This is an article about Ion the Hedgehog (2016 Reboot), a character created by DUBSTEPxSonic on 10/15/2015.

"You may be my enemy Coratin, but one thing you don't know is heroes always triumph against your evil. you may not realize what fate has in store for you, Defeat is that Fate!"


Ion is a serious and Dedicated hero, always wanting to finish the job in a serious way... occasionally using sarcastic remarks or jokes (even bad jokes) about an enemy. he is also very alert and has very good with his suroundings


Ion has been through many redesigns in the past and had went through many reboots as well... and each has its own purpose.

Design 1 - Creation - KH Crossover

Ion in this stage was very awkward and was considered unorignial, due to having a keyblade... and is a hedgehog at the same time... not many people really liked this design or idea.. but it happened, his first design however is actually not a recolor, it was created in Furry Doll Maker and then that idea changed.

Design 2 - First Reboot - Freedom Fighter.

Ion has some changed design here, his shoes are different and, this time his design was actually drawn out by hand. this reboot introduces the biggest change for ion... he now uses atomic energy... but still uses Chaos energy along with it, but this does spark the creators intent of making him apart from mobius.. that was sparked when Gavin the Mongoose was created.. and hense coretopia was born.

Design 3 - Reboot #2 - Coretopia and the Core City Guardians

The idea of Ion being seprate from Mobius was almost perfect, though it does have some flaws. Ion's design was changed by a user, but Ion has made many redesigns and changes untill the 2016 reboot


Atomic Storm

Atomic Fire

Atomic Flare (Upgraded version of Atomic Fire)

Atomic Burst

Atomic Devastation

Atomic Recovery

Atomic Freeze

Atomic Bolt

Atomic Shockwave

Atomic Frenzy

Atomic Charged Slash

Atomic Carry

Atomic Enhancement

Atomic Vicious Bomb

Atomic Aerial Bomb

Atomic Mega Storm

Atomic Combustion

Atomic Synergy

Atomic Overdrive State (Semi Atomic State)

Atomic State (Overdrive half way maxed out)


  • Heroic Dance
  • Atomic Combo
  • Combo Breaker
  • Grabbing Counter
  • Vinyl Cross Attack


Weapons in the Unseen Shadows (Snowless's Canon)

Atomic Blade

This is a Blade that was Formed when Ion asked if he could have a weapon similar to a Katana but Lets him channel his own energy to the sword itself. Paula (Who is the Weapons Blacksmith) Agrees and does a VERY SWELL job at it, This Katana has 2 modes: Standard Mode and Split Mode. Split Mode splits the katana into 2, Creating two Blades with a press of a button. he can also Channel his own Energy into his katana in BOTH modes making his swings able to Send Waves of atomic energy and much more.

Weapons in Main Canon (My Canon)

Ripper Gauntlets

Click link Above to see what these are.


  • Hand to Hand Combat Expert
  • Leadership skills


Ion is very impulsive most of the time, he will get his own team into danger he is also very weak against dark magic or strong mind control... mind control from dark magic or godly power.


This character's fourstat code is 4729

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