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"Is this the way my life is going to be forever? That every time I find something really good to do with my life, it goes away before I can make it be really useful?"
—Iris, Depths of Dimensions (2J/SR)

Iris is a Nubian ibex who has great healing proficiency, but is very weak otherwise. Since she lost what little self-confidence she had in a tragic childhood accident, and especially since the war that she spent her whole life healing people in has ended, she is nearly at a complete loss as to where her life should go.


Iris is a female Nubian ibex with white fur and differently colored eyes; her right eye is bright yellow, while her left eye is a deep blue. Iris's hair is surprisingly like her older sister, Niki's, being short, white, and wavy; however, Iris's is slightly longer than Niki's, ending just before her collarbone (to avoid tucking into her armor). She has a small and slight build, being three inches shorter than Niki and easily twice as narrow.

Iris usually wears dark gray chain mail covering her entire body, with the exception of her head. The chain mail is worn out of habit, as she grew up in a time of war and needed to have some form of protection on her at all times, especially due to her narrow build and resultant fragility. The lack of a helmet is due to the fact that anything covering any of her sensory parts (eyes, nose, mouth, ears) severely impairs the corresponding sense and makes her extremely uncomfortable, so she avoids wearing a helmet of any type.


Main Personality

Iris, like her sister, Niki, is kind and serious. However, Iris lacks her older sister's resolve, and tends to become very nervous when in dangerous situations. This trait was originally not very pronounced, with Iris reaching her current level of self-anxiety after an incident that occurred when Iris was about 10 years old. In dangerous situations, she may need an external source to help her stay focused despite her anxiety; if she does not have one and the situation is severe enough, she may be completely debilitated until the problem is fixed.

Split Personality

During the events of Depths of Dimensions, Iris acquired a second personality from attempting to use new superpowers. This personality is fairly confident, criticizes anyone (including Iris) for being too long-winded, and is much less trusting of strangers who exhibit alarming behavior than Iris is. Despite all this, this personality has somehow managed to develop a crush on Keira, which freaks out Iris—who feels that romance is inappropriate for a 13-year-old like herself—no end.

Strengths and Powers

Iris is able to heal most injuries. By default, healing may take a while, but she can choose to heal targets quickly at the cost of temporarily exhausting herself. Healing causes her right eye to glow brightly, in perfect coordination with the beams of yellow energy arcing from her right hand to the target. Quick heals (mentioned above) cause glowing yellow cracks to appear on her right arm in addition to the other effects, representing the stress that she puts herself through to heal targets at such a high speed. These cracks disappear when she stops healing the target. Iris has had and used these healing skills since she was a small child, and thus has great proficiency with them.

Iris has also recently obtained the power to create portals, allowing her to teleport objects from one place to another by forming portals around the objects in question and at the destination. One example of this involved creating a rock ladder by creating portals around small rocks and creating their portal counterparts right next to a wall. Note that Iris's control over these portals is very minimal, as she has only recently learned how to use them. Also, just as her right eye glows yellow when she heals and yellow cracks appear in her right arm when she uses extra power, Iris's left eye glows blue when she creates portals and blue cracks would theoretically appear in her left arm should she use a more powerful portal ability.


Iris is physically weak, somewhat uncoordinated, and has no combat training. Being born into a war, her adoptive parents and other members of her faction tried to teach her how to fight, but she was unable to lift most of the weapons that they tried to teach her how to use, and of the few that she could use, her poor coordination kept her from being at all useful with them, causing her faction to give up trying to teach her how to fight.

In addition to Iris's lack of combat training, her lack of coordination applies to her leg movements as well as her hand movements, making it impossible for her to run without tripping and hurting herself. Also, she is easily injured, due to her delicate frame (although she can heal herself from such injuries, making this only a minor weakness).

Besides her physical weaknesses, Iris's healing powers require her to be able to both see the target with her right eye and have a clear path between her right hand and the target. If her right eye is obscured or there is an object between her right hand and the target, her healing powers will not work properly. Note that this limitation does not apply to healing herself.


Early Childhood

Iris was born to a pair Mobian ibexes in Cobalt Village, who she lived with for the first two years of her life. However, these years were a time of mounting hostility between Cobalt Village and its neighboring village, Anthracite Village, with Iris's parents as prominent figures for Cobalt Village. When Iris was two years old, tensions rose so high that some members of Anthracite Village hired an assassin to kill Iris's parents. Luckily for Iris, the assassin spared her, for reasons unknown to anyone in the vicinity, and the now-orphaned Iris was quickly adopted by the parents of Niki, a 5-year-old polar bear from Cobalt Village. Something to note is that Iris doesn't remember any of this, and has barely ever wondered why her parents and older sister are polar bears when she herself is an ibex. To her, they're her family, her moral support, and her constant friends, so she feels no need to question further.

The incident involving the deaths of Iris's parents pushed the tension between the two villages past the breaking point, and the villages shortly became engaged in all-out war. Niki, Iris's new sister, wanted to help out in the war, but wasn't allowed to, due to how young she was. Regardless, she did receive some combat training, as did the other children in Cobalt Village.

A few years later, when Iris had gotten old enough to begin combat training herself, she did so, at the request of her adoptive parents and Niki. Iris's combat training was cut short, however, when her trainers realized that Iris's lack of strength and poor coordination made it nearly impossible for her to engage in armed combat at all. However, it was discovered that Iris had great healing proficiency, a rarity in the village, so Iris was sometimes deployed to heal injured Cobalt Villagers.

The Incident With Niki

One day, when Niki was around 13 years old and Iris was about 10 years old, Cobalt Village came directly under attack by the Anthracite Village. Near the end of the battle, Iris was called off to heal some of the injured fighters. When she returned home, she discovered that, in her absence, Niki had been injured to a point that Iris's healing couldn't fix. This severely heightened Iris's anxiety, as she suddenly realized that she couldn't always keep her family safe.

Eventually, some of the Cobalt Villagers found a city with enough technology to fix up Niki, who was promptly sent off to the city to get fixed up. While Niki was gone, the war ended, overjoying Iris (as well as most of the villagers from both villages). Niki returned somewhat later with new prosthetic parts as replacements for her injured ones, making Iris happy that Niki had recovered, even if Iris couldn't help her. Niki then left shortly after that to search the world for places to help out, leaving Iris to figure out what to do without a war (which had, after all, lasted her entire life) and without Niki.

Depths of Dimensions

To fill the void in her life, Iris ultimately wound up getting a job almost identical to her one during the war, namely healing injured villagers (now from both Cobalt Village and Anthracite Village). However, she felt like she wasn't helping people as much as she could be, and that there must be something that she could find to be a greater help to the world.

Apparently, Iris wasn't ready for the event that would let her be of great use. When she was catapulted into another dimension, she found herself scared of all of the changes and stripped of all of the normal circumstances that she expected, leaving her very vulnerable. Iris found some solace when paired with Keira as a teammate; despite initially finding Keira to be frightening due to Keira's violent nature, Iris later found Keira to be a great comfort due to Keira's nicer side.

Shortly afterwards, Iris discovered that she could create portals after seeing one created in front of her; however, this accidentally caused part of Iris's mind to break off and become a split personality. This personality would not only harass Iris for being too withdrawn or trusting, but would also develop a crush on Keira, continually impeding Iris's attempts to help the overall team by trying to convince Iris that she should instead be helping Keira. Despite all this, she managed to pull herself away from Keira to help out the team as a whole with her new powers, after which she returned to help Keira, despite an ominous nagging feeling that these might be some of her last moments…



After acquiring new portal powers in Depths of Dimensions, Iris's statistics look like this:

This character's sixstat code is 011356

  • Health: 0 – Iris is incredibly fragile and is therefore easily injured, despite constantly wearing chainmail.
  • Damage: 1 – Using her portal powers, Iris could potentially do a small amount of damage. However, she hasn't really trained in this.
  • Speed: 1 – Iris is fairly slow and unbalanced. She can walk briskly, but she can't actually run at all. Iris has vaguely tried using her portal powers to boost her speed, but this doesn't help in the slightest.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Iris's reflexes are about average.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Iris is able to quickly come up with reasonably good plans, even when dealing with things that she's never experienced before. However, the two personalities that are now arguing in her head limit her ability to be useful.
  • Regen: 6 – Iris's self-heal ability allows her to recover from damage very quickly.


Before the events of Depths of Dimensions, Iris's statistics looked like this:

This character's sixstat code is 001356

  • Health: 0 – Iris was incredibly fragile and was therefore easily injured, despite constantly wearing chainmail.
  • Damage: 0 – Iris couldn't fight at all.
  • Speed: 1 – Iris was fairly slow and unbalanced. She could walk briskly, but she couldn't actually run at all.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Iris's reflexes were about average.
  • Intelligence: 5 – Iris was able to quickly come up with reasonably good plans, even when dealing with things that she's never experienced before.
  • Regen: 6 – Iris's self-heal ability allowed her to recover from damage very quickly.


"Iris: Shhhh...It'll be all right soon. Even if it's not good now, some day, it will be. Please, trust me. It'll all be fine soon.
Medusa: How can you know that, though? How can you know that everything will eventually get better?
Iris: You're right, it may not get better...but you'll recover. Nothing lasts forever. Not your problems, not your sorrows, not your pain...You'll heal, some day, even if your troubles never end. I
know you'll heal. Everyone heals, some day."
—Iris and Medusa in Depths of Dimensions (2J/SR)

Fun Facts

  • Iris's arm-crack effects came from a dream that I had. In this dream, I had a fan over my kitchen range, and if I held my arm up to it, bluish-purple glowing cracks would appear along my arm, which would disappear if I moved my arm away. Ever since I woke up from this dream, I have been trying to incorporate this visual effect into a fictional character, ultimately giving this to Iris. (Of course, Iris's arm-cracks are yellow, not bluish-purple, and they appear when performing quick heals, not when holding her arm up to a ceiling fan, because that would be ridiculous and useless in most contexts. Still, this is where that came from.)
  • When designing Iris, the idea to have her have heterochromia actually came from her name. Her name came to me out of the blue, and I thought, "If her name is Iris, there has to be something interesting about her irises." Hence the heterochromia.
  • If you notice that Iris's last two categories conflict, that's because the first of those two categories applies to her normal personality, while the second of those two categories applies to her split personality.
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