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Ion Rush (Fan Game)
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Ion Rush Is played a lot like Sonic Rush in terms of Gameplay, however, the game mainly plays Similar to Sonic Vs. Darkness: True Nightmare Revived hence the HUD being like Unleashed and Generations and Gameplay mechanics.

Game Modes

the game has a total of 6 Game Modes, 4 for Single Player, 2 for Multiplayer.

Single Player Modes

Story Mode Play through the Games Story and uncover the truth behind Eggman's Plot for Universal Domination within the Multiverse.

Free Mode

Play On any Stage on any Act/Boss with Any Character Unlocked

Time Attack Mode

Beat Records made by You or other players around the world with either Story Character or Free Mode Character.

Boss Rush Mode

Beat All Bosses including the Extra Zone Boss and Beat other players Times and set new Records for beating all of the bosses in the fastest time possible.

Multiplayer Modes

Race Mode This game mode is simple, Beat the other player to the goal.

Vs. Boss Battle Mode

in this mode, your goal is to defeat the boss with a set number of hits to the cockpit before your Enemy does. (only avalible to Boss Acts 1-7)


Ion Rush has 2 playable characters in story mode within the Sonic Fanon, one from DA and one from Here and DA, for other Modes... there are more Characters available to play as though they are Canon.

Playable Characters

Story Characters Free Play/Time Attack/Etc.
Ion the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Jack the Hedgehog Blaze the Cat.

Non-Playable Characters

Corta the Cardinal


Shadow the Hedgehog
Marine the Raccoon
Sally Acorn
Amy Rose


these are the Stages within the Game and each stage has 2 acts and a boss, there are 7 Stages total (excluding the Final Boss and Extra Zone Boss)

Ion's Stages.
Stage Stage Boss
Core City Egg Drone
Sector Islands Egg Drone #2
Radical Paradice Egg Hammer
Tropical Road Egg Rook
Crisis Cruse Egg Cobra
Power Plant Egg Plant
Egg Fortress Jack the Hedgehog

Jack's Stages
Stage Stage Boss
Central City Egg Drone
Angel Island Egg Drone #2
Radical Paradice RoboEgg Hammer
Crisis Cruse RoboEgg Cobra
Tropical Road RoboEgg Rook
Power Plant Egg Plant
Egg Fortress Ion the Hedgehog

Final Boss

The final Boss is unlocked after all stages are completed, both characters have the same boss fight though.

Boss Name
Egg King 2.0


How to Unlock: collect all Chaos Emeralds by beating the 7 stage Bosses as Ion.

the Extra Zone is after completing both characters storylines and collecting the Chaos Emeralds as Ion in order to unlock the Extra Story. in this part Of the Story, and last part. Ion and Jack use the Chaos emeralds transforming into a super state, Chaos Ion and Super Jack.

Boss Name
Hyper Egg King


Ion Rush - Full Soundtrack


This is the story of the game and consists of 3 parts. Ion's story, Jack's Story, and the Extra Story. each character has their own story that interlaps the other character's Story, each character has a different ending after the final boss.

Note: the story will be written in a roleplay style for all of the stories due to all cut-scenes not being animated.

Ion's Story

-Cutscene 0: Prologue-

Ion was on patrol on Core City when suddenly he noticed a warphole in the sky.

Ion: A warphole?! Why is there a warphole in the sky!? well... if i am going to find out i need to investigate. *skates off to that direction*

-Stage 1: Core City, Act 1-

-Stage 1: Core City, Act 2-

Ion: *Notices a Drone* A Drone! what kind of drone are you!


the drone enters combat mode and becomes a self controlled Machine.

Ion: You want me! come and get some! *charges after the drone*

-Stage 1: Core City, Boss-

=EGG Drone=

after the fight, Ion noticed a gem.

Ion: is this a chaos emerald, am i right? i guess i don't have time left! *contacts someone through his wrist com* Corta, i need you to come with me, we have a huge problem.

Corta: i'm on my way!

in sector islands, Corta and Ion meet up.

Ion: see that... that warp hole popped out with drones looking for us... we need to find the next drone before we get punished with a beatdown.

Corta: right!

Corta and Ion dash off, in search of the next drone.

-Stage 2: Sector Islands, Act 1-

-Stage 2: Sector Islands, Act 2-

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