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Irma is an adventurous girl who is always up for an adventure.


Irma is a brown hedgehog who looks a lot like a cat. She has long straight brown hair and a purple shirt. She has dark purple pants and pink shoes. She has light purple eye shadow and dark purple eyes. She has vampire white skin and brown fur.


Irma is very quirky and very social. She loves adventures and the company of others. She's very bubbly and careless about things. She does her best to avoid embarresing moments and has a habit of winking at others. She can be easily angered if a boy acts sexist around her and her and she gets really mad.

Irma is extremly scared around men close to her age or older than her. Shadow is the only guy who she completely trusts. Shadow has also said this.


6 and under

Irma was the youngest daughter of a family of 10. Nobody liked Irma because she was little and she didn't understand as much as her older siblings. Her Father loved her dearly and treated her like a favorite child. Irma loved to draw. She started out being bad at drawing and got better and better. The rich family ended up with barely any money and had to move to a smaller house. They all had to share rooms. Irma's mother became very strict to Irma(Due to her being youngest)and she did all the chores. Irma's Father eventually passed away leaving Irma with no hope. Irma's family took her for granted and they teased her. Irma still didn't care and just played with her
Young Irma

Young Irma at 5 years old

drawings. She then became very independent from her family and never spoke at dinner. Her Mother came into her room one day and saw she had been drawing the whole time. Irma's Mother took all of Irma's arts and craft supplies in hope she would spend more time with them. But she didn't. Irma's Mother was out for a walk and Irma's three older sisters threw her out of the house and into the dark cold rain. Irma decided to go find shelter and found a little tree to go under. She sat there cold and shivering until two men came along and put her in a sack. She was thrown out into a normal room to see the two men. They said their names were Kevin and Dave and asked her name. Irma wouldn't say her name to them knowing her Father told her not to talk to strangers. She would never speak to the men or have any communication with them for the past three days. She got very hungry so Kevin gave her some food. Irma at first didn't want any but was eventually tempted to eat it. Once she took a small bite she felt very dizzy and her eyesight started to blur. She fell into a deep sleep and Dave and Kevin took her to a castle where she was thrown into a dungen. She couldn't get out and became homesick. She was fed by a mysterious person who never gave their name or took off their hood. She remained in the cell for the next two years.


Irma living a miserable life finally managed to escape thanks to the hooded stranger who gave themself the name of Gerald. He brought her out of the castle and he took her to his home. He showed Irma his beautiful daughter
7 year old Irma

Irma 7 years old

Maria. Irma and Maria were goodfriends and spent a lot of time together. They treated each other like sisters. Gerald once let a "friend" come over. His name was Black Doom and he was helping with an experiment. When Irma asked what the experiment was Gerald said she wouldn't understand. Once Irma met Shadow she instantly fall in love. The only problem was he hung out with Maria much more than her. One day Gerald took Maria, Shadow and Irma onto an ARK for a while. Irma spent the next two years there.


Once the space colony ARK was under attack Maria, Shadow, Irma and Gerald went to a room.Shadow was the first to go through the escape pods along. Irma was sent in the next one along with a little blue ball given to her by Gerald. Irma didn't know if Gerald and Maria were alright. Once Irma landed into Earth she saw the blue ball cracked as a little person came out. Irma had a closer look and saw a fairy inside. The fairy grew into the size of a 5 year old girl. She introduced herself as Fawn. Her and Fawn had many adventures together. Irma once again was reunited with Shadow and Irma introduced him to Fawn. Shadow later discovered GUN were taking over and the three friends split up to stop them. When Irma and Fawn were kidnapped as bait for Shadow. When Irma was being annoying and causing trouble GUN couldn't take it and attempted to shoot her but instead Fawn got in the way and got shot instead. She fell to the floor sick as a GUN agents purposly crushed her. Irma was so disgusted she attacked GUN and it was discovered she could fight defeating every GUN member knocking them out cold. Irma looked to the floor in panic for her fairy friend. Fawn was incredibly injured and told Irma it was up to her and Shadow to stop GUN from making the mistake of their life as Fawn wasted her last breathe. Irma, in disgrace, left to find Shadow taking the lifeless fairy with her. Once she found Shadow again who had left to save her she pulled out Fawn and cried. Shadow hugged Irma knowing how close the two of them were. They later buried Fawn in her grave in honor of her bravery. The two later went to the GUN machine used to destroy everyone. Shadow left into the machine to disarm it leaving Irma behind so she wouldn't get hurt. Shadow came out and pushed Irma into a safe distance as the machine blew up. Irma and Shadow got up and saw nothing but a destroyed machine covered in fire. As Shadow had a talk with Maria's spirit as Irma watched in amazement. Maria then said her goodbyes as her spirit crossed over. Shadow looked into his hands to see the necklace Maria had given him as he calls out he will keep on fighting.


Irma went back to her old home with Shadow to see her home. All she saw was a dusty wrecked home. Irma's family was no longer there. She shed a tear which ran down her body. Shadow put his arm on her shoulder and told her it was alright. The two went into an apartment and shared it as roommates later on. Irma and Shadow became good friends. Irma got a part time job designing clothes for models and drew in her notebook lots of designs for her clothes. Irma loved her new life and grew very smiley and never cried. She decided to go to high school and easily became popular. Some say she thought about letting her past beside her. She never spoke of it and had so much fun with Shadow. She bought a Chillarmy called Bubbles. Shadow and Irma became best friends and the two enjoyed themselves. Irma made a lot of friends and became very social. Irma's life was finally perfect.

Other Appearances

Travel through the storybooks

Irma is a main character in Sonigals:World of Minataurus which is her first appearance in the Sonigals series.

Fast and fabulous

Irma is in Sonigals the riders as an unlockable character.

Cyclone and Irma

Irma is an ally in Cyclone the hedgehog.

Sonigals game

Irma is unlockable in Sonigals:The video game.

Generations and Generations

Irma was in Becky Generations as a character rescued by Modern Becky halfway. She was the one to speak to her and complete the level with her as an ally. She also has a mission and was one of the characters to defeat Batty.

Beyond infinity

Irma has an altered clone called Emma in Sonic beyond.

Appearances in other media

Irma is in the Archie comics of Sonigals as a reacourring role.

Irma is in Sonigals the TV show as a main character.

Irma is in season 5 of Sonic X.

Irma makes a cameo in Sonigals adventure having a metal robot of her in the background of Eggman's base.

Irma is a parody character in Spongeonic but only as an additional character.

Irma is in Switcheroo.


Queen Gwenivere
Sir Lionell1

Irma's super form, Queen Gwenivere, is based on a character from the land of King Arthur tales. This form gives Irma the master sword,a weapon which can cut through anything, different clothing and pink hair. This super form, however, drains her life-force and can only be summoned when she needs it most. This form has been shown to be able to transform others into their superior forms.

Hyper Irma
Hyper Irma

Hyper Irma is a form which can only be used at night. This form allows Irma to move at speed of sound and grants Irma strength and the power to control masses of hyper energy around her. This form also has a barrier around Irma which raises her defence.


Irma has had a crush on Shadow throughout the sonigals series.In Sonigals:World of Minataurus The green trio faked Irma's death and Shadow admitted to Kimi he loved her.Later he asked Kimi if it could remain between  the two of them when they found out she was alive.Kimi said yes to this which proves Shadow and Irma both love each other but neither one knows that and are too afraid to admit it.In the sonigals TV show Irma and Shadow were married in the future.This crush is more on Irma's side.Shadow's love returned to Irma is only slightly but Irma is obsessed with this crush and is always trying to get him to go somewhere with her but he rejects her most of the time.

Irma also is flirted by Zapor sometimes.This started in roleplay:Sonic Fanon Generations when Irma stated Zapor was cute.This was mainly for humor though because Irma is older than Zapor.


Irma has no powers.

Special Abilities

Irma can do Chaos control thanks to Shadow teaching her and she can double jump in her game appearences unlike the other Sonigals.


Irma is incredibly good at karate, Kung-fu, Origami etc.


Irma is easily distracted and can be tricked into things.

Irma can get emotional at things.

Theme songs

Ddr butterfly FULL Version!!!

Ddr butterfly FULL Version!!!


World is Mine with English Sub - Hatsune Miku Version - ワールドイズマイン - sm4593633 - HQ

World is Mine with English Sub - Hatsune Miku Version - ワールドイズマイン - sm4593633 - HQ

Enchanted - Taylor Swift Lyrics

Enchanted - Taylor Swift Lyrics

Voice actors

English voice actors

Irma's English voice actor was Liza Ortiz from 2007-2008.From 2009-2010 her voice actor was Alexis Tipton.Jad Saxton was her voice actor from 2011-2012.Her voice actor is currently Monica Rial.

Japanese voice actors

Megumi Toyoguchi was Irma's japanese voice actor from 2008-2010.Irma's japanese voice actor was Yuko Kaida from 2011-2012 and now her japanese voice actor is Yu Kobayashi.Exclusivly for Becky Generations her japanese voice actor was Ai Nonaka.



  • Shadow the Hedgehog(Love intrest)
  • Rouge the Bat(Best friend,close as sisters)
  • E-123 Omega(Best friend)
  • Cyclone the hedgehog(Partner in combat)
  • Becky the Skyhog
  • Kimi The Hedgehog
  • Amber the hedgecat
  • Luna the Skyhog
  • Renee Worringla the hedgehog
  • Mia the hedgehog
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the hedgehog
  • Minataur the Minotaur
  • Cooler the Hedgehog(Sonic X version)
  • Zack(Sonic X version)
  • Mark(Sonic X version)
  • Fawn Fairy(Close)
  • Jewell the hedgehog/Cyclonestar(Secretly creator and close friend)
  • Zapor the Hedgehog(close friend)


  • The green trio
  • Medusa
  • Dark knight
  • Minataur (Formerly)
  • GUN (Formerly)
  • Dutchess Night
  • Doctor Eggman
  • Ix the echidna


Irma has mainly been given positive reception.The fans thought she was funny and a nice addition to Team Dark.She has although,been Criticised for her obsession with Shadow and her voice.The fans also didn't like how clingy she was to some other characters and some called her a Mary-Sue.They also thought she had alot of screentime. But besides this,she has been well recieved.


  • Irma seems to hate sexist people.
  • Irma only has one English theme song.
  • Irma's name may or may not be a pun on "I'm a hedgeing hedgehog".
  • Irma was originally going to be in love with Knuckles.
    • This was scrapped because fans said she wouldn't fit on Team Sonic.
  • Irma may or may not be based on a character from the show,W.I.T.C.H.
  • Irma seems to have a thin sword as her signiture weapon.She is equipped with a sword in her super transformation as queen Gwenivere and has been paired against Lady in a sword clash showing she incredibly good at fighting.In all Irma's RPG appearences,she has a move where she pulls a sword from her pockets(Even though it is shown,she doesn't have any)and does an attack move on one of her opponents.
  • Irma may have been frozen along with Shadow in the experiment since Shadow was taken after the events of the true story of Maria Robotnik.It could be possible Irma was caught too but was seperated from Shadow.And in 50 years time(Possibly longer)She escaped somehow.
  • Irma is mistaken for Imra in the SoniGals series.
    • This has been done by Miss.Erens, Kate Ice, Kaelin and once by Luna and Jewell.
      • Although,she reminds Miss.Erens her name is Irma and Miss.Erens assumes she can't pronounce her own name.She doesn't remind anybody else.
    • This trait is also done by fans and in the description for Story, it says Imra.


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