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"Inis 'Inkly' Linnea, comin' at ya!"


Inkly is a pink Mobian Pig with her hair brushed up in a curl. She has brown eyes and her ears wrapped in magenta flower petals as if they were pigtails. She sports a lime green frilled top that matches her lime green dress shoes. Inkly also wears a black belt with a gold ring on it and gray shorts. Freckles cover her face and arms up.


Inkly used to be a very hostile person, before she met her friends, and many people theorize she still might be slightly hostile. However, Inkly had grown to be more passive-aggressive over time. To try to keep her mind off her anger, she often tries to cause mischief or eat.

Inkly also attempts to act ditzy or shy in front of new people, compared to her true personality of being a slightly arrogant snarker. Though, she won't put her ego in the way of making herself better, she still likes to talk herself up as someone who's incredibly important.

Inkly also loves to cause mischief, as long as no one gets hurt in the process. This brings out her more childish side of her. Though, despite being childish, the moment something or someone she loves is threatened, she'll become extremely serious and protect him/her/it no matter what.


Inkly was not raised by Mobian Pigs, like you'd expect. Her mother, whom was a Mobian Pig just like her, left her father, whom was a rooster, with Inkly and her younger brother, whom is a chick/rooster. Inkly only knew her mother for two years, before she left. Her father, who couldn't make money to raise his children by himself, moved in with his own parents and sister. Things were fine when Inkly was a child at first, but the older Inkly got, the more hostile her environment got. it wasn't just the environment getting hostile, Inkly herself was getting hostile.

She got worse in kindergarten, when she used to attack and hurt the other students. It went on for a year, until Inkly's guardians moved her to another school the following year. Inkly was hectic the first pat of the year, but she quickly calmed down, with great reason...

Her guardians had a great big fight, where her grandfather threw a chair at her father. It was at that time Inkly realized something, that she had to change. She hated the idea of being even slightly frustrated. The rest of her years in elementary school were way better than when she first got there. After elementary school, her parents moved her back to her old district.

Things were normal, and Inkly attempted to act ditzy in order to make people forget what she was like in kindergarten. Some students were new, so they didn't recognize her and she attempted to befriend them. Due to her acting ditzy, they didn't take her seriously and made fun of her. Until some students recognized her, that is. During the rest of middle school, some students avoided her, while others made fun of her.

Finally, in high school, Inkly acted shy, and surprisingly made friends with a few of the older students at the school. When the second year came around, she made friends with some younger students. Inkly is currently in her third year of high school.


Fern the Bull

Inkly's boyfriend of the sorts. Unlike Inkly's family, and Inkly herself, Fern is rather peaceful. He cares deeply for his girlfriend, though he doesn't show it all the time. The two get along quite well, though, and they share some of the same interests.

Joy the Goat

Inkly's best friend and co-mischief maker when Inkly wants to have fun. Like Inkly and Fern, Inkly and Joy share some of the same interests, such as food and video games. Joy is also Inkly's partner when it comes to fighting.

Tuana the Rabbit

Though the two aren't together that often, Inkly and Tuana are still pretty good friends with one another. The two don't agree on certain things such as Inkly's hostility and Inkly dating Fern, but the two agreed to disagree.

Patricia the Giraffe

Patricia may or may not be afraid of Inkly, due to the fact she was hostile when she was younger. Inkly really wants to befriend Patricia, but Patricia doesn't know if she wants to be friend Inkly.

Orchid the Panda

Orchid and Inkly are really good friends with one another. They don't share some of the same interests, but rather, the same ideas. Even if their friends don't agree with them.


Shirley the Piplup

Inkly hates Shirley a lot, even if Shirley isn't an enemy of hers. Shirley appears to feel mutual.


Big Blue the Donkey

Inkly appears aggravated with Big Blue, and with good reason, seeing as Big Blue is slightly evil. Big Blue doesn't know who Inkly is, or she doesn't care enough to know.

Hannah the Squirrel

Another person Inkly dislikes with a burning passion, Hannah is sexist towards anyone and everyone who's male. Except for her boyfriend, that is.

Eve the Iguana

Eve is a devious and cunning liar, who will do anything in her power to become rich and famous. Even through illegal means, which is why Inkly hates her.


Her abilities consist of the following:


Being the animal Inkly is, a Mobian Pig, Inkly is a superb digger, as well as a quick one. However, Inkly's digging does not rival that of a Mobian Mole's digging abilities.


As you'd expect from a pig, Inkly has incredible scenting abilities. Much like Digging, though, her scent doesn't rival a Mobian Dog's. Well, if Inkly's not looking for truffles.

Panoramic Vision and Binocular Vision

Inkly has great eyesight, which is what you would expect from a Mobian Pig. Her panoramic view is as far as 310° and her binocular vision is between 35° to 50°.


Inkly skills are:

Heavy Lifting

She not as powerful as her friend, Joy, but Inkly still is pretty powerful, even if she can only lift 20 pounds of weight.


  • Inkly is deathly afraid of small things.
  • Inkly's not that smart.
  • Inkly's not that strong, either.
  • Inkly is prone to rushing into to things without thinking.
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