Infinity glove

Used by Blur the hyena


Blur the hyena

Lucas the hyena

Al the tiger

focus the hyena

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This weapon has proven to be powerful.It is a weighted gauntlet and claw.It builds up strength and speed.when upgrade by Emerald,The gauntlet is charged with Energy to shoot targets far away and with a amount of strength you can trust.In sonic and the black knight,Sonic's escalibur was an older version on the one here in 2015


The Ring-Blades were created by Dr. Ellidy after his retirement from the Kingdom of Acorn, using his research on magic rings. They were given to Sally Acorn years after Dr. Ellidy's departure, which was the "first time [they've] heard from him in years."

Following Sally's establishment of the New Freedom Fighters to combat the Eggman Empire, she would utilize these weapons to combat Dr. Eggman's forces from time to time and would become highly adept at using them. It is unknown though whether it is through a natural talent or an unknown amount of practice.

Blur:It has been given to blur as a late birthday gift from Dr.Ellidy. To be continued

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