I think my dads gone crazy

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Irimau Silver the WolfBat is Vegas Silversnow the Fox Hybrid's father.


Orignally, Vegas and Irimau had a really close bond before her parents divorced. Irimau was always sporty and took Vegas out with him after school, they acted like rivals and challenged each other a lot. Vegas enjoyed the time with her father. But after the divorce when she was 8, she was very confused about the situation and why it was happening. It took her 4 years to realize finally that her family had split. She was very naive, so the entire time she believed that they were just moving out and her father would return soon.

It was later revealed to Vegas again finally that he was not coming back. Vegas had honestly felt he had abandoned her, due to his lack of visits, gifts, and the fact that he would never answer her calls.

Vegas's mom, Cloud Snow the FoxCat Hybrid, later revealed the real reason to the divorce and Vegas's heart split at the terrifying truth. (That cannot be currently revealed).

Vegas had avoided even trying to call her father for a few months before trying again, only to be ignored once again.

Vegas currently has very mixed feelings towards her father, not with hate, but more with distress and confusion. Irimau is not aware of Vegas's current feelings, and still continues to at least and try and hide secrets from her even though she knows a lot more than he thinks.

Irimau loves Vegas like a father should to death, but he has lied to her a lot to the point where Vegas feels abused and abandoned.

No one knows for sure if Irimau feels regret, or realizes what is wrong.

They currently keep contact with each other a bit more much to Vegas's surprise and he is starting to give a bit more attention to her, but they still have not seen each other for years.

Uncanon Storyline

This was a quickly made up storyline between these two in which Vegas's mother had actually died, and Irimau never told her, telling her she was "on a trip" for many years and keeping Vegas isolated at home forever so that she would never see the dangers of the outside world and never would learn what death and loss really was to keep her happy.

But as Vegas got older she began to grow curious of what lay outside the house and when she finally finds herself sneaking out of her house one night, she puts herself into many bad situations and finds out secrets that had been held away from her for so long...,

Songs Used to Describe Their Relationship

Mockingbird by Emenim Irimau POV

Never Alone by Barlow Girl Vegas POV


Welp, I support Vegas's love for him like a father despite what's been going on between them and their distance away from each other, she isn't going to hold a grudge against him but she finds it hard to forgive :'3 VegasFox 00:29, January 14, 2012 (UTC)



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