Summer and Teal were poking around an old house. "Aww, Summer, why did we have to go to your dad's old house?" Teal whined. Summer was busy with tapping the walls. "Because my dad's body was never foud, so the house might have some ansWERRRRRRSSSS!" he yelled the last section as he fell down a tunnel. Teal poked his head over. "You ok down there?" He heard a voice call up to him. "No thanks to you! Get down here!" Teal slid down to find Summer flipping on a light switch. The lights revealed a gate. Behind the gate was a set of armor, a nicely sized pile of gold, and..."Whoa, isn't that one of those really fancy Chaos Drives that cost a million bucks?" Teal gaped. Summer nodded. "It's like, the goal of all EX Gear riders to get a type of that Chaos Drive. I only think like 200 were made 'cause they were so expensive." Teal pulled a piece of paper from under a rock. "Hey, I think this thing'll tell us how to get in there." Required to Open Gate- Tesla Sword, Sapph. Katana, Rainbow Crystal, Wedding Picture Gates After This- 3 "Three other gates?! And how're we gonna get all that?" Teal lamented. Summer ponder that for a moment. "Maybe the other gates will have answers. We've got to open this one though." He tapped the Communication Crystal around his neck. "I'm calling the others."


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Snow the Cat (ProtectTheShadows)

Chapter 1: Keys For Locked Doors

Summer glanced at his watch as the rainstorm thundered outside the hotel. "When is everyone gonna get here?" he wondered out loud.

Blade and Flare started to appear in the distance and then got closer. "So treasure huh?" said Blade.

Summer tapped on the hotel window to get Blade and Flare's attention.

"There they are," said Flare and the two hedgehogs walked over to them.

Summer opened the window and yelled as the two walked the wrong way. "I SAID HOTEL, NOT CLEARING!"

"I know that!" Blade replied as he went into the hotel.

Summer rolled his eyes and closed the window.

"So how much is all the treasure worth?," asked Blade.

Teal shrugged, reading through an EX Gear magazine. "Do you really think we tried to count?" Then he jabbed at something. "There it is!" He held up a picture of the same Chaos Drive from the chamber. "Worth 3,000,000 Rings, this Chaos Drive, combined with it's 3 brother drives, will make your gear near unbeatable!"

"I'm not here to help with the gear stuff, I'm just here to get the money," said Blade.

Summer rolled his eyes as Teal lowered the magazine back in front of his face to cover his blush. "Let's wait for some more people."

Meanwhile, off in the distant skies, Dusk was flying through the storm with Split on his back. "I told you this was a bad idea to fly Split!" Split growled. "I know! But I haven't mastered teleporting with more than myself!" Dusk just rolled his eyes. "With all this rain, I can hardly see a thing!" Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck his wing. Dusk spun out of control and plummeted toward the ground. Split saw the ground rushing upward...."Oh cra-" CRASH!! Dusk slid across the wet grass and Split came tumbling after. "Why do you always crash when we get a call from a friend?" Dusk rolled his eyes. "Maybe because SOMEONE drained my Magicka!" Split sneered. "Whatever...I wonder where that hotel is..."

Summer began tapping his fingers. "Huh... they should be here by now... alright, Blade, with me to the roof we're gonna send a signal." With that, Summer went out the door.

Blade just simply followed him out the door to the roof.

Summer pulled up his hood to keep the rain from hitting him. "Alright, Blade. Sent a Rocket Diamond in the air. I'm gonna shoot it and it should make a big signal."

"What ever," said Blade and shot a big blue diamond into the air.

Summer lunged his hand out, a small oval shaped fireball speeding through the sky. It collided with the diamond and created a magnificant explosion seen miles around.

"Thats something for fourth of July," said Blade.

Dusk spotted the signal. "I'm assuming that way..." Split blinked. "Nothing gets passed you, Eagle Eye...." They sloshed through puddles and wet grass for a long time until they finally entered the hotel. Dusk hung his soaking wet robes up, and Split shook herself dry.

When everyone was inside and Dusk had dried himself off, Summer began talking. "So, I'm assuming you got my message?" he said, looking at his list. "Only 4 people..."

Dusk nodded. "Yeah I did...Split insisted on coming, hoping that her psychic abilities could help on the quest...And we would've got here sooner if she didn't make me lose my magicka before coming here!!" Split scowled at him.

Summer put his hands behind his head. "How'd that work?"

Dusk rolled his eyes. "Oh the usual...'I accidently misfired my spell! It's not my fault!'" Split growled. "I'm still in training! I misfire alot! Sorry that you were caught in the crossfire!" Dusk smirked. "I offered to teach her to be more accurate, but she refused..."

Summer chuckled. "Usual, stubborn Split... anyways, anyone got any ideas on how to do this? We need..." Summer reads off of the list.

Split interuptted him. "Tesla Sword, Sapphire Katana, Rainbow Crystal, Wedding Picture...AND there are 3 other gates after this one." She smiled. Dusk rolled his eyes. "Psychic show-off...." She just giggled.

Jesse pulls up to the hotel in his truck and get out. He walks in the door. "Got caught up in traffic. What did I miss? Nora comes in, "I saw an explosion around here, somethin' up?"

Summer sighs. "Nora, I called... never mind. Jesse, you didn't miss too much. Well, we're looking for, as Split showoffingly said," he growled, glaring at Split, "A Tesla Sword, which my dad probably used. A Sapphire Katana, god knows what that's for. The Rainbow Crystal, which I have. And a picture from my mom and dad's wedding, which is kinda weird..." he closed the list. "Anyone got any ideas on how to find any of those?"

Split giggled. "We could break into your parents house and steal them!" Dusk shook his head. "Spilt, why would me and Summer steal from our own parents?" Split shrugged. "I dunno..." She smiled.

Nora shrugged,"Well if you don't need me, then I'll leave..."

Jesse thought, "Does a 'Tesla Sword' have anything to do with Tesla coils?"

"Nora, we do need you. You've got a good mind and I'm sure you'll enjoy the reward." Summer commented. Teal was typing on his laptop. "Since Summer and Dusk's dad used electricity, I'm guessing it does have to do with tesla coils... aha." Teal said. "A Tesla Sword is two tesla coils adjecent from each other, connected by a T-shaped handle." Summer looked at Teal. "English?" Teal shrugged. "Sorta like a big cattle prod, or something like that."

Dusk smirked. "Hm. And we need a Japanese sword made of Sapphire crystal? As well as a pic of our parents wedding....The only Katana I have is Nightblade, but it's made of a different crystal." Split nodded, and said, "But can't we just MAKE one? I mean, you carved the Spirit Crystals into their shapes...Why not sapphire into a katana?" "Because Split, where would we get that much sapphire?!?"

Nora stops, and comes back in but her expression hasn't changed, "What kind of reward? Because if it's money, forget about it, I'm a traveler..." Teal holds up the magazine. "It's a really good Chaos Drive. If it's paired with the three other models, it makes one insane EX Gear. Problem is, each four are locked behind one of the four gates." Summer pondered Split's questions. "No, I'm sure we could scrape together that much sapphire... but this one has to have something special about it."

Nora takes a look at the magazine, "The Giga 2000EX series, that is defently a rare chaos drive alright... Very well, I'm in!" said Nora as she brushed back her leafy hair.

"Take no offense," said Jesse, "but this seems like a wild goose chase to me, considering we don't even know where to find these things."

Summer shrugs. "I know it's quite wild, but it's one huge reward for-" The news interrupts him. "This just in. The government has decided to put a lightning rod on top of the Elementian Palace. Here's a picture of it now." The picture was of exactly what Teal described. "...ok, now that was just too convienient. Is there like, a guardian angel watching over us or something?" Summer said irritatedly.

"I'll take someone and retrieve it," says Jesse. "Volunteers?"

Summer thought for a bit. "This is a bit of a suicide mission in the rain, though. Should we search for something else...? Nah. I say anyone with an EX Gear or any type of flying powers could come. Blade could watch from the ground."

Nora took of her EX Guitar and put her foot on it, "Volunteer right here! My gear will take me up there in no time! And no lightning can scare me! Heh heh!"

"Alright then." Summer said, rubbing his hands together. "Let's go get that Tesla Sword."

Dusk rolled his eyes. "Whatever. I'm just here to help out my bro, rewards or not. Besides, I have no use for a Chaos drive. I use Battlegear...Not EX Gear." Split nodded. "We should split up. You guys could handle finding that Tesla thing, and me and Dusk can go find your katana." Dusk shrugged. "Sounds okay to me."

Chapter 2: Life on the Edge (Of the Sky)

Everyone was lined up on a ridge close to the Elementian Palace. "Security's changing right about now. This is your best shot to get in without getting shot down by anti-air." Teal said through everyone's earpieces. Summer chuckled. "Oh, this plan sucks." "Hey, short term notice."

Nora changes her gear into air ride formation.

"All right, ready!" "I'll be your eyes and ears," said Jesse, taking out his headset and binoculars.

"Let's do this." Summer pulled his goggles down over his eys and formed his Flight EX Gear. "Go go go!" he yelled, laying down on it and flying off.

"Fly up the right side of the building, that side is currently unguarded," said Jesse.

Nora knocked down her headset glasses infront of her face and took off.

"Roger that, Jesse." Summer replied. "Hurry up, your window of time is getting smaller." Teal urged.

Meanwhile, Dusk and Split teleported into the city. Split was the thief, and Dusk was the watchman. Split leaped onto a roof and burned a hole, then hopped in. Dusk spoke through his watch to Split. "Okay, get into the back room. When you're in, look for a steel safe." Split answered, "Roger that."

Two firey green eyes flickered in the darkness. Someone chuckled evilly. Whoever owned the eyes, it was obviously them.

Nora flew up, being careful of her flight actions. Which is rare for her to do.

Split sliced the door open with her claws, then smiled, eyes glittering. She stared at the blue crystal sword, then quickly snatched it up and sheathed it, then walked back into the front room. "I got the katana Dusk!" Dusk smiled. "Good work Split! Now get out of there so I can figure out what's so special about THAT specific sword." She nodded. "Right." She looked up at the hole in the ceiling, then started to hover upward with her tails.

"A patrol is gonna pass below you in four seconds, either get to the roof or go flat on the wall," Jesse says, loading a tranquilizer dart into his sniper rifle. "You get spotted, I'll take him out, go."

The chuckle was heard again. This time, instead of the eyes staying in the shadows, a figure crept out and started following the others.

The guard looks up and notices Nora and Summer flying overhead, then much to his surprise, is shot in the neck with a tranquilizzer dart. He slumps to the ground and passes out. "You're clear," says Jesse. "Go."

Summer chuckled into the radio. "Jesse, I'm liking you better by the minute. Alright, I've almost got it-" A spear of ice shot out of nowhere and sliced through a wing of Summer's Gear. Suddenly he found himself clinging onto the Tesla Sword a few hundred feet above the ground. "Uh... guys? I don't know any of us with ice powerss..." A white cat from the ground cackled evilly and shot another spear. "None but the Elementians shall have the sword!"

Split escaped with the blade, then landed near Dusk. "Mission accomplished!" She giggled happily. Dusk smiled. "Good job!" He then heard the others. "Wait...The others are in trouble! Come on!" She leaped onto Dusk's back, then flew to the Tesla Tower."

Nora took out her two finger gun hand gun pose, "Oh yeah? Says who?!" she said and shot a laser that pierced through the spear.

While the cat and Nora were dueling, Summer was working to unlodge the Tesla Sword. "What'd they use, super glue!?" he grunted, when the Sword suddenly dislodged and, being heavier then anticipated, sent Summer falling to his death...

That's when he hit a convienently placed hay bale. "Wow... that's nice." Summer mumbled, rubbing his head.

Dusk just then flew into the scene. He set Split down on a building. "Split, give me the sword!" "But Dusk! We need it!" He nodded. "Yeah, but it's sapphire. It's not gonna break easily." She gave him the sword, then Dusk unsheathed it and flew at the cat.

The cat saw this out of the corner of her eye and shot some sort of mist at Dusk. It seemed harmless until it began to freeze the tips of his wings. Summer waved to Dusk. "Dude, we've got the Tesla Sword! Fall back!" Summer formed his EX Gear again, the damage repaired, and began to fly off.

Dusk saw his wings freezing. "Dang! Frost Mist!" Dusk landed, then ran in the opposite direction. His wings were pretty much useless now. He leaped to the building. "Split, my wings are frozen. I need some heat to melt the ice." Split nodded and created a small orb of energy. "This won't hurt a bit. It'll hurt a lot." She pressed the little ball against the ice, and Dusk screamed in agony. The ice melted, but left severe burns on his wings. "There...Let's rendevous with the others." They left to meet with the rest of the team.

Nora tsk at missing her target and flew off to meet up with the rest.

Later, in the hotel, Summer examined both the Tesla Sword and the Katana. "Hm... I just can't get either to work... Teal, how about you try?" Summer handed him the katana, and immediately, a stream of water began to float around it. "Oh!" Summer said in sudden realization. "These must channel certain powers!"

Nora flips through a EX Gear magazine and says, "What's next?"

Summer looked at the list. "Well... next, we have my parent's wedding picture. Where would we find that?" A paper airplane came flying through the window and hit him on the head. "Ow!" he grumbled, then opened it up. "Art Gallery- Featuring wedding photography!" Summer leaned out the window to see a figure in a navy-blue cloak disappear. "Huh... well, THANKS!" he said, shouting to the horizion.

Nora flipped throught the magazine ignoring the scene, but then thinks about something but decides to brush it off.

Summer folds the paper back up. "So, I guess we're going."

Dusk shrugged. "I could go in and swipe it. I can turn invisible."

Summer raised an eyebrow. "Oho, where did this come from? I mean we have had a lot of missions where being stealthy would have come in handy, and we had no idea you could turn invisible." Summer waved it off. "Whatever. Let's just go get that thing."

Dusk facepalmed. Split giggled. "Dusk's always been able to turn invisible! I'm suprised that this is new to you."

Summer pinched the bridge of his nose.

Later, everybody was at the art studio and in position. "Dusk, I don't know why, but these guys have heat goggles." Summer mumbled. "The picture should be in the main hall. We'll take out any guards who'll see you." He loaded a round into his tranquilizer rifle.

Dusk nodded, then turned invisible. He climbed the walls up to the roof and crawled along there until he was over the picture. "Target sighted...Moving in." He clipped his wire to the roof, then slowly lowered himself down. He flipped himself over and drew his claws. He carved a circle on the glass.

A guard happened to look up. "What the-" A tranquilizer round hit his neck and he fell asleep. Summer grinned and cycled the bolt.

Dusk gently removed the glass disk, then pulled out the picture. He replaced the glass and sealed it, then pulled himself up. "Meet you outside..." And with that, he teleported.

Summer nodded and headed back to the hotel.

Chapter 3: The Psychic Astronomer

Summer observed the items. "Hm... we have all of them. How do we enter them into the gate?"

Split thought for a while...."A keyhole?" Dusk rolled his eyes. "Come on Split...There's no way there would be a keyhole..."

"Yea, that would just be too easy," said Blade. "Nothings ever simple."

"It is possible that there could be locks that only each of the items can open in a unique way, like a piece of rope that can only be cut by the Sapphire Katana? Somethin' like that..." said Nora, as she looked away.

Dusk shrugged. "Maybe." Split thought.

Summer sighed. "How about we get there and see if anything changed?" When they did get there, it was most certain that there was nothing changed. "Ok, maybe we have to tap a rock or something?" he murmured. "No, no no, you're doing it wrong." Summer whirled around a see a figure in a navy blue cape. It had an attached hood, so her face was covered. "You have it all wrong." she repeated.

Dusk drew his claws. "Hey, you best be telling us who you are before I go AWOL on you...." Split held him back. "No Dusk. I think she's here to help...Let her speak." Dusk nodded, then slowly retracted his claws. Split smiled, then looked at the cloaked figure. "So...What do we have wrong?"

Someone shifted in the shadows and leaped at Summer's satchel, swiping the strap in half and trying to run with it.

The figure in the blue cape thrust out a hand and sent a ripple of psychic energy at the person, and with a gripping motion, the satchel flew out of it's hands and into hers. She turned back to Dusk and pulled down her hood. "You could say I've been your guardian angel." Summer pumped his fist in triumph. "Knew it." The hedgehog shot a glare at him. "My name is Luna Astrid. I'm here to guide you in the right direction in this journey. And, what you did wrong, is that you did the gate out of order."

"Who's this guy supposed to be?" Flare asked. Blade glared at the strange person leaning agianst the rock. "You have got to be kidding me."

The injured man suddenly lifted his hand, from which a wall of flames was released.

Nora noticing this grew upset and fired a Sniper Lazar the man's head, paralyzing his body. "Sniper Lazar only paralyzes you, it cannot... hurt... you," said Nora as she blew the scentless smoke from her fingers, and then she started to drag the man's body outside.

Dusk blinked. "Out of order? That's what the instructions said....What, did we end up getting the items for the second gate or something?!?" Split shook her head. "Calm down." Dusk growled. "No way Split. We just busted our chops getting that Tesla thing and the wedding pic, AND the katana. And now we've got some psychic girl telling us that we've got this backwards?!?" Split sighed..."Sorry about Dusk...He's a little tense."

Luna smiled pleasantly. "Oh, it's alright. I expected this from him." She laced her fingers together. "You see, the gates have to be opened in a specific order for the lock for the next one to be opened. And you were half right, Dusk. Two of the gates have the exact same items required to open it. Fortunately for you, your effort is not wasted- the other gate is the first you have to open. This is the last."

Meanwhile, Nora continued to drag the strange man outside. For some weird reason, he kept making these grumbling noises, as though trying to speak, but not being able to. Eventually, the man’s satchel slipped off his side, after which he made a muffled scream, as though in pain. Curiously, Nora opened the bag to find 30-40 grenades, a glowing ruby whistle, and a tag on the side of the satchel saying “Property of Blast the Cat. DO NOT BLOW THE WHISTLE!!!!!!!”

"What is this? Blast the Cat? Is that your name? You can still move your head, you know..." said Nora as she held the satchel.

The man nodded yes.

Summer crossed his arms. "There's no way you could've gotten here without following us." Luna nodded towards the entrance. "When I was thirteen, I became the youngest girl to ever enter a motorbike race. I'm suprised you didn't hear me." Summer facepalmed.

Blade and Flare walked over to Blast. "So how did you find us?" asked Blade. "Maybe he is some stalker," flare remarked.

Blast let out more incomprehensible grumbles, trying to respond to the two new hedgehogs in his presence.

Summer sighed. "So, now we're back on the wild goose chase. Where the heck is the next gate?" Luna guestured. "I need a map." Teal handed her his data pad and she began typing. Soon, a display of 5 planets and a star. "This is where we are, in the Pulse area of Elementia." She tapped the greener half of the planet, setting a marker there. "Where we need to go is right here." She tapped Mobius, on the other side of the galaxy. "See, your mother grew up in a very famous place for EX Gear riders to race. I chose that spot to start racing. She grew up in the place of her namesake, Aqua Capital." Summer raised an eyebrow. "So... what you're saying is... we're headed back to-" Luna finished for him. "Daichi no Mizu."

Nora perked up, "Raki~?"

Summer crossed his arms. "So, we know the general area of where we're going. Small problem- How do we get across the galaxy?" Luna contemplated this. "Shouldn't the Elementians have some sort of world teleporter?" Summer shook his head. "Elementia's closest to the sun, because technically it it was made from the combined life forces of Xenonia and Amazina, making it in the center. If anyone tried to use that kind of technology, you'd get burnt to a crisp."

Dusk smiled. "Well I have a Trans-World Gate. It can take us anywhere in the universe with a simple button press." Split nodded, then said, "But Dusk, we don't have a code for Daichi no Mizu." Dusk shrugged. "We create one. Simple. I just need some coordnates, and poof, we're there."

Luna handed Dusk the datapad. "Log in the coordinates."

Dusk nodded, then teleported. After about 3 minutes, he teleported back. "Okay. The portal's open and ready to go. We just need to get to Xenonia."

While everyone was going to Xenonia, and then to Daichi no Mizu, A hedgehog and the white cat stood on a cliffside overlooking the small town. "So, have they gone?" the cat said eagerly. The older hedgehog, with orange fur, a hooded yellow coat, and some sort of armor that looked like a generator around his right arm and chest, grunted in response and swiped his hand across his view of the town. Everything was obliterated by white lightning, frying anyone inside the houses. The cat giggled. "Oh fantastic, Kessler." Kessler, shot his hand out and blasted the cat with his lightning. She went flying, stunned but not dead. "Remember, Snow, I don't work for you, I work with you. The moment I finish my objective, I will leave you." He turned to a soldier nearby. "Have you found the woman?" The soldier nodded. "Yessir! She was trying to stage a coup around the water district!" Kessler snorted. "I have no interest in that. Make sure she is on Mobius by tomorrow." With that, he teleported away.

Chapter 4: The City of Endless Streams

Summer took in a deep breath. "Ahh, the smell of water reminds me of home... wherever that was..."

Dusk remained quiet...Split giggled nervously, then mumbled to Summer, "Ixnay on past memories...." She gestured to Dusk.

"Speaking of memories..." said Nora as she looked around, "I wonder where Raki~ is...." But just as she said that a young white hedgehog with water blue hair and wearing a strange royal vest confronted everyone. "Nora? I wasn't expecting a visit from you anytime soon!" said the hedgehog,

Dusk smiled. "Long time no see, Hiroaki!"

Hiroaki does a bow as a hello. Nora merely smacked him on the head. "You don't have to be so formal Raki~!" moaned Nora, Hiroakri rubbed his head, "Please don't call me that..."

Summer grins slightly. "Anyways... Hiroaki, we were wondering if you saw a secret gate anywhere with a bunch of money and stuff in it?"

Hiroaki brushed his hair, "Hmm, well, there is a strange gate in the castle basement, but I never went down there so I don't know if it has a bunch of money, all I know is that I was never allowed down there..." explained Hiroaki.

Summer nodded. "Thanks Hiro-" Out of the corner of his eye he spotted something flying at the giant spear in the middle of Aqua Capital. "What the-? I didn't know there was a Gear that fast." Teal pointed. "Uh Summer? I don't think that's a-" The flying object collided with the spear and exploded. Summer pulled up a Reflect Shield around them to block the debris. "Terrorism, much? Who in their right mind would attack the most technologically advanced city in Mobius!?" Summer grunted. Over the horizion, an entire fleet of ships were flying towards the city...

Dusk blinked. "I think I know...." He pointed to the fleet...."Those symbols look WAY too familiar."

Summer glared at the ships. "Of course. Elementians." He turned to Hiroaki. "Hiroaki, could you go and activate any sort of defenses the city has?" Then to Luna. "Get to a high place and try to stop those missiles." Then to Nora and Dusk. "You two, let's go and see if we can sabotage much." Finally, to Split and Teal. "Can you two try and hack into their communications?"

Dusk nodded. "Right." Split smiled. "Of course! With Teal's technology, and my psychic abilities, it'll be a cinch!"

Hiroaki nodded, he then took something out of his vest pocket, "Calling all Robo-knights, this is an emergancy!There is an invasion of enemy ships in the city!" And as if on cue, secret doors revealed a bunch of knights which started to attack. "I forgot my equip for hackin' can I 'hack' away at their ships instead?" said Nora as she slung off her guitar which made a "GA-GANG" noise as it impacted the ground.

Summer pointed at the Elementian ships. "Those'll only distract them. If anything, Elementian technology is on par if not better then Daichi no Mizu's... Hiroaki, one more thing. I need you to gather the civilians and bring them to the palace. This is gonna get explosiony." Summer formed his EX Gear while the others went off and Luna teleported. "Well, just saying, this is a suicide mission. You guys aren't gonna back off on me, are ya'?"

Hiroaki ran towards the castle, as Nora got up on her EX Gear and took to the skies.

Summer did the same, dodging missles all the way. "Whoa, do the Elementians have a newfound like for pyrotechnics now?" he yelled.

Dusk flew up with them. "This should be easy." Dusk landed on one missile, ran across it, then leaped to the next, sending the first one off course and into another missile. He repeated this for a while. "Missiles are no match for an acrobat." He smiled.

Summer rolled his eyes. The Elementians were starting to send dropships to the ground, so he shot a wristgun laser into one of them, impaling it and sending it spinning.

Nora did the same to another by using Blast Lazar. Meanwhile, the voice a adult female was filling the, "Attention everyone, This is Queen Akane DaichiMizu! Please, evacuate into the palace walls immediantly! I repeat, evacuate into the palace walls immediantly!" And then swarms of people started running off into the castle.

Dusk flew off and aimed, then fired off a huge darkfire ball, destroying a lot of missiles in it's path. Meanwhile, Split focused her psychic energies, and made other missiles fly and attack the ships.

Back on Elementia, a green cat with a bag full of grenades opens his eyes. His hands extend and his body regains movement. "Well, I better see where those kids are off too.” Blast says to himself, as he walks back into the house.

After a good hour of fighting the ships, the energy in which Gears run on was almost out for both Nora and Summer, and Dusk was beginning to tire out. "They never want to give up, do they." Summer said as a fresh wave of ships came onto the scene. Suddenly, the ships stopped and a giant screen began to flicker. "Hello." a voice came out, and the image cleared to the same hedgehog that destroyed the village. "My name is Kessler. I am currently the one coordinating this attack right now..." Summer's Analyzer flicked out and began searching for Kessler's facial pattern in it's databases. No match found. "You have fought bravely, but you are no match for our numbers. Dusk and Summer, I now speak to you directly." The two brothers exchanged looks. "I want you and whatever pitiful force you can conjure up to come to the arena on top of Daichi no Mizu tower." Summer winced. "Man, we're going on a memory tour now..." Kessler chuckled. "I believe we can negotiate peace..." Teal murmured over the comms. "Over our dead bodies." The older hedgehog stepped aside, and Summer whipped out the wedding picture. "I believe we have something you want." Summer glanced up and down at the picture. The person behind Kessler was chained to the wall, her very being looking beaten, the blue fur that used to be shiny now was dull. "My god..." Summer whispered. "He has our mother."

Chapter 5: Over our Dead Bodies

Summer turned around to begin to zoom towards the arena. "I'm gonna rip you limb from limb." he growled, giving Kessler the finger.

Nora just looks at the seen with a blank face, "I'm still thinking it's a bit ironic trying to talk peace in the tower, which on top is really an arena...." she said as she yawned,

"That's the point." Summer explained. "He probably wants to fight us, or one of us."

Dusk growled. "Well, no matter WHO or WHAT he wants, I'm GONNA SHRED HIM!!" He screamed, eyes blazing.

"I have a plan," whispered Jesse to the group. "I need a group with Summer and one with me. You guys fight him, and we get your mother out while he's distracted. Any objections?"

Dusk nodded. "Yeah...He said only me and Summer. AND I'M GONNA SHRED HIM!!!!"

"No, he didn't," said Jesse. "You, he said, and whatever force you can find. That's no objections, then?"

Summer sighed. "Knowing the Elementians, they'll have snipers stationed around the building, maybe a stray capital ship or two. It'll be better to go with brute force. C'mon, for all we know, he's got a time bomb attached to her."

When everyone got to the arena, it was clear that the Elementians had cheated as always. Snipers were sitting in the stands, some with popcorn, and the doors all sealed. Summer grumbled. "My life sucks."

"What else is new?" said Nora as she adjusted her headset.

Summer shot Nora a glare. "Welcome, friends..." Kessler said.

"We're not your friends."

"Shut up."

"I'm glad you came here today to-" Summer held up a hand. "Cut the crap, what do you want?" Kessler snorted. "Rude as always. But I'll cut to the chase. I want a blood sample from you." Summer raised an eyebrow. "Really." Kessler nodded. The younger hedgehog tilted his head. "Ok...? Is that really all you want? Just a sample of my blood? To give us mine and Dusk's mother AND leave Daichi no Mizu alone?" Kessler nodded again. Summer sighed. "That was easy." He unwrapped the injury around his left wrist, gathered the blood in a vial and tossed it to Kessler. The older hedgehog caught it. "Good. Now DIE!" Summer sighed as a lightning bolt came towards him. "I knew this was coming, but did I listen? No..."

Jesse jumped in front of Summer and takes the hit for him.

Luna rushes to heal Jesse while Summer and Kessler begin dueling. The others fight off the snipers. Aqua begins to stir...

"Luna," said Jesse, clutching his stomach, "I'm not hurt too badly. Take this, and go help." Jesse pulls a pistol from his holster and handed it to Luna.

Luna slings his arm over her shoulder. "We're getting you out of the line of fire first." she said firmly.

Jesse limps with Luna to a covered spot, then falls down. "I'm fine! Now go!"

Luna handed him the pistol back. "I don't need this." She pulled an Elementian sniper from the stands and sent him crashing into the ceiling, then ran to join the fight.

Blast punched the stomach of an Elementian guard, then slamed his head into the wall. As the soldier sunk, Blast blew up the door leaing into the arena. Because he didn't have the coordinates for this part of Mobious, he took many detours, but it was nice to breath the refreshing air. "What'd I miss- WHOA!' He yelled as he dodged one of Kessler's lightning bolts.

Summer was straight as a board, as if he was backed up against an invisible wall. "Sorry, mate!" he yelled, and took a lightning bolt to the face. As he was lying on the ground, Kessler took aim and fired another lightning bolt. Someone raised the sapphire katana in defense of Summer, and the bolt harmlessly deflected off of it. "Not my son, you psychopath." Aqua growled, then assumed a fighting position.

Dusk smiled. "And now comes the part where I-" Split just growled. "GO! JUST GO!" Dusk nodded. "Right. No time for being subtle." Dusk smiled. "Wait...Split, hit me!" Split blinked. "What?!?" Dusk sighed. "HIT ME!!" Split slapped him. "Again!" Split stomped on his foot. Dusk growled...His eyes turned fiery red..."GRAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" He burst into a rage and turned into his demon form. "BRING IT ON, KESSLER!!" He flew at him.

Jesse slid his pistol across the ground to Summer.

Summer caught the pistol and fired a few rounds at Kessler. The armor around him protected him, but seeing as his advantage was gone and his prisoner escaped, he dodged Dusk and crossed his arms. "Pitiful. You are weak, flimsy. I hope you get much more strong on our next encounter." With that, he teleported. Aqua shouted after him. "That's right, run! Run like the coward you are!"

Just then, Elementian reinforcements came in through the hole where the door was.

Aqua spun around and sent a jetstream of water at the new Elementians. They were washed away, and taken by the reinforcements of Daichi no Mizu. For today, the battle was won.

Chapter 6: Vanille-Flavored Ice Cream

Everyone began to go about their daily routines againin Daichi no Mizu. There was minimal damage, thanks to the groups efforts, but the city workers would have their hands full with rebuilding the palace walls. Meanwhile, at a nearby hotel, the questions about Aqua began to rise.

Dusk didn't seem to pay any attention to Aqua at all...He just stared out the window...Split tried to comfort him, but he kept shrugging her away...She sighed and approached the rest of her friends. "He's not speaking...He doesn't want to talk to anyone....not even Miss Aqua...."

Jesse sat down wordlessly next to Dusk, took out a cloth, and began polishing his pistol. This was his version of comforting Dusk. Jesse uttered not a word.

Summer grunted, spinning his Rainbow Crystal around. "I don't want to either, Split. You know the last we saw of her? She dumped us at Fang and Vanille's parent's house. Then those two disappeared, so the four of us fended for ourselves in the Pulse part of Elementia. We only went to the Heart section to get supplies, beg, or pickpocket. Then, Test Subject." Summer shivered. "Then, Dusk goes to Xenonia, Fang and Vanille fight for the Elementians religiously, I get shipped with Lightning and Hope as rebels. They die after we find the Stones of Elements, I'm stuck heading the revoulution. Our lives are hard, and it all started with her." he jerked his chin to Aqua, who was talking quietly with Luna.

Nora looks at the ceiling in thought as Hiroaki was sitting infront of her. "Raki~ Are you sure you want to come, this ain't no travelin', and you can get hurt!" said Nora, which was a surprisment hearing her caring about someone else. "I'm not scared, I'm not as weak as I was, and besides, my body can withstand bullets and such! I'm... I'm not scared!" shouted Hiroaki, Nora brushed her bangs back and sighed. She didn't say anything, but it was a sign she didn't care either way if he joins or not.

"So Summer, was that your name? How can I be of assistance?" Blast said walking over to Summer.

Summer grunted. "I don't know. We're at a loss at this point."

"Well, whatever you need, I'm glad to help, as long as it means getting revenge on those Elementian for what they did." Blast repllied. "Plus, a little extra gold can't hurt."

Summer raised an eyebrow. "What did they do?

"That memory hurts... I don't want to talk about it." Blast said in a grim tone.

Dusk just grunted...Split sighed and whispered to him. "Dusk, come on...She's your mother." Dusk looked at Split coldly. "She stopped being my mother when she left us many years ago...It's amazing I still care for her at all..." Split nodded. "Right. You may hate her...But you still know that she's your mom, and you can't let that go." Dusk sighed. "Maybe so, Split...but right now....Nothing matters..."

This silence lasted through the night. Teal couldn't sleep so he kept watch on top of the roof. Luckily, the binoculars he always had with him had a night vision feature so he could watch more efficiently. Suddenly, he began to sniff. "What the- Why does it suddenly smell like peaches?" The young fox shrugged it off and began to keep watch again. The scent began to get stronger through the night until Teal couldn't stand it anymore. "I'm going to find those dang peaches." he grumbled, turning around. That gave his adversary the chance. Teal felt something coil around his neck, and only gave a short yell before it shocked him into unconsiousness.

Summer stirred and took a whiff of the air. "Eh, whazzup, Vanille, what'd you get from the city this time..." Summer's eyes shot open. "Wait a minute- peaches!?" Summer turned on the light, causing everyone to groan and rub their eyes. Summer locked the window, closed the air vent and locked the door. "What're you doing?" Luna questioned sleepily. Summer stood in the middle of the room, listening. He directed his answer to Dusk. "Our past seems to want to haunt us." he whispered. "Only one person in the world is talented and girly enough to make a smoke signal that smells like peaches." He heard a thump. Summer slowly reached for one of Jesse's pistols and took aim at the air vent. "Gotcha." A flurry of the pistol's rounds hit the vent and a screech emitted, sending a black armored figure hurdling through the vent and at Summer. Her lightning whips were coiled by her hips and the gauntlets were clawed. Summer sidestepped and the figure went through the window.

Dusk growled..."Not her again..." He got out of bed and sighed. "Should I go out there and finish the job?"

They had no need to move, as the figure came hurling in. Summer kneeled and stuck his sword out like a spear. It lodged itself into the helmet of the figure, and Summer twisted the sword and pulled it back, taking a chunk with it. You could see one blue eye and peach colored fur. (ironically) Luna waved her hand, and the eye began to flutter, before the figure slumped down in sleep. Summer blinked. "That was easy."

"An inch closer and we'd be facing a murder charge," said Jesse, checking the figure for a pulse. "Alive, at least... wait, we're missin' someone."

Nora looked around, but then had a sudden realization, "Where's Teal?"

"What's all the racket?" Blast said, awaking from his coma-like sleep.

Dusk teleported to the roof, then teleported back in, with Teal slumped in his arms. "He's not dead, but he's not very alive...Split, can you heal him?" Split nodded drowsily and started to heal Teal.

"I'll be taking that back now," says Jesse, taking his gun back from Summer. "Now who is this person?"

"Whoever they are, they got some nerve messing with my sleep schedule!" Blast said as he wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

Summer nudged the figure with his foot. "Vanille... like I was saying to Split, she and her sister fight religiously for the Elementians" Summer investigated Vanille's eyes. "Dilated pupils. A sign of hypnosis... must be a very strong psychic controlling her."

Split blinked. "Wow...Even I'm not that skilled..." Dusk nodded. "And I don't think it's anyone who's too friendly to us...I bet it's that Kessler jerk that nearly killed us back in Mobius..."

Aqua crossed her arms. "Well, maybe it could be a potion that's served daily or so to her. A lot of potions can enduce mind control, brewed right..." Luna held her chin in her hand. "Maybe some sort of injection." Teal coughed from his corner of the room. The young fox had awoken and had listened to the conversation. "Well... that Kessler guy used electric powers, right?" Summer nodded. "Right." Teal continued, "Well, the brain runs on electric signals to the rest of the body, so... if he's really powerful, he could be doing that." Aqua snapped her fingers. "That's right. In this battle, he didn't even use half of his moves, so it must be a large portion of power being used to control her." Summer sighed. "Well, that's good and all, but how can we cure her?" Aqua faltered. "Well, your father can." Summer corrrected her with a glare. "Could." Aqua shook her head. "No. Can."

Dusk growled...."What do you mean....CAN?" He put Teal down, then glared at Aqua. "HE died trying to SAVE US..." He drew his claws. Split ran over and held Dusk back. "NO DUSK!!" Dusk broke from her grasp, but drew his claws back. He didn't say a word...He just turned and left, slamming the door behind him. Split bit her lip.

"If your mother is alive," Jesse suggests, "he probably is too. Just sayin'."

"Well, if he is alive, where do we find him?" Blast said, still slightly sleepy.

"How DO we find him? And as a matter of fact, how do you even know he's alive?" Summer growled, inching towards the door. Aqua nodded towards the Tesla Sword. "I put a spell on the sword so that it would break when the user died. The user was obviously your father. Also, we met up a little after I left you in the woods. He said he'd be somewhere around one of the gates, so..." Aqua began walking out. "Come on, we're going to my gate to unlock it."

"I don't know, it was just a suggestion!" exclaims Jesse. He quickly follows.

Split looked worried. "But what about Dusk? He's so reckless when he's mad...We can't just leave without him!"

"Well, where would Dusk go?" Blast asked, finally awake.

Summer pondered that. "Probobly to Xenonia to brood." Aqua kept walking. "Good, because that's where we're going next." Summer scratched his head. "What?" Aqua began to explain. "The four gates were placed on Elementia, Xenonia, Amazina, and Mobius. The order is Mobius, Xenonia, Amazina, and Elementia."

Split still seemed uncomfortable...She didn't just want to up and leave Dusk, but she really didn't have any choice..."I'll open a portal in the morning."

Blade being confused asked "Where is the gate anyway?"

Split shrugged. "The only gate I can think of is the one inside the Palace basement. But the only things behind it are the Spirit Crystals. If there's anything strange about that room, I'm sure Dusk would know about it."

Aqua sighed. "I have absolutely no idea where Terra would've hidden his gate. All I know is that we won't be able to open it without the list of items. I...believe... I left the list at my gate." Summer threw his hands up. "So we don't even know where or how to open it! Great!"

Split blinked. "Maybe I could use my psychic powers to find it..." She closed her eyes and consentrated. "Nnnng....I can SEE the gate, but not the's too vague." She sighed..."Something is blocking me."

Aqua nodded. "We thought of everything when it came to protection for the gate." She turned over in the bed. "Well, to sleep. We've got some walking to do back to Daichi." With that, she fell asleep.

Jesse gets a chair, sets it up against a wall, and sits in it, brandishing his pistol. "I'll watch our new friend. You guys get some rest."

Split seemed restless...."I'm too restless..." She didn't seem to want to go to bed.

The next day, while Blast was hauling Vanille's body, everyone finally reached Aqua's gate. "Here, this should work." she mumbled. Aqua offered up the items, and in turn, they turned to light and rushed at the gate. In one big flash, the gate was gone, and Aqua's armor, the money, and the Chaos Drive were free from their confines.

DUH NUH NUH NUH! You got Aqua's armor! It no longer fits her. Maybe Split, Luna, or Nora could fit into it.

Split stared at the rewards. She blinked. "That's nice and all, but what good is armor? Is there some sort of battle going to happen?"

Nora just looked away....

Aqua observed the armor. "Hm. I wouldn't know." She held up one of the arms. "It's assembled, which is unusual. Kessler doesn't seem like money or EX Gear, so the armor must be what he's after." Summer was staring at the armor. "...does it seem to anyone that this armor and the armor Vanille was wearing are strikingly similar..?"

Nora just went and took the chaos drive, she put it in her cape pocket.

Split nodded...."That's odd..." She walked over and inspected the armor more closely. "Hmm." She carefully snuck some gold coins into her pocket with her tails.

Summer sighed. "Anyways, so the next gate is in Xenonia, and with Dusk gone off to sulk, we're stuck here trying to figure out how to get there."

Split sighed, then opened a portal. "Were you listening to me at all when I said I can use my Safety Gem?!?" She pointed toward the portal. "Get in."

Summer thought back to previous conversations, then, realizing Split really did mention something about open portals, chuckled nervously. "Sorry." Everyone got into the portal, and they left for the next gate.

Chapter 7: Map to the Magic

Summer looked around. They seemed to have landed near some forest of some kind. "Hm. This must be where Split and Frostfire used to live." he mused. "Where would the gate be?"

"Sigh, if Hiro was here she would help us find it, she happens to be a Klutz of Luck!" snickered Nora,

Split shook her head. "My family lived in the Jungle district, about 2 miles that way. I think we're in the Forest district." Suddenly there was a loud explosion sound, like a large magic attack hitting something hard. Then a tree fell over nearby.

Summer glanced at the tree. "Sorry for sounding so obvious, but I don't think we're alone."

Nora just gave a look....

Split looked nervous. "That wasn't just any magic attack..." She ran over to the tree and looked at it. "This thing is over 3 feet wide! And look at the cut!" She pointed to where the tree broke. "It's almost smooth!" Suddenly, there was another loud explosion, and another tree fell. A strange black...THING climbed over the debris. It seemed to be made of shadows, with long tentacle-like extremities, and had bright purple eyes. It hissed at everyone and growled, bearing it's razor-like fangs. Split jumped back and ran behind Summer, shivering.

Summer held up a finger. "That CANNOT be Dusk!" Luna stepped in front of the group, psychic energy swirling at her fingers. "Whatever it is, it isn't our friend." Summer shot off a ball of darkfire, hoping the light would scare it off. Luna stomped on Summer's foot when the beast absorbed it. "Darkfire? Shadows? Common sense?" she hissed.

"Well then if it's shadows, then it can't stand light, right?" said Nora, and then she fired a lazar at it.

The creature simply created a hole in it's body, and the lazer went right through it. It hissed again, but that's when Dusk leapt in and landed on the creatures back. He stomped on it's neck, making a loud cracking noise. The creature lay there, dead. "Freakin' demons..." He looked up to see his friends. "Oh. It's you guys..." He said, then started to search the creature. Split ran over and hugged him. "You saved us!" Dusk just snickered. "Actually, I had no idea you were in danger. This little jerk stole my stuff." He pulled out a satchel, as well as a strange piece of EX Gear.

"Thanks..." said Nora sarcasticly,

Summer rolled his eyes. "Fantastic. You save us without the intention of saving us. Makes me feel so much better... anyways, you find a gate or anything?"

Dusk shrugged. "Well...I certainly found something. By the way, if you guys WERE in danger, I would've saved you. But it's sorta hard to save someone if you don't even know they're in trouble. Anyway, I found something you might want to see." He started to walk toward the palace.

Summer shrugged and followed.

Split looked at Dusk's items curiously. "Hey Dusk...Why do you have EX Gear? And what's in the satchel?" Dusk said nothing. "Dusk?" "It's nothing Split." He kept walking.

Up ahead, a flickering red light was apparent through the trees.

Summer squinted at the light. "What the heck is that?" His Analyzer flicked open and began scanning. NO RESPONSE. "Mmph. The Analyzer doesn't pick it up."

Summer took a closer look and saw the light was coming from a fiery red mass in the forest.

"Uh, what is that?" said Nora as she put her arms behind her head.

Just then, jets of flame strted bursting out of the mysterious red blob.

"Get outta the forest, we'll be ripped to shreds by the falling trees!" Jesse exclaims as he runs and slides out of the trees.

There was a loud CRACK and a burnt tree came crashing down. When the smoke cleared, there was a man standing where the fire ball just was. "A guy can't drag a body away for 10 minutes without being ditched, can he!" Blast exclaimed in an angry tone.

Summer blinked a couple of times. "Wait... YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD!?" Summer grabbed Blast's shirt collar and shook him. "WHAT KIND OF IDIOT THINKS THAT?!" Unfortunately, he failed to notice the conviently placed tree about to fall down on him. Lightning whips hissed through the air and sliced the tree, leaving the two unscathed. "He didn't leave me very far." Vanille grumbled, her accent going against her mood. She grabbed Summer and Blast and teleported them out of the forest. When they appeared, Vanille let go of Summer and pushed Blast to the ground.

Dusk noticed the other trees...They were too damaged to stay up. "CRAP!" He quickly grabbed everyone and teleported to the palace, where they were safe. Dusk sighed. "I hope Summer is okay. Without his location, I can't help him..." Split blinked. "Wait, I can hone in on him." Dusk shook his head. "Not now, Split. I'm sure he's safe. Right now, I need to show you my...discovery."

Blast stood up and dusted himself off. "Well, I knew she wasn't dead, but I wanted to put her body somewhere where the housekeeping wouldn't find her and freak out! And when I got back, you all were gone!"

Summer and Blast continued arguing back and forth as they walked to the Xenonian Palace. when they finally got there, you could practically see steam erupting from Vanille's head. "Would you two... please... shut.... up..." she growled, her hand reaching for one of her whips. Summer's mouth closed in midsentance.

"Fine, we can talk about this later, but now, where's the second gate?" Blast asked, watching Vanille carefully.

Meanwhile, Dusk took the others to a hidden area of the palace. "This way..." He took them all the way down into a sub-basement, where he pointed to a large map covering the entire wall. "This ancient map can show you the location of anything, anywhere in Xenonia. Except the gate...I tried to find it, but something locked me out...Magic, most likely...But it might help us find a clue to where it is."

Vanille kicked down the door, causing everyone to look towards them. "Stuff just got real." she said, wearing sunglasses. Summer stood next to her, also wearing sunglasses. "I know kung-fu." A large explosion rocked the castle behind them. "Thanks Blast." Summer mumbled. Aqua rolled her eyes and turned back to the map. "Here." she pointed towards a building marked Stage. "We hid the object to get into Terra's gate there."

Blast walked over to examine the map "Well then what are we waiting for?"

Dusk studied it more carefully. "Hold on....That building is in the Magic district...That place is full of dangerous magical creatures! If we're going there, we have to be careful."

Blast took a closer look at the map "So... how far's the Magic district from here?"

Dusk shrugged. "Only a couple miles. We could get there in a couple minutes if we fly. Or only a split-second if I teleport. But if we do, I'm going to be powerless until tomorrow." Split shook her head. "No. We'll fly. We need your magic sheilding."

"Well, if we're flying, than I can give you guys a lift," Blast said, walking towards the exit."Well, don't just stand there, follow me!"

Aqua looked at the rest of the group, shrugged, and followed Blast. Summer soon walked out too.

When the group got outside, Blast reached into his satchel and pulled out his ruby whistle. “You might want to cover your ears for this” Blast said, as he put the whistle to his mouth and blew. The sound released was so loud and shrill that it shattered a few windows on the castle. Red smoke billowed from the whistle’s end and manifested into the silhouette of a large, red dragon before solidifying. “Well everybody, hop on!” Blast said, gesturing to his dragon.

"I got tail gunner," Jesse says, hopping on the back and pulling out his briefcase. He takes a hunting rifle out of it and loads it.

"Now that's the spirit!" Blast said, climbing up to the dragon's head.

Summer grinned and as he climbed up gave Blast a hi-five. "Now THIS is pretty awesome!" Aqua lingered behind a bit. "Ehm... is there... like, a ground route or something?" Luna shrugged. "Well, if you feel like getting shredded to pieces by monsters, be my guest. What's wrong with the dragon?" Aqua gave a glare at the wings. "I'm... a little afraid of heights." Summer snorted. "And look at that. One of your sons has wings and the other rides EX Gear. How ironic." Aqua rolled her eyes and mumbled a curse at the dragon under her breath. Finally, with great reluctance, she got on the dragon.

Split climbed onto Dusk's back, and Dusk spread his wings. Split giggled. "We'll lead the way!" Dusk broke a bright glowstick, then gave it to Split. "It's really foggy in Xenonia, especially in the skies. Follow our light." Dusk said, then he took off into the night skies.

"Ok, lets fly!" Blast yelled, and with that, the dragon went airborne.

Chapter 8: Metal Gear Solid- Xenonia Edition

As they landed in the Magic District, everyone noticed a change in tone. Though it was always night in Xenonia, everything seemed to be darker. Creatures hid in the shadows and a few whispered to themselves as they past, some running off as if to deliver a message. "I don't like this place..." Aqua murmured. Summer rolled his eyes. "Oh boy, a few thugs. Whatever will we do!?" A hooded figure came up to Aqua. "I see that you would like the Ocarina of Locks..." he said quietly, almost whispering. The two conversed for a bit. Finally, they came back to the group. "Everyone, this is Scitta, our guide." Luna looked at him weirdly, but said nothing.

Dusk remained quiet...He gripped something around his neck...Split knew well what it was..."We have to be careful...The Magician species here can be dangerous...Just try to to anger them..." As soon as she said THAT, a strange hooded figure came out, bearing a long staff that ended in a crystal ball. The crystal glowed, but the figure didn't do anything yet...Dusk glared, then approached the figure.

"........." Nora said nothing, knowing how powerful magicians are, remembering a past exprience with a wind magician.

It was a fairly long walk, with Scitta guiding them and the creepy guy with the glowy staff following them. Eventually, Scitta reached a worn down building. "If you bother to sit down, get ready to feast your eyes on the most amazing thing. I guarentee you'll stand up," With that, he flung the door open, revealing it to be filled with...

"Cardboard boxes?"

Scitta nodded. "The ultimate sneaking tool. Every soldier should have one." Aqua facepalmed and Summer folded one of them up and placed it in his satchel. "So... why did you bring us here?" Scitta jerked his thumb towards a fancy, lit-up building. "Old man Gaynoobface is clingy with the Ocarina, so we'll have to sneak in and get it." Luna raised an eyebrow. "What kind of last name is Gaynoobface?" Suddenly, without warning, everyone turned to Teal, who hadn't said anything for the last week or so. "Well?" Summer said impatiently. Teal blinked, as he had been blissfully working on something. "Say wha?" Luna sighed. "You haven't said anything in a long time." Teal blushed. "Yeah, well, I've been working on something." Everyone stared at him, which made him go on. "I made these things... well, try them out. I guess they'd fit on Summer or Dusk. Maybe even-" Teal blinked, his devices gone out of his hands. Summer was trying them on, one orange and one blue. "Tell me what they do." he said eagerly. Teal hesitated. "Well, I haven't really tried them-" Summer pressed a button on the orange one, which made a ball of light that went through the air to a wall, and expanded into an oval. "PORTAL!" Summer cheered.

Dusk smiled. He knew how much his brother loved portal...Meanwhile the magician finally spoke. "Ahyta gyaxy cumbala fraifsse." Dusk looked at him. "Ancient Alyied?"

Summer sighed. "Great. He's probobally telling us the secret to life, the universe, and everything and we can't understand him."

Jesse walks forward and places his hand on the closed orange portal. "What is this thing supposed to be?"

Dusk shook his head. "No, I understand Alyied." The magician repeat himself. "Ahyta gyaxy cumbala fraifsse." Dusk took a minute to decipher that..."He's saying that he might be able to help us." "Hyjaus kylama ortohou hrotesth." "And that his tribe will help us too."

"I hope his tribe is nice, unlike that bratty magician, Veil! What a spoiled girl!" moaned Nora as she stretched,

The magician scowled at Nora, then said, "Arfata gyrasmm hisfwea huteyes....aok...." Dusk made a startled face, then blushed and turned away..."I'm not deciphering that...."

"What I say?" said Nora looking back and forth to everyone,

Dusk shook his head...."No...It wasn't anything bad about YOU......erm......" Dusk blushed red and scratched his quills....Split just giggled. She knew exactly what he said.

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