Character Info

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthplace: Core City

Occupation: Core City Guardians (my canon)

Full Name: Mike Alexander King

Nicknames: Ion

First Appearence: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Johnny Test 2: Triple Trouble Mayhem


He has light grey fur, yellow eye color, fur on his chest and down his body, Red and Yellow Gloves and Shoes. He also has Shadow-like shoes but looks more of a Custom shoe than Shadow's.


He is weak to Dark Magic. This will cause him to go insane because of his past, making him attack his own friends without warning. He will also attack his enemies with more powerful attacks. This will also seriously injure him as well. He can't control his emotions while in enraged state.


Birth of a Leader

when Ion was born, he hardly controlled his powers and nearly killed his parents, after a long while. Two days later he was crawling a lot and can't do much about it. 4 more days later he had learned to walk.

A Few Years Later

A few years later at age 5, his father died during a battle against Coratin and his mother was the only one who could take care of him. The tragedy left him scared for years as he was very young at the time, a month later, his mother died of cancer, with him left, he set foot to find where he should belong.

Years to come

Now a Core City Guardian, he fights for what's right and keeps his home world safe, no mater how bad things get. He met new friends as well and never fights alone. Finally a hero who can fight till there is no tomorrow.


Ion is a serious and dedicated Hedgehog, very focused fighter, But when not in combat, he is Calm and Kind. He cares for his Planet and his New home. He will stop at nothing to protect it.

Super Forms

Ion can tap into his true power just by charging up his energy during his summoning to the king of Coretopia, he learned to control these forms.


this is his Basic Super from. His fur is Red as in Atomic and his aura is orange. His atomic energy power has increased by 20% as in he gets a power boost.


this is technically his Dark Form, but its not, this from he can keep his cool while using dark energy and atomic energy.

Comic Appearences

Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations

"birth" abilities

super speed

Ion can go at super fast speeds. Although he is known for his atomic energy, he can go as fast as a super sonic jet can go.


Ion is very smart, he can take a math problem and figure it out with ease, no mater how hard things get, he is prepared for it.

Atomic Burst

This is ion's favorite Move, this gives him a burst of speed using his energy, the down side is that it take up a lot of his energy. Once he runs out of energy he has to Recharge in order to reuse this Ability.

homing attack

See this for details:

Homing Attack

homing kick

Like the homing attack, Ion homes in on his foes, but this is more powerful than the homing attack itself. This ability has a more powerful kick to it as ion uses his atomic energy with the homing attack, causing it to be very powerful.

"learned" skills

his only learned skill is swordsmanship, he knows how to swing swords and slash every thing in his path. This is how he sometimes uses Melee weapons that is lightweight and very durable.


Ion is known for his atomic energy. His father was a atomic energy user as well. He fights with his atomic energy every time he is in battle, and he can sometimes Charge up to over power his foes.


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