Iruka is the leader of a band of Space "Ninjas" known as "Shiro Hoshi Sentou" . They have become heroes though their fame is often overshadowed by others. Iruka uses his duel blades. With them he has magnificent abilities. Being that he is from 25 years later time frame means he has multiple futuristic weapons he received from galactic travelling.


Iruka the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
  • Physical age: 18
  • Nile the Zimee(Surrogate Brother)
  • Zimee People(Extinct)
  • Iri
  • Teen Killer
Romantic Interests Sarianna the Hedgehog
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Skin: Tan
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Red
  • Red Jacket
  • One finger less(excluding thumb) black glove
  • Baggy black jeans
  • Black and Red Shoes
  • Two Katanas(On back)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Himself

  • Shiro Hoshi Sentou
Weaponry See "Weapons" Section
  • Superspeed
  • Marksmanship
  • Gunsman
  • Sharpshooting
  • Extra-ordinary Eyesight
  • Swordsmanship
  • Racing
  • Piloting
  • Space/Aerial Combat
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
Super Forms Migekiki Iruka
Other Information
American V.A. James Arnold Taylor
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Famotill


At a young age Iruka was shamed from his village. This is because he lacked his tribes' "Migekiki Trait" meaning he couldn't use the eye trait like they could. He can however use his version to have perfect vision making him able to see anything behind,in front of, or parallel to him. This allowed him to survive through the multiple harsh terrains of his planet. Eventually after years of nomadic life Iruka stumbled upon an ancient village that did welcome him.

A New Life in A New Village

Upon entering the village Iruka was delivered to a small medicine man. The village seemed to be an ancient village with more earth than technology, However they still were advanced despite their appearance. Iruka was greeted by a few people around eight(the same age as he at the time). They were a race known as the Zimee. They were anthropomorphic animals with large ears and long tails(Somewhat similar to a lynx). Many had visible eyebrows as well as stripes. They were classified as rodents,but didn't look like rodents much. He was treated as one of them and accepted. He lived there for 6 years. However tragedy struck.....

Zimee Extinction

The Zimee's long time enemies the Gorlons(reptile lie creatures) had worked together with an evil scientist that went by the name Dr.Kinevil. They together waged a surprise attack on the Zimee. This wiped out almost all except for Iruka and his friend Nile(Aka Ratchet). He and Nile fled the village as Iruka unleashed another of his families traits he had kept during birth. This being the Migekiki Demon. It destroyed almost all of their forces. However it did not matter because they had already succeeded. Nile and Iruka swore vengeance on the Dr. who killed them for unknown reasons.

A New Alliance

Iruka and Nile traveled to Golorxion(Home planet of the Gorlons). They traveled on a star ship built by Nile himself. They wanted to seek answers. They weren't mad at the Gorlons because after all the two groups were at war and the Zimee used and Atomic Destructo Ray that wiped out their trading colony. No, the two wanted to know why they had been working with the evil tyrant. After the leader would not tell them he and Iruka engaged in combat. Iruka had killed the leader and they were almost killed. However they were saved by a pink female Gorlon. She was a rebel from the West Sector(who were all in rebellion against there leader for the crime they committed against The Zimee). She apologized to them multiple times for the devastation her people caused. She then lead them to a safe house were they could leave the planet. However, feeling there was nothing left for her there the female(her name was Rochelle) left with the two. Together they promised to stop tyranny throughout every galaxy,universe,sector,planet,nation, etc. Eventually the three went to the Swamp Land known as Alira. Here they met a crocodile known as Hunter. He was roboticized by Eggman Jr. however after a brief fight Iruka planted a stabilizer on him bringing him to his senses. While he was still roboticized he had complete control of himself. This change gave him greater strength. He was given the nickname Clonk because of the noise his metal made. They agreed to help Hunter free his people from Eggman Jr. knowing all too well what it was like to lose everything. After a hard fought battle Eggman Jr. called his men to retreat from the planet. Hunter then joined the group as well. There final member would be a young Lynx known as Bianca. She joined the group after her and Nile met on planet New Yexia(A Planet based similar in appearnce to Futurama and Axiom City) The two became a couple mainly because of their attraction to each other as well as their knowledge of mechanics and technology. Together they formed "Shiro Hoshi Sentou".

Finding Love

Iruka and his friends left New Yexia and travelled (via Space Travel) to the Kingdom of Crysalin. After staying for a while, they met the King's daughter and son, Rikku and Doon the Wolfox. Having inherited their grandfather's warm hospitality, the two siblings took the team to the castle, where they met King Blade, his wife, King Paladina, and the Captain of Crystalin's army, Cavalier. They were welcomed in, and Iruka and his team were soon enrolled into Crystalin's army, mostly to help train other recruits.

I'll leave this to you Shima!


Duelo Blades~Two blade's made of Metal Obsidian(Found solely on Iruka's home planet). They hold much of Iruka's power including his demon trait. This gives the swords a red aura. The are used to as unusual weapons that when used successively in combos can carry the user through the air almost in a dragon or serpent type manner.

Duel Incinerators~Unique metal gauntlet type gloves that spew hot lava at a directed target.

Smokers~A glove that emits large amounts of smoke. Mainly used as a get-away or for distraction. It should be noted Iruka can see through them, due to his eye trait.

Annilaitor XH-000~A large gun the blasts the victim with a large exploding bullet.

Genetic Scrambler XL-2~This can change an anthro into a regular version of their species.

The Negotiator~A weapon that shoots out small heat seeking missiles capable of destroying an enemy in one or two hits.

Mr.Zurkon/Zurkon the Destroyer~A little robot that follows you around. It is programmed to kill all opponents of the user until it itself is destroyed.

Buzz Blades~These bad boys can cut through almost anything as the user shoots them from the gun. They fly around hitting the enemy multiple times.

Tesla Spikes~These spikes when thrown create a small fence that emits electricity.

Sonic Eruptor~A gun in the shape of a snail like creator that emits sonic screams as well as strong belches that can knock opponents(possibly kill them) away.

Constructo Pistol~A basic pistol that shoots small lasers. While it takes a few shots on basic robots it can get you out of tight spots.

Construcot Bombs~Bombs that when thrown create havoc as they blow up anything in their path.

Omni-Soaker~This gun can suck up any liquid for the user to make use of.

Vortexio-Blaster~A bomb that when thrown sucks in all enemies into a dark dimension of nothing, however it usually only works on minions,lackeys,robots,etc.

Hover Boots~These shoes allow the wearer to glide, ride off ramps, grind on buildings and rails, run at super sonic speeds and wall jump.

Boomerang Swingshot~It can be used as both a weapon that latches onto enemies and swings them or as a means to swing to other wise on reachable areas. They can grip to many surfaces.

Inviso-Shield~A device that renders the wearer invisible.


Iruka has the ability to see almost anything(similar to Neji Hyuga). His vision can see up to two hundred miles away. As well Iruka has great senses as well as a specialty in aerial and ground based combat. He is also very elusive able to perform stealth missions with ease. He is a very quick thinker like most heroes and/or ninjas. He also doesn't like to shout out his next move unless in training or sparring. Iruka can also unleash a demon inside him that can make him far more lethal and stronger than before.


Iruka is a brown hedgehog. He is somewhat tall for his species as well. He has a slight muscular build along with a sharper tail. He wears a headband that allows two bangs to stick out. His spines are jelled up in a style similar to a Super Saiyan. He wears a red jacket and a black(to match his black headband) white-beater underneath. He wears black somewhat baggy jeans that are tucked into his somewhat pointy edged shows(which are black and red). He wears one black glove that is finger-less except for the thumb. He also has red tape under his left eye.


Iruka is a kind young man. Though he doesn't fool around as much as his friends do he is known to play along on a few occasions. Iruka also doesn't really have a temper until some one messes with people he cares about. Iruka is also very restricted to his duty and is usually "an overworker". He has great pride that is almost unbreakable. He is often shy around females as they bring out a gentler side of him. Iruka will also never insult some one based off of looks or skin deep things. Iruka does know when to retreat, but will never run from one-on-one combat.He is fair and just as he feels that is the way the whole world should work.



Nile "Ratchet" Zimee

Hunter "Clonk" Crocodile

Tech the Gorlon

Bianca the Lynx

Sarianna the Hedgehog


Eggman Jr.


Gorlons(To a degree)

Corrupt people

Love Interest

Sarianna the Hedgehog


  • Iruka's weapons are mainly based off of Ratchet and Clank.

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