Infinity Bottle

The Magic Infinity Bottle

The Infinity Bottle is a mysterious item recently discovered by Christina the HedgeCat . It contains a magic power to make Christina transform into Shinning Christina.


The Infinity Bottle is a very thin bottle. It is a tan-golden color that shines and sometimes even sparkles when in light. There is no label on it. On top is a cap that can be opened when you press your thumb against the lower tip, like a shampoo bottle. Inside of the Infinity Bottle is this beautiful golden substance that shimmers and sparkles in the light. 



The Infinity Bottle holds potential to cause a super transformation for the chosen person who receives the bottle. It gives them a boost in a power that is held in the core of their heart and talents. For extra special users, there could be more than one stage to fufill more of it's true power.

In Christina's case, she was one of the chosen ones to keep and treasure the mysterious bottle. Since her heart is soft and she has a special healing power when she wraps her hair around a damaged enemy, her boost relies on healing. 



One day, Christina was practicing using her weapon, The Beauty Javelin. She was training with it using target practice to try to work on her aim. All the sudden, the cap of it mysteriously opens in the middle of one of her throws, and a mysterious bottle popped out from it and hit the target! Confused, and not knowing what to do, she picked up the bottle.

It was nothing she had never seen before. The cap of a bottle had a note stuck in it. She pressed her thumb against the crooked part to open the cap. The note read: "Dear Chosen One; In this bottle contains a magic with what the eyes of nobody had seen before. Only one in 894.5 million people around the world can access the powers you will see from this bottle. Christina Sabrina Transon the HedgeCat, please accept this gift." Nobody signed the name, so she didn't know where it was from.

She opened up the bottle and squeezed it to pour the liquid substance from the bottle into her hand. She thought, it's just shampoo. However, it wasn't any ordinary shampoo bottle, for it was magical. When she poured the liquid in her hair, the bubbles disolved from the center all the way down into her fur and hair. A blinding white light could have blinded anyone around her, but nobody was there. Christina was surrounded in a pink orb, as her hair started to wave back and flowed. As it flowed, it became even longer, and the golden color was move vivid. She had unlocked not only a new beautiful look, but a beautiful power.

She had to keep it a secret from her family, so she hides the bottle in her javelin, where she found it in the first place.

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