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Irina Gosform Nalfar
"Nice try, kid."
Fur is purple, hair is blonde, has emerald green eyes, and peach-pale muzzle and ears.
White gloves, purple dress, her shoes are similar to Amy’s, and the top of the shoes have a green flower pattern.
98 lbs
Achard Rikar Nalfar(lost brother)

Actar (lost rival/pal)

Aidan Fildon Merdon (lost mentor/friend)

Akia Qupar Nalfar (dead mother)
  • Flight speeds as fast as Tails
  • Great strength, agility and reflexes
  • Anci Roi
  • Naj Koa
  • Hoeum Gwodj
  • An expert at stealing
  • Master Trained Assassin
  • Chaos Regenerate
  • Chaos Black Rain
  • Chaos Dark Pluse
  • Ui Hjdow
  • Loq Ni Mocji
  • Vi Peij
  • Neim Cailo
  • Naij He Vaio
Ability type
Super Irina
  • Nwioq Irina
  • Demonic Irina

"It’s been so long that I’ve seen wars and fights but I promise to stop it here! Don’t go begging for mercy when I’m done with you."

-- Irina, talking to Eggman.

Irina Gosform Nalfar, イリーナGosform Nalfar meaning ‘‘Irīna Gosform Nalfar".

Irina was born on January 31st on Green Summerlands Valley.

Irina was known for her stealing, killing, and guarding abilities. She was a shy girl who did not know where she came from, who her parents were, or even what happened to her; all she could remember was her full name. She was found by Sonic at Emerald Coast, unconscious near the coast line, and after being fully aware of where she was, it was Irina’s first encounter with Eggman, who chose this time to be the best time to attack Sonic. However, before Sonic could make his attack, Irina had already shown her powers by destroy a number of fake Gamma robots in short time.


When Irina first made her appearance, she looked almost identical to Tails, but with one tail yet she could still fly. Like the other members of the Huqani Clan, she had strange marks appear on her tail, arms, and legs that glowed when she was fighting enemies.
Irina (sprite form) 2

In Roleplays

Roleplay/Game:*Free Join* Aliens Vs. Predator

In this roleplay, she is very inoccent but she loves to hang around Ice. She knows that Ice has feelings for her and her protection but Ice always gets angry when others lay their fingers on Irina. She feels a connection with Ice sometimes while the others, she gets scared about what will happen.

Soon To Appear In

She will soon be the new Roleplay called: The Goddess's Maiden

In Videogames

She will soon come out in the protoype: Super Sonic Heroes Brawl


Green Summerlands Valley

Irina, was born from Akia (her mother) during a long war in her land. In this land, the Huqani Clan was a peaceful and kind clan with very little wars. Irina’s father died during the very final and longest war in the Green Summerlands Valley. Despite such intense blows to the warriors, Irina’s father died with about 600 other warriors. Over the years, Irina began to grow into a powerful fox warrior, although she wasn't up to putting other people’s lives into danger, yet to her mother’s surprise, Irina became a high ranked fighter. Because of this, at the age of 6, Irina was granted the supreme master of all to every one of her warriors/comrades.

After two years later, a tsunami came and wiped out the clan, sending the villagers around every part of the world… almost every warrior/villager died due to this awful accident. There were only a few villagers remaining… The Nalfar Family. She was found by wolfs at age 11 and trained to be just like them… after a few months… the young wolf/fox was sent back into the ocean. Irina was in the ocean for 5 years until her unconscious body hit shore on Emerald Coast. Her body gave up on her and her brain caused her to forget everything she knew except for her name.


During the time Shon had to leave to Suimous with Sonic tagging along, Irina was told to stay in Tails’ house to help Knuckles make a barrier around Angel Island. Irina was upset that she couldn’t show Sonic her feelings for him so after helping Knuckles, she went into the kitchen of Tails’ house and made a cake for Sonic. When Sonic returned, he came to check on Irina but the second he opened the door, Irina used her ghost technique to be invisible. Sonic was scared that she had left Mystic Ruins until he saw the cake. The note told Sonic that she was afraid to talk to Sonic one on one without anyone nearby, so he enjoyed the cake and left. Irina became visible again and cried that she couldn’t tell Sonic her feelings for him.


Irina is a fast paced, coordinated flurry of punches and kicks, though only one of Irina’s fierce attacks can pierce through dense substances and objects, mostly like Mecha and Zants. However, when Irina is sparring, holding back, testing his opponent, or not taking his opponent seriously, she’ll assume one of many of the stances of the Huqani Martial Arts. Each stance has its own name in connection of the Valley’s Elements. Those are the Yauni (Water Fist), Raij (Earth Fist), Luaqi (Wind Fist), Honqai (Fire Fist), Gani (Lightning Fist), Ksehi (Air Fist), Nieji (Dark Fist), Gwinij (Demon Fist), Haki (God Fist), and finally Ywoki (Angel Fist). Each stance has its own combat style, be it using mainly kicks, mainly punches, palm attacks, grapples and such; it’s said that he/she who masters all of the styles (Known as the Ten Sages), becomes untouchable. However, Irina has only mastered a few of these stances.

When fighting, Irina tends to stick to the air, but if a fight requires her to get serious, she'll land onto the ground in order to get around his opponent easier and, of course, quicker. When she is like this, she'll begin to fire volleys of Tai energy, as well as use her Loq Ni Mocji and Hoeum Gwodj; two attacks that require a large amount of Tai Energy, The first attack is fired as a large ball of Tai Energy which explodes violently on impact, while the second is launched as a huge stream of Energy, vaporizing virtually anything caught in it.


The Huqani Clan are known to have not many weaknesses such as water moves to the arms, lightning moves to the sides, and earth moves to the legs. As for Irina, she has very few weaknesses... they are:

  • Death of friends, family, or clan members
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Darkness
  • Shock waves


Irina has many likes ever since she landed on the coast line of Emerald Coast... They are:

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Friends
  • Clan members
  • Family
  • Siegfried The Wolf
  • Drawing in her old book
  • Caio The Loftwing
  • Training with Actar
  • Achard Rikar Nalfar (her brother)
  • Flying with Caio
  • Stardust The Cat
  • Actar (her friend)
  • Princess Aurora
  • Prince Ukio
  • King Damion the 5th
  • Team Manic
  • Joseph the Wolf (love interest)
  • Brittney the Bat
  • Kiki (Mike's pet)
  • Knight Commander: Twian Meldi
  • Knight Commander: Wleid Coiti
  • Knight Commander: Fwio Laiwi
  • Ice The Hedgehog


Irina does have dislikes ever since she got to Station Square but not a lot of them.... They are:

  • Getting controlled
  • Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik)
  • Metal Sonic
  • Gamma Robots
  • Forcing people
  • Attacking her friends
  • Losing to her brother in a Loftwing race
  • Letting her drawings out of her book
  • Keeping track of time
  • The Tiao Group
  • Team Dispair
  • Magi The Ghost Demon
  • Knight Commander: Mike The Hawk
  • Cole The Ghost Demon
  • Chase The Ghost Demon
  • The Souls Group


Irina is known as a master of hand to hand combat; she’s not being beaten by many. Because her blows are so quick and powerful, it is often that she puts the opponent down in one hit, but she always pulls her punches to avoid a killing blow. Because she is a student of Aidan Fildon Merdon, she has empowered senses and flexibility. However, her most defining ability is her Ui Hjdow; because her natural chakra and aura is far greater than most others, she can tell anything that will happen from or has happened in the future, the past, or the present. She is believed to the Golden-Haired Maiden to most people, making it pretty much impossible to take her from surprise. Because of the Ui Hjdow, she often leaves her back to her opponent as they believe that can get a cheap shot in before Irina can react, which almost always turns in her favors as she flash steps behind the opponent and deals a powerful blow as they are dizzy from the failed attack.

Because she is a Huqani Fox, Irina possesses a large amount of Tai Energy, creating her Super form, without the need of emeralds. She is known as a very powerful Tai Manipulator, and seeing as she harbors this energy naturally, she can continue launching Tai-based attacks for extended periods of time, something that even Shadow with a Chaos Emerald finds difficult to do.



Before it was thought that one required the seven Chaos Emeralds to be granted the infinite power to be able to obtain the Super Form. However, Irina, as well as some of the other Huqani tribesmen, have displayed the natural ability to obtain the Super form without aid of the Chaos Emeralds. This is because, inside their own body, are dormant levels of Tai Energy, which acts as chaos energy. As a member of the Huqani Clan ages, their Tai Energy begins to strengthen. With enough training, the person is able to utilize their Tai Energy to numerous degrees; fire breathe (only the Huqani Clan can do this), super speed, greater strength, heightened awareness and extrasensory powers. However, when a person succumbs to heightened emotions, they have the power to transform into their Super Form, but they cannot transform without of desire to save lives. When Irina first transformed, it was because Team Skull had succeeded in obtaining the seven Chaos Emeralds for themselves, powering their Device to destroy everyone on Mobius. Irina, witnessing her new homeland was about to be destroyed, did not transform out of need to help his friends, but the desire to protect them. A Super Form achieved in this manner works the same as a Super Form achieved by the Chaos Emeralds; she can only sustain this form for as long as she can sustain a certain level of Tai Energy. However, a person in this Super Form becomes much more aggressive in mind, but maintains their normal personality traits. A person who reaches this level of Super the first time round will be able to access it much easier in future uses. When Irina attained her Super Form, only her head and arms head turns into a golden-yellow color, while bolts of electricity erupt from her body, caused by the level of friction from her aura of Tai Energy and the air around her.


However, it does not stop there. When a person is able to obtain this Super Form, they tap into unbound powers from the sudden rise in Seven Rings, but cannot fully utilize it until they have perfected the usage of the Super Form. When someone perfects the usage of the Super Form, their Tai Energy levels will fall much less than it would when they hadn't, meaning that they could increase their own levels of Tai Energy at a faster rate than the rate of which Tai Energy is consumed, achieve something much more. When a person obtains a certain level of Tai Energy or a certain amount of emotional outburst, a person can, evidentially, obtain the Nwioq Form without the usage of the Gems of Gu. As with other form, the user remains invulnerable, has flashing lightning bolts around them, leaves an afterimage when flying, can breathe underwater, and also use a forbidden move passed down from ancient warriors. Much like the Super Form, a person who taps into this form the first time will find it easier in subsequent uses, although the Nwioq Form still remains very hard to achieve. Irina first achieved this against Unao and his gang, who quickly overpowered her. Seeing Sonic getting tortured and nearly killed, Irina’s marks began to glow, and consequently, changed from her original form to her Nwioq Form. When a person achieves an Nwioq form this way, their personality undergoes a drastic change; they become much more fierce, aggressive and vicious in nature. When Sonic told Irina to attack Unao to get back the Chaos Emeralds, Irina replied "Hehe… not a chance, boy. I want to see if this creature can really fight like it says it can before I will dispose of it. I want to see it suffer in its own pain!!" When Irina becomes Nwioq Irina, her hair and body starts to flash all colors of the Master Elements known to the Huqani Clan. During this, the user begins to calm down much more than in their first transformation, maintaining their usual state of mind and personality.


To obtain this form, one must find the Gems of Gu and harness its power. In this state, the person is able to utilize their Tai Energy to do almost anything but good they can breathe death from there mouth (only the Huqani Clan can do this), they gain super speed, greater strength, extrasensory powers, and element powers. However, when a Huqani warrior succumbs to their inner rage and anger, they have the power to transform into their Demonic Form, but they cannot transform with the desire to kill but with the need to murder. When Irina first transformed into her Demonic Form, it was because she had enough of Eggman’s plans to get rid of Sonic. She had the Gems of Gu close by her and her marks began to glow blood red, the color of anger and eternal rage. Sonic tried to stop her but he was too late… all the power went to her head and drove her into a killing rampage. Sonic wasn’t going to stand for this after she had set the forest on fire… he attacked Irina with a homing attack but when Sonic got to close, Irina smacked Sonic off hard. A Demonic Form achieved in this manner, works like a Super Form except she cannot control her inner rage. However, a person in the Demonic Form becomes much more aggressive, vicious, violent, murderous, and fierce but they cannot control their inner rage which takes over the person’s body. When Irina attained her Demonic Form, her entire body turned black, almost like a shadow of herself, purple bolts of electricity erupted from her body, which was caused by the level of friction from her aura of Tai Energy.



Since they first met, Irina had considered Sonic a great friend, but Irina still wanted to keep to herself about her secret love for Sonic. They met when Irina was walking the park when she saw a trail of blood that lend to Sonic. She tended for his wounds and took him to the hospital where she waited for him to heal. . Summers, however, worries the most about Sonic; she loves Sonic too much to allow anything bad to happen. Irina has most fun when flying when around Sonic, even though she gets scared some times when she’s alone with Sonic.


At first when Irina and Tails met, Tails considered Irina a friend as Irina was grateful for Tails giving her a place to stay. As time passed, they created a family bond, Irina thinking of Tails as a younger brother and vice versa. This lead to Irina having a sense of over-protection to protect his friends, many of time taking powerful blows from enemies to make sure Tails and the others were out of harm’s way.


Irina and Knuckles, in the beginning, didn’t get along well; Irina would often make jokes at Knuckles saying that he was "reckless, slow and a real clown of himself", sparking more of a hatred between the two than a rivalry. However, Irina still looked out for Knuckles when he was in trouble, which then eased to a love-hate friendship. As time passed, Irina began to feel guilt over the things he said, and arranged to meet with Knuckles. After emptying her heart towards Knuckles, they both started a great friendship, with Knuckles giving Irina some training and tips on how to guard the Master Emerald, making Irina not only responsible, but graceful.


They first met rather awkwardly when Amy mistook Irina for Tails, the same way as she mistook Shadow for Sonic. In the beginning, Irina took a dislike for Amy because of her crazy obsession over Sonic and found it to be annoying just like Sonic does. After a huge arguement between the two, Irina let Amy know how he truly felt about her, which caused Amy to be upset, and in turn Irina; she began to to cry and tried to comfort her. They began to see themselves as close pals, and Irina gave tips on Amy to not be so crazy over Sonic. Irina also began to teach Amy how to control her anger over other hedgehogs, so nothing bad would happen to her. After that, Irina became a mentor for Amy and saw her as a younger sister.


Shadow and Irina have an on and off relationship here and there but they are great friends. When they first met, Irina wanted to fight Shadow because she wanted to know why he had it out for Sonic. As time passed, Shadow got closer and closer to Irina, though Irina thought Shadow had something for her… a feeling or a problem. Shadow's negative emotions were holding him back from telling Irina how he felt about her, to which Shadow nearly killed Sonic to release his anger. In the end, Irina and Shadow sorted their love for each other when they first obtained their Chaos Forms. From then on, they shared a great friendship.


Irina meets Cream when Cream was left in Amy’s house to train and exercise. Irina meant to go to Emerald Coast but got sidetracked by Cream’s training. Irina stayed with Cream and they became great pals.


Irina goes to be Rouge’s trained assassin until Irina got a job working as a watcher with Knuckles The Echidna. Rouge hated Irina for this but was glad that she trained someone to do something with their life but she let this one time go.


Irina met Silver during the time Sonic left to Suimous to help Shon. Silver was being all happy-like until he bumped into Irina. She was this close to hurting Silver until she looked up at his face. Irina appologized to Silver for bumping into him and Silver told her that she had no need to say sorry. The both of them blushed and asked each other if they could be friends. When the answer was yes, the 2 grabbed each other by the hand and ran off to play in the woods. In order to make sure that Irina and Silver don't get beat up by Shadow, Irina and Silver pretend that they hate each other but they're really great friends.


Caio is actually a crimson Loftwing that was a baby when Irina found it. Caio now follows Irina where ever she goes... no matter if he's hurt or in pain. These 2 share a strong friendship and have a long trust for each other.

Joseph The Wolf

When Irina first meet Joseph, she thought that he was the "king of the people on the surface". She was wrong and learned later that he was just a normal person who was just like her. She understood from Joseph that not everyone is evil or rude... She learned that it depends on the person. Just like Sonic, she fears for Joseph's life because she cares for him and she hopes he thinks the same.

Brittney The Bat

When Irina first meet Brittney, she thought that she was the "queen of the people on the surface". She was wrong and learned later that she was a normal person who was just like her. She understood from Brittney that most everyone can tell the truth... She learned that it depends on the person to lie. Just like Amy, she wants whats best for Brittney and hopes she has a bright future and she hopes Brittney thinks the same.

Family/Members Relationship

Achard Rikar Nalfar

Irina only knew her brother when she was age 5.... when the tsnumi came and wiped out the clan... She had lost her memory... Irina then met her "lost" brother when she saw a knife in a tree with the marks, "Hio Meo Tyi Hawi" which means, "The lost heart who has never found the lost star". Irina had a flashback of her past and her brother. She had left Mystic Ruins to find her "lost brother" and after 2 days, the siblings were re-united.


Irina only knew Actar when she was age 5...during training, she saw a poor young boy all alone, holding a doll. Irina comforted this boy and the 2 became friends. The tsnumi came while Irina and Actar were playing fire tag... Actar was washed up on North Iso Island while Irina ended up on Emerald Coast. After 6 days of being alone on the island, Irina found Actar and the 2 are now together again.

Aidan Fildon Merdon

Aidan was a part of the Aoqi Wolf Tribe but he changed from their side to the Huqani Clan's. At first, Akia's husband believed that Aidan was a spy but Akia changed her husband's thoughts by telling her husband that Aidan is a top warrior teacher and mentor. The husband told Aidan that he could stay as long as he teached Irina to be a better warrior. When the tsnumi came, Aidan landed at Mystic Ruins coastline, Tails found Aidan, all wased up so when Sonic told Tails he found Irina, Tails told Aidan if he knew Irina. After this, Irina and Aidan were re-united.

Akia Qupar Nalfar

Akia was Irina's mother until the tsnumi came and wiped out the clan. Before the tsnumi came, Irina and her mother had a tight relationship of love. When the tsnumi came, it took Akia all the way to Eggman's Lair... The New Eggcarrier (Eggcarrier 2). Eggman saw the poor fox and decided to use her brain in one of his robots... as for the body, Eggman threw it into a furnace and poor Irina never got to see her mother again.

Friends/ Partners

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Neutral Party/Partners


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  • Eggman
  • Eggman Jr. (in the future)
  • Metal Sonic
  • Metal Dash (in the future)
  • All the evil hedgehogs in the Hedgehog Clan
  • Tiao Group
  • Magi The Ghost Demon
  • Knight Commander: Mike Nqui
  • Felix The Cat (Magi's pet)


S Rank Obtained – Yay! I did it! I did it!

A Rank Obtained – Awesome job to me!

B Rank Obtained – Love it! Just love it!

C Rank Obtained – Not bad I guess!

D Rank Obtained – Aww… I don’t like that at all….

E Rank Obtained - What's wrong with me…

Chaos Emerald Obtained – Ooh! A pretty shiny stone for me! Thanks!

Rival Fight Victory – Wow! And I thought I was horrible!

Rival Fight Loss - No... i'm not done yet!

Boss Fight Victory – I am the best! Beat that!

Final Boss Victory - *laughs* Is that the best you can do?

Death Quote – No! No! No!

Story Mode Character Select – I must figure out who I am!

Mini Boss Quote - Time to do this... Warrior style!

Famous Quotes

"Caio... Flame Discs!" - When she was commanding Caio.

"Sonic.. I.... we... need to talk?" - When she asked Sonic about why he ignores her.

"I'm so sorry... Caio loves to fly" - When Siegfried's heart was beating fast after landing.

"It's a picture of what my family may have looked like..." - When Siegfried asked what Irina was drawing.


Irina tends to be on the quiet side when it comes to talking to new people.

Her bird, Caio, is related to Link's Loftwing in Skyword Sword.

Irina loves chilidogs, Cai Lao, and shrimp.

Her family was the most peaceful people in the Huqani Clan

She first meets Joseph the Wolf, deep in the woods after a few days from being in Skyloft

Irina is the fly of Team Apocalypse, through she can't get along with the leader, Darkstorm

Theme Songs

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Break You Open Airplay Lyrics Video

Irina when she's upset


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