Inge is believed to be a purebred entity from the ancient and powerful Mobian race heralded as the Demons, though this is not something that has been confirmed. Secretive and known only by their first name, Inge is something of a whispered legend in many biological communities of the modern era, including that of the Dark Council.


Inge has never had an appearance that has been easy to pin down; with a wide range of species appearances in both masculine and feminine forms. This has made a definitive lockdown of their precise "true form" quite difficult, with appearances ranging from hedgehog or fox through to reptilian races like a snake, avian forms like hawks or even the arachnid form of a spider. What is clear to all, however, is that these beings are not simply passing themselves off as this entity Inge, but are all likely the same being. This is primarily due to the highly distinctive tattooed pattern of an opening cherry blossom emerging from beside their left eye in a deep magenta, the mythological emblem of the ancient "demon" Clan Sakuya. Aside for this, most of Inge's appearances have a pale pink-white appearance for fur, while their eyes are a saffron yellow.


While the attire tends towards reds, purples and whites, the precise nature of Inge's clothing comes down to the species and gender the entity has taken.



Inge has a major reputation as a geneticist and bio-alchemist of legendary repute, with even scientists of the level of Bubonic the Hedgehog possessing some knowledge of the whispered ancient. Inge's work and research are highly celebrated by immoral scientists as their interests were always in the biological manipulation of sentient beings, even should they not wish for it. This is in line with the mythical reputation of their supposed clan possessing armies of flesh-golems and mutated monstrosities that would beg to be slain even while violently throwing themselves at their enemy. Indeed, Inge has never made an appearance without being protected by some kind of hulking, groaning behemoth of uncertain race or intelligence, leaving many uncertain if it was once a living Mobian, or some kind of Frankenstein-like creation.

Similarly, Inge has evolved into something of a nightmarish entity for those who try to hold a moral standpoint towards the body, or view the sanctity of flesh. Many of these experiments come at a cost; and those of high ideals view the treatments offered as barbaric, inhumane or simply downright cruel and evil.

It is reported that a sample believed to be from Inge reacts in a way very similar to Demon blood, and as such has been classified by the United Federation for secrecy. However, it is listed on record that the sample bears the biomarker for the genetic ability known as Wonder Lock. This ability, rare among Mobians, serves to bind elemental powers of both elemental and magical natures from others at will, with the wielder and those they will still capable of "wondrously" wielding them.

If the theories of Inge's race are correct, it is expected that the many forms that the entity has taken are due to a possession-based shapeshifting requiring Inge to enter and depart the bodies of beings that are genetically of that race. This key feature is most important in the case of a bio-hacker like Inge due to their flesh-golemoid protectors. Similarly, it is expected that the entity would possess omnikinesis, enhanced strength, speed and sensory capabilities, and control over Chaos Energy. Indeed, if Inge is a member of the mythical Clan Sakuya, then they likely have a preference to the elements of Water and Light, the latter somewhat ironic for a being referred to as a demon.







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