This is an article about Ion the Hedgehog (Allstars EX Universe), a character created by DUBSTEPxSonic on 08/15/2015.

Note, this is not my canon, This canon belongs to TyeTH as it ties into his games.

Ion the Hedgehog (Sonic Allstars EX)
Image by tye th-d8wf4ml
First Appearance
Sonic All-stars EX: Dimensional Shift
Sonic Allstars: Pockie Adventure,

Sonic Allstars EX: Dimensional Shift,

Sonic Allstars EX Ultimate,

Sonic Allstars X

Sonic Ultimate Allstars EX: Dimensional Shift
Ian Breaker
Ion, Ionic
Wandering Hero
its unknown what he likes, but it is hinted he has a crush on Blaze. tho never really shown.
Evil, Scourge
Sonic EX and Friends, Tye the Hedgehog EX.
Love interest
Blaze The Cat (hinted)
Scourge EX (self proclaimed rival), Metal Sonic EX


Ion has some changes in this timeline, but his design color wise is the same, he now has clothes and weilds 2 swords, a katana and his signature sword: Atom's Blade.


Ion's personallity remains the same from his main Canon, with some minor changes. Ion now is calmer and less serious but verry agressive in combat with his swordsmanship skills, combining his speed, atomic energy and skills with the sword itselff.


As a child, ion was very confedent in school, he did everything he was supposed to do, but then his perents went shopping one day 5 years old and was killed in a armed robbery, scared for life with depression and anger. years later at 12, he was taken to Heroes Camp to become a hero in order to unleash his potentional. at age 15 he learned to unleahed his power, thus giving him the power of atomic energy, and his nickname, but still needs to learn to control it. but months pass and he finally learns to control his power, at age 17 he was taken to get him to froge his sword to wield later in his life, leading to the events to the current times where ion mastered his power and sword skills


  • Atomic Slash
  • Slash Wave
  • Atomic Storm
  • Atomic Fire
  • Atomic Flare (Upgraded version of Atomic Fire)
  • Atomic Burst
  • Atomic Devastation
  • Atomic Recovery
  • Atomic Freeze
  • Atomic Bolt
  • Atomic Shockwave
  • Atomic Frenzy
  • Atomic Charged Slash
  • Atomic Carry
  • Atomic Enhancement
  • Atomic Vicious Bomb
  • Atomic Aerial Bomb
  • Atomic Mega Storm
  • Atomic Combustion
  • Atomic Synergy
  • Atomic Overdrive State (Semi Atomic State)
  • Atomic State (Overdrive half way maxed out)
  • Ascended Mind State (Overdrive Maxed out)
  • Ultimate Chaos State (Sonic Allstars X only)
  • Perfect Chaos State (Sonic Allstars X only)


  • Superhuman Speed
  • Enhanced Flexibility 


  • Swordsmanship
  • Homing Slash Attack
  • Sword Throw/Retract
  • Fatal Rush



Ion is weak to darkness and temptation,  he is also very easy to control when he is off guard or when mind control is too powerful. Ion can also get hurt easily due to being a Lightweight Fighter and can get too confident at times.

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