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Cquote1 Everywhere I go, all I hear is pop and all that hip-hop stuff, and sure it sounds lovely and pure amazing.... But nobody is ever interested in classic music. Not me. I love writing all kinds of symphonies, sonatas and all kinds of musical pieces. It's shameful that there's not many others out there who share this interest with me, but one day, I'll show the world what I'm capable of. I feel like my dream of going to a world famous concert hall to showcase my string instrument talent to thousands of others is slowly coming true! Cquote2

Ingrid the Sheep is a fan character adopted by Darkest Shadow. She is a somewhat shy sheep who is a big fan of classical music. She was born a string instrument prodigy, and can play almost every single string instrument there is. Ingrid also has the power to manipulate cotton from her hand.


Ingrid hasn't really come a long way. The creator adopted this character from HyliEnzan, a deviantART user. It took the creator a while to name her, but he found a perfect name to suit her. He also figured "Nobody says the name Ingrid" anymore.

He also had the idea of having a music prodigy in mind for quite a while. But he thought that Ingrid gave off a "classical music vibe" and wanted to make her just a string instrument prodigy. He found the idea of a classic musician to be even more unique then her name.

General Info

Ingrid Peyton Becker is a 15 year old sheep living in a fairly small house on 109 Merlin Circle in Califlore Town. Both of her parents work for quite a long time, so for most of the day she lives alone. Not many people in her neighborhood really like to hang out with her. She also has a pet kitty named Sunkiss, so she can have some company. She loves to stroke her head and snuggle with her.

While she is home, she usually works on practicing her string instruments. Currently, she owns a violin, a viola, a cello, a double bass, a harp, a sitar, a guitar, two pianos (one grand and one upright), a bass guitar, a banjo and a ukulele. Most of those instruments she can play professionally, like the violin, and piano, but some she has much trouble, like the banjo and the sitar. Everyone thinks that she has way to much to juggle and handle, but learning music is easy for her.

When she's at school, she is very easy to talk to, and is classified as one of the loners of the school. Her friends find her to be very interesting, and many students come to her house to see her play her instruments. A lot of people, especially 'old-timers' like to give her money to hear her amazing talents in string instruments.

To become more social, she decided to take up courses in baking and crop growing. She does this so that she could not only make good foods, but get a little more social and come out of her shell. She also joined an upcycling club and grew an interest in fashion.


Ingrid is like your typical big sister. She is friendly and loyal to others. She speaks somewhat quietly, but clearly. She likes to have as many friends as she gets, and happens to not let any of them down. Ingrid tries her best to keep secrets, even though she hates when she has to lie to one of her friends for another one of her friends. She also helps out anyone, even if they aren't friends in anything that they could possibly need help with.

Ingrid is also pretty serious and straight-forward. Even though she is friendly, she takes jokes to be very serious, and if the joke is something that is offensive towards others, she wouldn't even fake a laugh. She doesn't like it when people pretend that they have things they don't.

The sheep also happens to be somewhat naïve and ignorant. Along with her seriousness, she doesn't really understand what a figure of speech is, and usually does anything someone says. She would even go on a fake wild goose chase because she's that oblivious that she is being tricked.


Ingrid's full outfit

Physical Appearance

Ingrid currently stands at a height of 3'5, and weighs about 77 lbs. Her fur coat is a white color. Her hair is curly, a lime-green color, and goes down to her waistline. Her tail is also lime green, and curly. Her ears are also usually pointed down. Her eyes are big, and separated, and have two eyelashes on each eye. Her muzzle is also white, like her fur. Her pupils are also blue.

Ingrid has a school-style outfit that is also pretty cute and looks well on her. She has a pale yellow long-sleeved blouse with only two buttons on the top, and a lime green flower shaped collar that she wears upwards. She also wears a dark yellow skirt. For footwear, she wears pale green boots with white tips, white soles, and lime-green socks.


Musical Talents

Ingrid has shown to possess a talent of playing all instruments in the string family with ease and professionalism. She learned this over the years as she found string instruments to be very easy. Her favorite string instrument to play is her large harp, but she is best at violin. Although she is in high school, Ingrid pushes herself to play extremely difficult pieces that not even college professionals can play. Although she is amazing at most of her string instruments, some of them, like the octobass, she is still practicing.

Along with that, Ingrid is a very skilled music composer. She is easily inspired by almost anything to write music. Currently, this sheep has written a total of 12 compositions. All of her compositions are considered classical music. Her most famous piece is a lullaby-like piano and orchestral percussion ensemble entitled "Rainclouds". As a project, she is working on her first symphony.

Other Skills

Cooking/Baking- Over the years, Ingrid had and still has a strong interest and talent in baking. From all of the cooking shows she has watched, she decided to learn how to make them herself. Her recepies turn out to be great, and she sometimes changes them up a bit to make them even better. Her friends say that she bakes the best cupcakes in the world! She sometimes burns things however, but covers it up and tries again. She loves baking desserts, yet she needs work on her salads.

Growing CropsAlthough she lives in an area with supermarkets and grocery stores, Ingrid prefers to grow her own crops not only to save up money, but for her own enjoyment. She tends to always check on her crops to watch them grow, and has a field of them. After several weeks or months, when they are ready to eat, most of them turn out to be great. Usually, she always pulls out the weeds, waters the plants, and picks her fruits and crops at the right time.

First-Aid and Healing- Her parents have both taught her this. Ingrid has learned many lessons on first aid and how to take care of small problems. She is still learning, and has her very own first aid kit. Some people think of Ingrid as sort of a nurse for this reason, as she tries to heal small accidents, and sometimes even bigger problems. She also learned many remedies on how to heal certain sores and illnesses and found a few helpful medicines.

Powers and Abilities

Cotton Manipulation

Ingrid has the unusual ability to manipulate cotton. This power varies in many different ways and comes in several different forms. She could make a cotton army come before her, or make a cotton shield, or just make a simple cotton ball appear from her hand. She usually uses this as a form of self-defense, and showcasing. When she manipulates cotton, she can sometimes harden it to the density of a boulder to cause serious damage.


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