Irma's Super State Glittering Irma

Irma Is A Heroic 18 Year Old Hedgehog With No Large Eyes, She Is A Handy Female Freedom Fighter Like Mint, Shadamy, Amy, Cream, Sally And Bunnie. Allies: Mint, Conroy, Sonic, Tails, Sally Acorn, Amy, Bunnie, Cream, Rotor, Shadamy (Friendly Rival), Dulcy, Antoine, Big The Cat, Nova, Tess, Cindy (Best Friend), Funtime Foxy (Best Friend Almost Like Sisters), Chuckles, Funtime Bonnie. Enemies: Ixis Naugus, Black, Shadow Cousins. Transformations: Glittering Irma.

Irma The Hedgehog.png

Glittering Irma Glittering Irma Is The Super State Of Irma The Hedgehog And Her Appearances Are In Sonic Redux, Sonic Adventures, Sonic Boom: Redux, SA3 (Sonic Adventure 3), Sonic X: Redux, Sonic Heroes X, Cruise City DX, Woody The Woodpecker & Friends Show, Woody & Maria's Search For The Sea, Sonic Smash Battle, Sonic Unleashed: The 5 Were-Hogs, Garfield Kart Ultimate, Mario Kart PC (cameo), Top Runners.

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