Here is part 2 of the Ion the Hedgehog story. It is now finished and I DO NOT own Ion. DUBSTEPxSonic owns Ion. Also, quick note: I'm not the best action scene writer. I tend to focus more on the characters than the action. And part 2 has a slightly more lighthearted tone than part 1 does. I just felt that some humour might keep the readers interested. The tone does get a bit darker later on, but it will go back its more lighthearted tone afterwards. Reens helped with the story a lot, too. :) Criticism is appreciated and special thanks goes straight to Reens for her help!

Author: Julia Finitevus

Co-Author: Reens the Hedgehog

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Ion the Hedgehog : Just the Beginning

Part 2

"Whew! That was difficult enough," remarked Ion, panting. He had just driven one of the Genesis Lord's minions back into the Genesis Portal. And just after he did this, Ion sensed the energy from several artificial lifeforms not far away. 

That was when several robots appeared out of nowhere and shot him in the shoulder. Unscathed, Ion used his Fusion Shard and blasted the robots, only to have more coming and coming.

"Why can't anything be simple?" Ion thought, performing a homing attack on one of the robots and slicing through it like butter. Then Ion used his speed to charge through a robot, almost like a spear.

"Ha! You robots are s-" Ion was cut off from his moment of triumph by an energy whip of sorts wrapping around his neck and choking him. "Grrf! Why can't...?"

Ion almost passed out, but he used the strength he had left to perform a spinning move, breaking free from the energy whip and then he destroyed the robot with another homing attack. Ion sensed several lifeforms behind him and he turned to see a group of people wearing clothes that covered the entirety of their bodies, including their faces. The group was heavily armed and ready to fight whenever it was necessary.

"I don't suppose you're friendlies," Ion said, studying them.

"Not to them, we are. Looks like you did the job for us. Who are you child?" Ion immediately knew that the person speaking was the leader. He wasn't sure why, but it seemed reasonable to him.

"How do I know you're not going to try to kill me if I do?" Ion asked, not trusting the leader of the group.

"Alright. If I show you who I am, will you tell me who you are, child?" 

Ion considered a moment. Name for a name. That seemed reasonable, but Ion was still suspicious. He agreed anyway, telling himself that if they tried to kill him, he could get away faster than they could draw a weapon.

"My name is Dr. Finitevus," the person said, taking off his helmet to reveal his face. Finitevus was a white furred Echidna, not by nature, but due to extreme circumstances involving him nearly being killed in this reality. Ion never heard of Finitevus ever. But the eighteen year old thought the name "Finitevus" hilarious.

"Dr. Finitevus? That's a weird name. How's about 'Doc Finny'?" Ion joked horribly, laughing so hard that one would have thought he had a sugar rush. Finitevus frowned considerably, evidently not happy that Ion tried to make fun of his name.

"I'll have you know, child, I don't appreciate having my name made fun of," Finitevus told Ion, still frowning.

"I'm not a child. My name is Ion the Hedgehog. Besides, your name is absolutely hilarious! This made my day," Ion replied, laughing harder.

"Let's get moving. The scavenger bots will be here soon and I don't want anyone being turned into a pile of ash," Finitevus said, grabbing Ion by the wrist. "You're coming with us, kid."

"Hey, easy on the gloves!"


"So... you're a basically a gang named the 'Genesis Freedom Fighters' who run around in costumes beating up robots?" Ion asked, trying to be funny.

The second in command, Yin the Lynx, replied, "This is serious. Doctor, I don't understand why we brought this incompetent and impolite Hedgehog here. He is a nuisance!"

Finitevus, who was busy writing something down in a notebook, ignored her. Yin could say the first thing that pops into her mind and not give it a second thought.

"Okay. So you are a bunch of people who are rebels of sorts who formed a resistance group that has existed since...?" Ion waited for a response.

"Not long after the Super Genesis Wave about a month ago. It literally tore apart this reality and formed one different from the original. We found out that Dr. Eggman and Dr. Something-or-other weren't the only ones behind the Super Genesis Wave. We call the third conspirator the 'Genesis Lord'," responded Yin, frowning. 

"Wait, Genesis Lord? Dr. Eggman?! A Hedgehog named Shadow mentioned an Eggman to me once!" Ion exclaimed in shock.

"Shadow? That Hedgehog owes me! Where is he?!" Yin returned, suddenly very angry.

"I don't know, honestly. I'm sorry." Ion wasn't sure what to think, except that maybe he should have taken the offer from Shadow. After all, if Eggman knew where the Genesis Lord was, Ion might have a chance at getting back at him for destroying his home.

"Yin, I'll take it from here," Finitevus told Yin. The Lynx growled, but she stepped out of the room, letting Finitevus to continue the questioning.

"Look, doc, I get the idea. You guys want to kick the Genesis Lord's butt. Four people isn't enough, though! I'm just as powerful as Shadow and the Second Devourer kicked my butt!" Ion exclaimed, feeling that this group was a bit suicidal. 

"Second Devourer??" Finitevus had a blank look on his face. Apparently he had no idea what Ion was talking about. "What is this... 'Second Devourer', as you put it?"

"Well... it started only a few weeks ago..."


"Sir, sir! The Fusion Minions didn't capture Ion! What do we do now?!" a young Hedgehog officer asked the mysterious cloaked villain.

"Your failure is unacceptable! I want Ion captured as soon as possible, otherwise I will have you listed as a traitor and executed immediately! Following hours of torture, of course," hissed the cloaked figure. "Everything must go as planned. I must have that Fusion Shard... and Ion is its key..."

"Sir, yes, sir!" The Hedgehog saluted him and turned to leave when the figure replied, "Oh, and get the Fusion Syphon. I want to be ready when we capture our little friend..."


Ion shivered as the cold air greeted him when he stepped outside. These people were strange, but Ion supported their mission wholeheartedly. He had a strong sense of justice, and was willing to give up his very existence for his homeworld to exist again.

"Why did the Genesis Lord attack my world? The inhabitants did nothing. I should have been the one to die..."

Back to the "should and shouldn't haves" again. Ion felt guilty for not being able to protect his home. He sometimes wondered if he should just end it all, and put himself out of his misery, but something, something, always held him back.

Ion kicked a big pile of snow in frustration. Then he said some things unpleasant under his breath, which was followed by Ion kicking a tree. He kicked it to the point where the poor tree couldn't take it anymore and started to fall over. It hit the ground with a loud crash, but Ion didn't care. He started kicking another tree when a voice behind him asked, "Are you done making racket? There's a reason we all try to be as quiet as possible, you know."

Ion turned to see a female Echidna standing behind him. She was in her pajamas and still wearing her slippers.

"And now I've ruined my slippers because of you, kid!"

Ion's face flushed bright red and he replied, "Sorry... I have a bad temper."

"I can see that," remarked the Echidna girl. "I'm Iris. Now, I'm going back to bed, and if I see tomorrow that you're kicking more trees down, I'll be kicking YOU."

"Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?" Ion responded, scratching his head. "I'll just... head to bed." Ion didn't feel like getting into a fight tonight, especially with his foot feeling very much sore from kicking the tree. 

Ion crawled into bed, but he could not fall asleep for a long while. All the events so far put unpleasant images in the young Hedgehog's mind. 

"If only..."


"Wake up, child! Or are you deaf?!" a voice shouted right in Ion's ear. Ion sat up quickly, and almost hit Finitevus in the face with his fist.

"Child, really. You should work on your sleeping habits! How do you expect to help us stop the Genesis Lord if you're too busy in la la land?" Finitevus asked, irritated.

"Maybe by kicking butt in my sleep?" Ion joked.

Finitevus was not impressed, and replied, "You would make a horrible comedian. I have better things to do than to wait around. My hut in precisely twelve minutes." With that, Finitevus opened the hut door and stepped through it to the outside.

"'Precisely twelve minutes' he says! I'll give him a piece of my mind later, though. I can't risk losing my chance to get back at the Genesis Lord for what he did," Ion told himself.

Ion arrived at the hut just as the members of the Genesis Freedom Fighters arrived.

"Hmph, right on time," Finitevus muttered. "That Hedgehog will be the death of me."

Ion's unusual hearing ability allowed him to hear this, and the Hedgehog smiled slightly. It was funny, at least to him, that Finitevus found him a pain.

"So, what's the plan?" Yang the Lynx asked. "Blowing up the Genesis Lord's 'bot factory with some C-4? I got some in my closet! I stole it from some two-tailed Fox!" Yang was the weapons expert of the group, and loved to blow anything, anything up. 

"I'm not going to ask why you have C-4 in your closet, lady, but it's ditto on the plan. Well, Doc Finny? Tell us!" Ion exclaimed, waiting.

"Yes, we'll blow up the Genesis Lord's factory, but not right away... there's a little something we should retrieve before doing so," Finitevus responded slowly.

"And what is that?" Ion asked impatiently.

"Stop interrupting me, child!" Finitevus shot back. "One of my former colleagues from the old reality who still exists has brought to my attention that there are plans for an unusual device. She told me they finished the project, but that they might be using the plans for something else... we get the plans, we have leverage. We have leverage, we have a key. Now, here's how we'll do it..." _____________________________________________________________________________________

"Yang, easy on the explosives. We can't waste them on one spot," Ion told Yang, who was eagerly planting explosives on a generator while Ion was busy bashing robots.

"But the bigger the explosion, the better!" Yang returned, planting another C-4 explosive merrily, as if it were another day for her.

Ion didn't respond right away- he was busy using his homing attack on several robots. Once they were down, Ion replied, "We may need them later..." 

More robots came, and Ion muttered something incomprehensible before demolishing the robots within seconds by charging through the line like a spear.

"The Genesis Lord should really work on his robot construction plans, because these guys are dropping like sea gulls in the Arctic-" Ion's remark was cut off when he felt a searing pain in his back. His mind told him it was a laser before he passed out. A cloaked figure stood above him, pointing the weapon at Yang.

"Fools. Those were a distraction. I may not be the Genesis Lord, but I can kill you myself at any point. Such naivety... but you will make a fine subject for my project... Neo Hedge Towers."


"Where is the Fusion Syphon?!" a voice screamed. Ion stirred and found himself hanging on a wall. Some sort of magical cuffs were on his wrists and he could not break free.

"I wish I wasn't weakened by this magical mumbo jumbo," thought Ion as he listened to the argument.

"Sir, that Echidna was too powerful. Did you see what he did to the one guard-"

The one voice was cut off by the first one screaming, "The guard robot was a weakling anyway!! Now what am I going to tell the Genesis Lord, hm? That our contract was broken by a stupid Hedgehog's friends?! I warned you! Take him away."

"Sir, you said if we didn't get Ion you would execute me. But we got him!" 

"I don't always keep my promises," the first voice replied simply.

The other voice cursed repeatedly as there was the sound of him being dragged away. Ion then saw a cloaked figure enter the room.

"I assume you heard all that... which means, if you are not cooperative, I will kill you without mercy," the figure told Ion.

"Where's Yang?!" Ion shot back angrily.

"I ask the questions, you answer-"

"I'm not telling you anything until I know she's okay," responded Ion firmly.

"She is alive," the figure replied.

"Why should I believe you? You broke a promise to a guy, whom of which is probably waiting for his death. I want proof." Ion was a stubborn Hedgehog.

"If I killed her, I wouldn't have leverage. I could trade her for the leader of your pathetic resistance. I could get the location of their base of operations in exchange for her life. I could do so much with just the life of the one person..."

"When I get out of here, you sicko, I'm-" Ion was interrupted by the sudden feeling of electricity running through his body.

"There is no point in making useless threats. Once I get back the Fusion Syphon, I will rip apart every particle of energy from your body that the Fusion Shard let's you manipulate so well... speaking of your Fusion Shard... where is it exactly? I need it for my plan to work," the figure returned.

"Are you the Genesis Lord?" Ion asked, ignoring the figure's question. Another wave of electricity and pain.

"No... but you can call me the Chaos Doom. Now... where is the Shard... although, it must be with your pathetic little friends. Where are they?"

"I'm not telling you, sicko!"

"Then that shall be your doom, you naive fool."


"Where's Ion and Yang?" Yin asked as she, Iris, and Finitevus met at the rendezvous.

"I have a better question," responded Finitevus, "why isn't that factory blown up?!"

"Where's my sister?!" Yin fumed, ignoring Finitevus. She became angry when she didn't know when her sister Yang was safe or not.

"We don't know," Iris replied. "They must have run into trouble."

"At least we have the plans and this 'Fusion Syphon' that I found with them. We should move out," Finitevus said, turning towards the direction of their base.

"What about Yang?! I can't leave my sister behind!" Yin exclaimed, about to cry. Normally she was very temperamental, but when it came to her sister, she was softer.

"Risking one's life for another is suicidal. Go if you may. I won't help you," Finitevus replied simply.

"You're a b-"

"Yin. Let's go," Iris told her softly. "We have time."

Yin nodded and went with Iris to go save Yang and Ion. And Finitevus, despite his beliefs, couldn't help but look back towards the factory.


"I'm going to ask you again. Where... is... their hideout?!" hissed the Chaos Doom, hatred deep in his voice.

"I'm... not... telling," Ion responded, holding up as best he could against this torture.

"Gah! I don't care if it takes me eight thousand years! You will break, one way or the other..." Then the Chaos Doom paused. "If you won't break from torture, perhaps you will for a friend."

"Don't you dare touch Yang!" Ion returned.

Suddenly, something on the Chaos Doom's wrist beeped.

"It appears your friends have come to rescue you and Miss Yang... tell me where their base is or they die," threatened the Chaos Doom.

"I can't let them die... but I can't let the Chaos Doom and the Genesis Lord get their way... what should I do?" Ion felt panicky. He would give himself up for his friends and his home. But the Chaos Doom wanted the Fusion Syphon, not for Ion to be dead.

"They'll take you down, Chaos Doom. And when they do, and they come and get Yang and I, I will personally bring the Genesis Lord down to his knees," Ion replied with strong loathing.

"As you wish. It's your friends' lives on the line," the Chaos Doom returned, pressing a button on his wrist. "Find the rebels and shoot to kill."


"Yin, you do realize we might not get out of here alive, right?" Iris asked, putting dents in a robot with just her fists.

Yin snuck up on a robot and pounced, demolishing the robot quickly.

"Yep. Not my problem," Yin returned, swiftly piercing a robot's back with her specialized throwing stars. "Thanks to Espio, this is too easy."

Suddenly more robots appeared, more heavily armed than the first ones.

"You were saying?" Iris shot back. Then the two girls looked at each other and charged at the robots.


"Those infernal Genesis Freedom Fighters!" The Chaos Doom was very much more than angry that Iris and Yin destroyed the first wave of robots.

"Why the coarse language, Dumbo Doom? Although, you don't have big ears..." Ion laughed at his terrible joke.

"I can have you electrocuted again, you rude Hedgehog!" The Chaos Doom loathed having his name made fun of.

"Shouldn't you be all 'sticks and stones can't hurt me' or whatever?" Ion asked mockingly.

"All talk and no bite. Let's see how your friends do against my mech... if they get through the second wave..."


"Last one, Iris!" exclaimed Yin as she put her first right through a robot. "Now let's go!" 

Yin and Iris barely went twenty yards before they saw a large mech coming their way.

"Why can't I have triumph in peace?!"

Suddenly the mech was sliced in half by a wave of energy that barely missed Yin's and Iris's heads.

"Don't you touch my friends, incompetent machine!" 

Yin and Iris turned to see Finitevus, who had changed his mind and returned to help.


"You bloody Hedgehog!" The Chaos Doom cursed at Ion some more before he saw Ion smirking. "What are you smirking at?"

"Oh, nothing... except maybe this!" Ion was suddenly able to break free of the cuffs that were hindering his powers.

"How-?!" The Chaos Doom decided not to finish and attacked Ion.

"How did I get free?" Ion finished for him while dodging a Chaos Spear. "Simple, really. I had planted a Fusion Shard on one of my teammates when we got here." Ion blocked a Chaos Smash attack from the Chaos Doom before continuing. "My idea was that if one of them was nearby, I could draw power from it when needed. It wasn't foolproof." Another dodge. "But it worked. And now, you're going down!"

Ion then started the Fusion Chant. 

"The Fusion is the key to peace. The Shards binds the heart together. The Fusion Shard is a hope."

Ion used his connection to the Fusion Shard and shot a beam of energy at the Chaos Doom, freezing him in time. But this took Ion's strength, and the Hedgehog felt weak. Ion collapsed to the ground, passing out.


"Wake up, child!" Ion sat up, almost punching Finitevus in the face yet again. "Please don't hit me in the face, child. It was hard enough to get you out of that stupid factory without getting anyone killed."

Ion realized where he was, then asked, "What happened to the Chaos Doom?"

"Chaos Doom?" Finitevus had that blank expression again. "The alien that we found in the cell with you? He's frozen in time. I half wish you didn't do that, though. We could have gotten information from him."

Ion frowned, then smirked and asked, "You miss my torturing you, Doc Finny?"

Finitevus scowled and replied, "Not really. But you are Yang's number one topic. Don't ask why."

"Are you sure?" Ion's smirk grew bigger. Finitevus let out a huff and exited the hut.

Ion was disappointed that he could not get further information about the Genesis Lord, but on the bright side, at least one of the Genesis Lord's minions was gone for now.

"My great great great grandkids at least won't have to worry about the Chaos Doom."


"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" asked Yang, looking at Ion with big puppy dog eyes.

"I appreciate your hospitality, but I think I have become a target of the Genesis Lord after that 'Chaotic Fiasco'," joked Ion.No one laughed and so he continued. "You guys should move your base of operations. It's no longer safe here since I know where it is. If they caught me and you all were still here, you could be in danger."

"We understand," Yin told him.

"Thanks, though. I should get going now."

Ion checked to make sure he remembered to get his Fusion Shard. It was there. Then the young Hedgehog said goodbye and left to kick some more butt.

But Ion was unaware that the Genesis Lord was already putting a price on his head yet again.

Blasted Hedgehog. Neo will pay for this...


  • I'm still a noob! Criticism is requested!
  • Ion's attack in the finale is similar to the Chaos Ripper move the 2017 version of Ion could perform, but instead of using Chaos Energy, the energy from the Fusion Shard was used. I pretty much made up the Fusion Chant, but it can be changed if DUBSTEPxSonic wants it to be altered.
  • Special thanks goes to Reens the Hedgehog, who helped with this story. Thanks Reens!
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