This is a story about Ion the Hedgehog, a character created and owned by DUBSTEPxSonic. He requested that I write a story about Ion, so I'm creating a two part story about him. Just so you know, I don't write action scenes very well- I tend to focus more on the characters' personalities. So don't be surprised if my fight scenes are incredibly short indeed.

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Author: Julia Finitevus

Co-Author: Reens the Hedgehog

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Ion the Hedgehog : Just the Beginning

Part 1

Ion felt his irritation rise as he trudged through the snow-blanketed forest. The eighteen year old hedgehog had been out there in that frozen wasteland for over a week and there was no sign of life, nor could he sense even a single lifeform with his powers. It seemed that this place was an icy desert, contrary to what the document had said. And the tiny ice crystals forming on his gloves and shoes didn't help one little bit. Then he said a few words of anger that I dare not repeat. Ion had a strong loathing of the Genesis Lord for what he did to him. His world. Or whatever was left of it, if anything at all.

"Never trust an old document,"  Ion thought, kicking a pile of snow in anger and shivered from the cold at the same time. "Maybe I should have taken that offer Shadow gave me." 

Ion shook his head as more and more snowflakes landed in his fur and melted just as quickly. There was no time to waste on "should and shouldn't haves". He had other things to worry about. Then his mind went back to the Genesis Lord. The very being who sent the Second Devourer to destroy his world. Ion had fallen through a Genesis Portal as the Second Devourer annihilated his world. His home. His only  home.

Ion's anger rose as he thought about the event. The Genesis Lord would pay for his incompetence, his treachery, his cruelty.

Two weeks earlier.... in the dimension alternate to Silver's...

No one knew how the Second Devourer came to their dimension. All they knew was that it had one intention: to destroy the planet. And the Second Devourer would do so without mercy. It was his purpose. After all, he was created by the Genesis Lord. His predecessor, the Time Eater, had the same job and him being the same species, he had the same directive. Annihilate existence itself.

Ion saw the monster trying to tear apart his city. "Oh no you don't!" 

Ion intercepted the creature, preparing himself to protect his home. 

"You there! Yeah, you!" Ion shouted, drawing as much power as possible from his Fusion Shard for the battle with the monster. "If you want to destroy my city, you're going to have to go through me!"

The Second Devourer remained unfazed and continued to freeze inhabitants in White Space and remove buildings from existence. Ion, irritated that the creature's attention did not turn to him, fired a blast. That got the monster's attention.

The Second Devourer attempted to freeze Ion in White Space, but Ion dodged effortlessly and threw in some attacks of his own. The Second Devourer grew angry and attacked more viciously, at one point almost did hit Ion. Ion blasted the Second Devourer again, earning more anger and hate from the beast.

"Monsters. They never learn. Just like the Genesis Lord. He never learns."

"Give up yet?" Ion asked mockingly, redirecting one of the Second Devourer's attacks to the sender. The Second Devourer snarled in rage and fired a large blast at Ion, and it hit him, sending the Hedgehog flying across the city and into a Genesis Portal that had mysteriously opened behind him.

Not much later...

Ion regained consciousness and sat up frantically, only to see that he was definitely not in the same dimension anymore. He would know, he had lived in his dimension so long. He knew every inch of his home, and this was not home.

"Great. Just great. But how did I..."

Ion then remembered the Second Devourer attacking his home. The way it was annihilating the city... there might not be a planet to return to.

"Think positive! There's still time..."

But Ion knew he was denying the obvious. His home was gone forever. He failed his homeworld. And there was nothing, absolutely nothing he could do to bring it back. Ion screamed at the skies in anger, hatred, loathing. The Genesis Lord would pay the price for his Holocaust of an innocent world.

Ion didn't want to be noticed by anyone.  It was the last thing he needed at that moment. What he needed was a sign, some sign that he might be able to undo the destruction the Second Devourer had caused. He needed hope. But he had none, not even a little bit. And being noticed would just make it all worse. Ion was not sure what he would do if he talked to someone. 

But someone did notice Ion, after a while. Ion sensed a large amount of Chaos Energy coming from a lifeform behind him. "How can someone be able to control that much Chaos Energy?" Ion thought. "With that amount it lives up to its name... of course, as if my Fusion Shard was any different."

"You new here, kid?" a deep voice asked.

Ion turned to see a black Hedgehog with red stripes on his quills. His eyes were a vivid red, and his chest fur snow white.

"I don't have time for chit chat," Ion replied, turning away. In reality, he had time. He just didn't want to talk.

"I sense a lot of an unusual energy from you. Hmph. I don't recognize it, but I doubt it will hold up in this world," the Hedgehog replied. "Eggman's robots and all..."

"I can take care of myself, Mister....?" Ion didn't know what the Hedgehog's name was.

"Call me Shadow. Alright. Prove it. But not here in the city, somewhere else. With less people." Shadow had a bit of a smirk on his face.

"Okay," Ion responded, and for the first time in a long while, he felt a little better.


Shadow painted heavily as he threw a Chaos Spear at Ion, who performed a return to sender move, making the spear hit Shadow instead. They fought in a forest to avoid hurting anyone who didn't have a strong as of bodies as Shadow and Ion, such as humans, who were much weaker than Mobians physically.

"Grrf!" Shadow exclaimed, then he rolled into a ball and hit Ion with a homing attack, sending the younger Hedgehog flying into a tree. 

But Ion had a move that would surely subdue Shadow, and he decided to use it. Ion performed something similar to a Chaos Blast, sending Shadow hurtling into a boulder.

"No more..." Shadow had met his match. Never, in the half century that he had existed, had he met anyone who could be as powerful as he. "Guess I'm not the only Ultimate Lifeform."

Ion smiled slightly and replied, "I honestly didn't expect you to be able to hold up like that. Guess I didn't kick your butt, nor did you kick mine."

"So tell me... why are you here? There is no way anyone as powerful as you could possibly go unnoticed long by me without having to have come from another dimension." Shadow knew that this was the only explanation.

"The Second Devourer, a creature of mass destruction, came to my world somehow, most likely sent by my nemesis the Genesis Lord. It attacked my city and I tried to stop it, but I was overwhelmed. I ended up falling through some portal and landed here," Ion replied, gesturing as he spoke.

"Well, at least I know how you got here. The portal you came through was probably a Genesis Portal. Those have been around for a while," Shadow responded, frowning considerably. "I am tracking a scientist named Eggman, who has been unusually quiet lately. If you need a job..."

"I'm not used to it here yet, Shadow. I can't help you right now." Ion felt guilt as he remembered all those people that died because of his failure.

"Are you sure-"

"Yes.  Thanks, though. But I need to adapt to this world." 

"I understand. It was nice to meet you, Mister...?"

"Ion. My name is Ion."


Present Day...

The frozen air seemed to penetrate Ion's fur, then his skin, and now it seemed to penetrate his very being, his soul. The icy wasteland seemed to freeze everything in time itself. But somehow, Ion suddenly knew where he was going. He followed whatever it was that was pulling him in one direction, and what he saw gave him hope.

"I'm still breathing. I can do this."

A few weeks later...  

"There's that hedgehog again," a cloaked figure informed, watching Ion defeat another creature from an alternate dimension and drive it back into the Genesis Portal. Then he watched Ion somehow close the portal.

"Yes... he's a perfect candidate for the experiment. Perfect indeed," the figure commented in a deep voice that had a dark, sinister tone to it. 

"Sir? What do you mean he is a perfect candidate?" another figure beside him asked, puzzled.

"His control over the energy emanating from the Fusion Shard is impressive... it's imperative that I get my hands on him... alive, of course," the cloaked figure replied slowly, "and when I get what I want, he will be executed. It is as simple as that."

"And the Genesis Freedom Fighters? Suppose they interfere?" the other figure asked.

"Then we will kill the fools. They are a nuisance more than a need."

Uh oh! Who is this mysterious villain? What does he want with Ion? Check out Ion the Hedgehog, Part 2 to find out! See you in the next episode on FXX- oh wait. We're not on TV. Duh. See you in part 2!


This is my first public story, so I hope you like. Criticism is appreciated!

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