"Rise into Action and Finsh What He Started" Tagline for the game

Ion the Hedgehog is a 3D Action/Adventure Platformer and a sub-series to the Sonic the Hedgehog Games with a new playable character: Ion the Hedgehog. the Game is Set To release sometime in 2018 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC with the game being developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega using the Havok engine.


Ion the Hedgehog plays simular to the Adventure titles with some elements of Sonic 06 and the classic sonic games primarrly Sonic 3 & Knuckles, This game has 2 field types like in Sonic Adventure. Action Fields and Exploration Fields (AKA Adventure Fields) in addition, while in Exploration fields, sometimes you can receive special Online Events that you can participate in, alowing you to race against other characters that have not appeared in the games story or Fight Special Rival Bosses to unlock special costumes and characters to play in free play or multiplayer. emblems are back in the same way the adventure titles has always had it. But this time there are extra ways to earn them, emblems also are your ticket to buying special Abilities that dont affect the story, but do give you an edge on a stage. Online is a major thing in this game and for the first time you can recieve notifications for special events, Friendly Time Attack Battles and Online Rankings worldwide and against your friends. Action stages consist of 8 Stages (not counting special event Racing Stages) and 6 Bosses fought at certain parts of the story, in each stage there are 5 hidden Red Star Rings, collect all 5 in all stages unlocks a special transformation for Ion and can be used in every stage and boss in the game (except the special events).



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     Ion the Hedgehog
Ion is a 18 year old anthromorphic Grey Hedgehog Capable of using atomic energy at his will, Ion has risen from the ashes and seeks revenge after what eggman did to his family, only to find out that what he thought he was right was only him being selfish. Now trying to make his and everyone's future better. He sets off to stop eggman and save the world, along with some help from sonic and his friends.


Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog is a 15 year old Anthromorpic Blue Hedgehog, Cocky and fast as the wind, he helps Ion in his journey to stop eggman's latest scheme to rule the world. 
Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails is a Yellow Anthromorphic Two Tailed Fox with High Wits and talent for Inventing and fixing things. Tails is known as Sonic's Best Bud and always has been by his side. he Helps Ion get around and teaches him how to truly be a hero.

Amy Rose

Amy is a Anthromorphic Ping hedgehog and is sonic's Self proclamed Girlfriend. Amy helps Ion get used to being kind to others and also teaches him to act better in situations regarding of the loss of his parents though she never mentions it to him.
Knuckles the Echinda
Knuckles is a Red Anthromorphic Echinda, Seen watching the Master Emerald. Knuckles Guides Ion for his better Future and occaionally Fights to protect the Master Emerald in order to keep his island afloat.
Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is a Black antromorphic Hedgehog/Black Arms Hybrid. Shadow works for GUN only to uncover Eggman's Newest Plot for World Domination. Shadow Helps Ion once, then fights him to see how powerful he really is.

RushAdventure Blaze pose
Blaze the Cat
Blaze is a Lavender Anthromorphic Cat hailing from the Sol Dimension. Blaze oddly has some feeling for Ion though it is never really shown, Blaze came from the sol dimension to help in the fight for the sake of her Dimension and the Sol Emeralds's Power.


Dr. Evo "Eggman" Robotnink
Dr. Eggman is a Evil Scenitist with a Huge Empire, Known as Sonic's Arch-Nemesis. Eggman supposively Killed Ion's Parents but it was never shown or even beleived. Eggman now faces a new Problem as the new foe sets off to stop him along with His Own Arch-Nemesis.
Metal Ion Metal Ion is Ion's Metalic Dopleganger and Ion's Newest Arch-Rival. Built by Eggman Himself to counter Ion and his abilities. Metal Ion is known to fight dirty and Cause Destruction.
Ultimate Metal Sonic Ultimate Metal Sonic is the Ultimate Combination of Perfection and Power. This is Metal Sonic's Ultimate Transformation Powered by both the Chaos Emeralds and The Sol Emeralds.


This is a ful list of all of the Exploration Fields, Action Fields and Bosses. This will be updated for future content and events.

Exploration Fields

Central City

The First Place and the starting area of the game, has 3 Stages placed about 1 yard away from each other and the place of the first Boss. this is also the main Hub world for many activities within the game. Such as Events and Shops. even The Free Play Switch in which allows the player to play as any unlocked character and freely replay the stages you've completed within the Main Game.

Angel Island

Angel Island is the second Place you can explore and is one of the few Areas to have secret Items to find. The place has 2 Stages to complete and No boss to Face but does have a secret Mid-Boss that you can defeat to get a Special Ability not found in the ability shop.

Bingo Park

Bingo Park is the third Area and one of the largest Exploration fields. this place has a wopping 3 Stages and 3 boss fights. this place also is home to the multiplayer area. which is unlocked by reaching this exact point in the game. just reaching this area unlocks most Online Features. Such as Online VS mode and Online Casino Lobbies.

GUN Battleship

The fourth Area to explore and the next place to unlock more Online Modes. Such as Expanded VS allowing for Additional Stages to be unlocked and you may now play action stages that you currently have against your friends or other people around the world with more added as you progress through the story. this place has only one Stage and One Boss.

Egg Fort

Egg Fort is the fith and Final Exploration Field, the home of the last Stage and Boss. though after completion of this the last part of the story is unlocked to conclude the story.

Metal's Rampage

this is the Final part of the story and the last Boss Battle in the game. it is unveiled that Metal Sonic somehow absorbed Metal Ion for parts in order to repair his limbs after his defeat by the hands of Ion, then proceeds to uses both the 7 Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds to acheive a power so great that not even sonic can rival. ion determined to Save the World. Ion Managed to use both of the 7 Emeralds as well to match the power of Ultimate Metal Sonic. Granting him the name Burning Sol Ion. the fight plays much like the Fight with Metal Overlord in sonic heroes, this time Metal Sonic can Use ion's Own abilities agianst him, Along with chaos Abilities. Ion in this fight loses rings as long as ion is in his Transformed State, however when Ion loses all of his rings you will lose a life due to the entire fight being in the sky.


Route 201

The First Stage in the Game, this is basically Radical Highway durring the day. however the stage has different enemies compared to the earlier Years when shadow first went through here.

City Outskirts

the Second Stage of the game and is the outskirts of Central City. Covering a large Town filled with eggman Robots and has plenty of area to discover and loads of rails to grind on

Central Maina

The Third Stage of the game and the first Timed Based Stage of the game. their are plents of enemies that will get in your way and with many crazy Loops and Corkscrews that will sure to give you the ride of your life.

Neo Leaf Storm

the fourth Stage and a retruning level from Sonic Rush. Unlike its prevous Appearance. it contains a more areas to explore and enemies to defeat.

Forbidden Palace

the 5th stage in the game, a Rework on Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. this is the place that will test your Memory as it is the only stage to contain Puzzle like Areas.

Bingo Plaza

the sixth stage and the most Colorful. Bingo Plaza is much like Casino Park from Sonic Heroes. however does not contain Pinball like Areas.

Rave Madness

the seventh stage and the most craziest Stages to even exist in this game. Taking place within a Huge outdoor Abandaned Consert. this is the ultimate Loop and Corkscrew Playground. 

Online Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer is one of the newest features in a Sonic Adventure Styled game. Here is where you can play as most of the sonic cast, from those featured in the main story and those that are exclusive to Online Play.

Getting Started

There are 2 ways to access online multiplayer, one involves Online VS and the other is more on Co-Op Challenges

  1. Reach Exploration Field 3 in story mode for the Online VS Modes and More Online Features.
  2. Have Access to a limited or digital edition download which comes with a alternate Game which involves Online Co-Op & Offline Solo Challenge Mode and a different Single Player Story which centers around Sonic, Shadow, and Espio, before the events of Ion the Hedgehog's story mode.

Online VS Mode

Online VS Mode is what you expect from any Video Game. Ion the Hedgehog however is quite different from any game on multiplayer modes and Gameplay Features.

Game Modes

At launch, there are at least 5 base modes and a Variants for each.

Base Modes
Mode Players Objective
Survival Battle 2-4 Defeat Everyone While Collecting Rings to Stay in the Fight
Emerald Chase 2-4 Grab and Hold the Chaos Emerald as long as you can before time runs out. Most time spent with the emerald on hand wins
Action Race 2-4 Beat Your Rivals to the Goal Ring
Boss Battle Duel 2 Hit the BOSS 5 times before your rival
Massive Strike 2-8 Clash with up to 7 other players in a No Holds Bard, No Ring Battle Royal. Defeat as many as you can
Platform Madness 2-4 Survive Endless Waves of Hazards in a platform based arena, Last One Standing Wins
Game Variants
Mode Players Objective
Tag Survival Battle 4 Defeat the other team while you and your ally collect and share rings to keep your team alive
Emerald Capture 4 You and your ally must capture one of the Chaos Emerald in the middle by taking it to your base
Expert Race 2-4 Race on an Action Stage
Boss Battle Chaos 4 Hit the Boss 10 times before your rivals
Massive War 2-8
Platform Tower 2-4 Rise up in an
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