold Taylor (Chaos Quest Only)


Japanese V.A. Nowzawa Masako (2006-)
Theme Song(s) Eminem-Not Afraid
Appearances See Below
Original Creator ITH (Known as Mr.Zaya Nowadays)

Chronologic events of Isaiah's life

If you know what chronologic means, this should be self-explanatory. If you don't, just look it up, simple as that.

Early Life

Isaiah was born in the Cascade Zone, the youngest of all of his siblings(Jason and Shred). He was born shortly after the war of the Cascadians demanding rights and freedom from the Dustunian Empire. Isaiah's childhood from his so-called "perspective" is a blurry and vague subject for him to talk about. He just doesn't like mentioning it.


(Note: this is a spoiler.)

In Isaiah's Teenage years, it was the supposed time of his life when he met his gilrfriend, Ferham Spades. It was also when he moved to Luxiboro, an urban district in the Cascade Zone. He did things he couldn't do as a child and finally got to live his life to the fullest. Isaiah learned a variety of moves and grew stronger over time (which I'll elaborate about when the time comes).




Isaiah is cocky, quick-witted but still bighearted. He also sometimes has an "inflated ego", which is just what he says is his "smack-talk". Isaiah also has a short-attention span.

Friends and Foes

Everyone has them.


Banzai The Tasmanian Devil

Donovan The Cougar

Raphael The Saker Falcon

Esa The Saker Falcon

Dai "Achilles" The Demigod (Tanuki)

Aero'Di The Maned Wolf

Vegas The Fox Hybrid (Silversnow)

Brent the Elephant Shrew (Best Friend)

Adrian The Jaguar

L.A.R.P. [Laboratory Abundant Robotic Prototype)

P.S.G.A.L-1 (Prototype Sonic Genetic Artifical Lifeform build 1)

Dmitri The Dhole

Daniel The (Angelic) Armadillo

Ferham Spades (Girlfriend)


Psych The Panther (Worst Enemy)

Hypno the Bobcat

Plasma The Viper

Mach-O the Cyborg Hyena

Devin The Lion (Whom was once part of Isaiah, but was extracted from his DNA when he was young)

Isaiah The Angellic Hedgefox (He has his ways and reasons.)


"Anyone who uses a gun is either a sorry fool or a coward. A person with fortitude would fight with their bare hands, nautrally, not with weaponry."

"Annoying Jives."

"When the going gets rough, I don't stop, I get ROUGHER."


Isaiah is depicted as a shaggy-haired red wolf with green dyed hair and primarily brown fur. He has a gray muzzle, and the rest, or majority of his fur is colored brown., like his eye color.

List of Theme Songs

  1. Mama Used to Say By Junior (Primary/main theme)
  2. Not Afraid By Eminem (Remixed by Klaskey Productions; Super Theme)


Pretty Self Explanatory

Physical Attacks

(Mainly punching and kicking)

Uppercut-Isaiah aims for the target's chin and punches them.

Fist 'O Flames- Isaiah turns his energy into combustible fire (which explodes on the user whenever it is used incorrectly). Isaiah then punches the target with all his might. It is a variable power move, and in the aftermath, the energy and health goes down depending on how much power was put into the attack.

(Literal) Smack Down- Isaiah appears above the Target *tag-team move with Isaiah and Donovan The Cougar* and elbow drops them to the surface closest below them. The further away the target the more powerful the attack ends up.

Flip Over- Isaiah uses this move defensively.

Transformed-Only Abilities

(NOTE: M=Mayhem S=Super, H=Hyper(his most powerful transformation which isn't very much at all),A=all types are able to use that move.)

Ring Absorb (A)- A move where Isaiah absorbs all nearby rings.


Although Isaiah is a (half) wolf, he does not have a furry muzzle (which he "shaves" off before he leaves the house).

It is considerable that Isaiah's inability to have a girlfriend and keep one could be a running gag, but it stopped after Ferham and Isaiah became boyfriend & girlfriend.

Even though Isaiah has a girlfriend now, which is Ferham, it is still likely that he likes Vegas, but he won't say for sure.

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