the usual of No godmodding

Invite only because i kinda want this to be of friends only for Darkness

Fights will happen but not every 5 seconds. like say in chapter 1 a big fight happens then in chapter 2 at the beggining there's a fight.. NO! i will not have very large fights go on every damn chapter!

I wont control everything but most of it is predetermined and if some idea's want to be put through contact me via Talk page

Have fun and try to keep Darkness on the good because if not evil will keep him for good.

Charater sign ups

There will be no neutral either good or bad due to Darkness needs to be either steered towards good or bad


  • Darkness The Dragon Hybrid (Main story / lost memories)
  • Tikala The Echidna (Secondary / hurt wife)
  • Espiata the Dragon Echidna Hybrid ( sad daughter )


  • Bane the Demon (Tratious Scientist / Cause of lost memories)
  • Fask (Leader of G.U.N. / will try to convert Darkness)


During one day a Transmission was heard and it went something like this

As I spent most of my time recently making chemicals to help people obtain powers for their own reasons without resulting in wars my team and I might have just created it. "well gentlemen and ladies" I said proudly "we have done it! the Virus Extermination Project code nammed "Blitz Tech" is finally complete!" or so i thought.

"Many hardship filled months and days were spent making it and at times i thought my team would never have gotten through without my guidence but Bane his actions were caused to quick to stop. If anybody is hearing this.. Blitz Tech has evolved into something i had never.." the transmission ended abrubtly with a huge explosion going off near mountains in the Ice Caps of Drakerion

Okay If the prologue didnt do crap to explain well its explaining a new way to help give immunity to many very deadly viruses and the reason why there calling it Blitz Tech is because it increases body limits to abnormal rates.

What happened at the end was someone turning the non violent drug and turned it into a bio chemical for war and made it so infected not only turned aggressive against their will unless they had strong will and entirey wiped out the memories of the infected person as well.

How does you stop Blitz's new form? Darkness holds the key and the memories arent exactly wiped... they are wiped and put behind a block so its going to take a lot of time to break open the block on people who are affected.

Chapter 1 The unbecoming of Darkness

"Get out of there! its to damn dangerous! I told all of you to clear out when i set off those explosives!" Said a particular evil looking man named Bane "I wanted to destroy Darkness but the best i could do was destroy his memories! and with his own creation and my modification i have done it! he remembers nothing!" was what Bane said and transformed into his Dragon form and fled from the scene leaving the rest of the team to freeze or be killed by the other creatures heading there. "alright my parts done. all thats left is for Darkness to be controlled by my master or by someone and its all over for him!" Bane laughs mysteriouly evil as he dissappears

"ugh...... where am i?" i said that as an alarm is going off over head... for some reason my mind was blank on everything... i cant even remember how i got to this place.... or even that lab because next thing i knew... i was almost blown apart by some explosion it knocked me out cold and i just layed there hoping to die hopeing to get my memories back just as i died... but neither happened because i passed out and woke up in some freezing place blood was everywhere but..... it couldnt have been mine there was to much of it... and then some big white thing attacked me and well this is where i find out what i am i guess...

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