Cquote1.png The brave little warrior has come to save his friends. How sweet. Cquote2.png
Infinite mocking Pebble, The Heart of a Warrior

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Infinite is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He isthe secondary antagonist of the 2017 video game Sonic Forces, and the main antagonist of the story arc The Phantom Storm, a large part of its prequel arc Phantom of the Past, and played a lesser role in Return of Darkness, due to it being more focused on other villains in each story. However, he does return as one of the main antagonists of Rise of Ruin alongside Dr. Finitevus.


Before Infinite: Infinite(as the unnnamed Jackal Squad leader), is an anthropomorphic jackal with black fur, an odd white pattern resembling a ribcage on his back and sides, a long, bushy black tail with a white tip, and a black and white face. He has one blue ey and one yellow eye, notched ears, a short scar on his right arm, near his wrist(because of Turner), and a bite scar near the end of his tail(because of Alex).

As Infinite: Little changes aside from a one-eyed mask he now wears, covering his face except for his left eye, and the Phantom Ruby now in the middle of his chest, which glows whenever he uses it.


Before Infinite: As the unnamed Jackal Squad leader, Infinite is smug, snide, arrogant, and aggressive. He will not hesitate to threaten someone's life to get others to comply to his demands, including those he is interested in(such as when he threatened Alex to keep Jared, Murray, and Grim at bay). He appears to have some degree of concern for his fellow Squad members, attacking Shadow in retaliation for their defeat because of him. He also appears to be somewhat short-tempered or vengeful, as he viciously attempted to kill Alex when the younger jackal bit him on the tail. He does not hold a high opinion of the warriors, as he mockingly tells Alex that none of the warriors will ever treat him with respect.

As Infinite: Not much changes. As Infinite, he has become much colder and appears to have gained an inferiority complex, viewing everyone else as beneath him and much weaker, though he will acknowledge an opponent's strength. He is cold, cruel, and incredibly aggressive and sadistic, as well as manipulative. Infinite seems to be desperate to get rid of anything he perceives to be weakness in himself, refusing to acknowledge any defeat he suffers. Similar to Dr. Finitevus, he seems to be either unable or unwilling to understand the concept of friendship or why the warriors are so loyal to each other. Like before, Infinite does not hold a high opinion of the warriors, smugly saying that when he takes control of the Four Worlds, he will be able to get rid of them one by one.


Before the Series: Revealed in Issue 4 of the Sonic Forces prequel comics and the episode Shadow DLC, Infinite's past in The Legend of Fox the Brave is unknown. As revealed in videos recorded on a camcorder owned by Rex's father Wilson, Wilson himself was forced to help out(since he was a tech genius), but was later killed by Infinite when he tried to leave.

The Heart of a Warrior: In the Prologue, Infinite easily destroys the Storming Base, and The Storming Alliance completely lose their composure and flee in terror. In the next chapter, Infinite follows Pebble as he finds the badly injured Storm Fighter second-in-command E.J.. Infinite coldly states that E.J. won't be around anymore before blasting the Hedgehog over a ledge when Pebble flees in fear. Later, Infinite appears occasionally throughout the story, killing Rex's patrol and causing his brother Stan to disappear while kidnapping Pebble. After Pebble is thrown into a cell, Infinite manipulates Eggman into "coming up" with the "genius" plan to capture the Storm Fighters and use them against the Resistance. After Eggman leaves, Infinite reveals to a terrified Pebble that when the Rebellion is quelled, he will be the one to rule the Worlds. Later, Eggman captures the entire camp of Storm Fighters, but Pebble(who had been rescued previously), escapes to warn the Resistance, encountering Infinite, who proceeds to cruelly taunt the terrified Rockruff much like he did the Avatar(Rex in the case of The Heart of a Warrior) previously. Pebble manages to escape and warn the Resistance, but when they attempt a rescue, Infinite easily captures them all, possibly because Rex froze up in fear. Afterward, Pebble steals the keys off of Cubot, but when he tries to give them to Austin, he's knocked off his paws by Infinite. A fight ensues, and an injured Pebble evolves into Midday Lycanroc, gaining a boost in confidence and easily defeating Infinite with his newfound strength. When Austin escapes the cell(as Pebble had nudged the keys into his reach), Infinite leaves, allowing the warriors to escape. Later, during the final battle, Infinite taunts the warriors before the battle ensues, and he fights Austin. When the big dog hits the ground, he's pinned down by copies of Shadow and Metal Sonic and Pebble is forced over. Infinite proceeds to cruelly taunt both of them, but Austin furiously throws off the copies and lunges for the masked villain, with the both of them tumbling off to a lower ledge. Austin viciously beats Infinite into motionlessness before climbing up. In the next Chapter, Infinite tries to drag Austin down again, but is stopped and flies away. In the Epilogue, Infinite observes unseen as the warriors settle back into the Storming Base, already planning his next move.

The Rising Darkness: Infinite first appears in the Prologue, when he attacks Red Gate City. Young Rex spots the unnamed Infinite as he attacks and murders his patrol. Panicking, Rex dives into hiding. Sensing his fear, Infinite taunts Rex, allowing him to live. Infinite is briefly mentioned in Rex's thoughts when he recaps what happens in The Heart of a Warrior. Infinite formally appears when Rex and Pebble exit a lab abandoned by Eggman. He knocks Pebble out cold and pins Rex to the side of a building by his throat using his powers. He finds and grabs Wilson's camcorder, which is now in Rex's possession, sneeringly remarking that Wilson tried to run, like E.J., and that they met the same fate(confirming E.J's death). Pebble angrily attacks him, calling him a murderer, but Infinite blasts the furious Lycanroc off of him, taunting him. He asks why Pebble cares so much, but never gets an answer, as Streak the Bird swings in, stopping him and saving Rex and Pebble. Infinite next appears in a nightmare Rex has. He traps Rex, cruelly taunting and laughing at him. In the next Chapter, Rex-frightened by his nightmare-reflects on when Infinite spared him, remembering Austin's comment about Infinite after the attack. After the three friends encounter Stan and leave Metropolis, they are completely unaware of Infinite watching them leave. He later meets with Stan, ordering him to take Rex to him when they next meet, or he will kill everyone and make him watch. Infinite soon attacks the travelers with a group of his clones, but they are rescued by a Type: Null they name Swift. In the Chapter Sneaking Off, Stan reluctantly takes Rex to Infinite, who takes control of Stan when the younger Wolf tries to slip past and escape. Infinite uses Stan to strangle Rex, and reveals his plans and how he intends to get rid of the warriors. As he watches Rex beginning to tire, Infinite is suddenly interrupted by the rest of the newly-named Storm Squad rush in. He is driven away by Pebble's Stone Edge, and Swift evolving into Silvally and using his newly-learned Multi-Attack. Infinite is mentioned a couple more times, but does not appear again.

The Storm of Evil: Infinite appears in the Prologue, when he uses clones of Shadow, Zavok, Chaos, and Metal Sonic to corner Stan(who is unaware that these are clones). When he formally meets Stan, Infinite deliberatelyx remains vague about the one Resistance member he spared from the patrol he attacked, knowing of Stan's desire to find his brother. He coerces Stan into helping him under the guise of agreeing to help him find Rex. Later, Infinite primarily appears in memories Stan dreams of, as well as threatening him in a nightmare. In Mystic Jungle after his battle with Sonic, Infinite mockingly tells Stan of Sonic's "weakness", but tells the Wolf he let him live, deeming him not worth the effort to finish off(which elates Stan). In Green Hill, Stan finds a Phantom Ruby prototype, but when he hopes he could use it to find Rex, Infinite appears, taking it from him and crushing it, mockingly implying that Stan's willpower isn't strong enough to activate it. In Metropolis, Stan tells Infinite of the Resistance's plans to rescue the warriors from the Death Egg, and Infinite-eager that his plans would be put into motion much sooner-tells Stan of his secret plans. When Stan questions why he's being told this, Infinite tells him that he knows he won't tell, and that one way or another when he rules the Worlds, Stan will wind up dead. In the waking world, as Samu's "Kommonity" is leaving High Mountain City, Infinite has a large group of clones attack them, but while they are driven off, Johnathan Trapp(Simon Komm's true father) is shot and killed after rushing to save Stan from a Zavok clone. When Austin splits from the Storm Squad with Samu, Simon, and Stan to find the High Mountain Refugees, they are attacked by Infinite, who effectively takes them captive for Eggman(who remains oblivious to Infinite's ulterior motives). When Stan comes to, he helps Samu, Simon, and Austin escape, but is shot and injured in the process. Infinite appears in Stan's last memory-dream, which takes place after the final battle of the Great Rebellion. Stan is glad to see the warriors won, and recognizes their newest recruit as his brother Rex. However, a defeated and furious Infinite makes Stan forget about his brother and help him, swearing that he will never rest until he claims the Worlds. Later, the warriors prepare for a massive battle that begins when Infinite invades the Base with an army of clones. The battle goes well for the warriors until Infinite drags Austin, Pebble, Stan, and Eggman into a barrier he creates to keep the other warriors out. He then proceeds to taunt them, revealing his secret plans to Eggman, who is furious, while essentially knocking the three warriors out. When the warriors wake up and the battle resumes, Infinite tries to escape and avoid the fight, but is dragged back down by Austin and beaten heavily by the big warrior. He escapes the battle, but is hurt because of the furious warrior's rampage. After landing, Infinite encounters a new, unnamed stranger accompanied by a Midnight Lycanroc, who says he has a proposition for him.

A Dark Secret: In the Prologue, Infinite(as the unnamed Jackal Squad leader) is seen alongside the other members of his Squad when Wilson returns home. When Wilson arrives, the leader grabs Wilson's younger son Rex, yanking him away from his mother and holding his sword against the young Wolf's throat. He remains like this until Wilson gives in and goes along, after which he releases Rex and holds Wilson as sword point until they arrive at the lab in Mystic Jungle. After the sword is removed, Wilson whips around and punches the leader in the face. He is then held against a wall as the leader mockingly "welcomes" him into the jungle before the Wolf is knocked out. It is mentioned that during Wilson's employment, the jackal leader relentlessly bullied and taunted him. Later, when a Storming Alliance patrol try to rescue Wilson, the jackal leader threatens the Wolf in order to get the patrol to leave, even wounding Alex and Austin when the former tries to rescue Wilson and the latter retaliates. When Wilson tries to escape himself, the leader finds him, demanding to know why the Wolf is so determined to return to his family. Wilson snarls in response and sneers at the leader, who knocks him out. Later, Wilson starts a fistfight, which the jackal leader quickly turns around and brutally beats Wilson. Later, after Shadow's raid, the leader adopts his new identity as Infinite. When he reveals this to Wilson, the Wolf is so spooked he tries to throw a hammer at Infinite, only for him to catch and throw it back with his new powers. He snidely tells Wilson that he should've thought about that before brutally beating him. When Wilson makes his last attempt to escape, Infinite stops him, and when Eggman calmly remarks that he didn't need the Wolf anymore, Infinite launches him back, and Wilson dies of his injuries.

A Loner's Tale: In the Prologue, Infinite attacks and destroys Ocean Point Village, driving out the inhabitants, and capturing Digger and Pixie when the former tries to save his sister. When Digger wakes up, Infinite instructs him to find out where the remaining villagers are going, but Digger refuses. He tells Digger that if he does, he'll let him live before putting him to sleep(like he did to Pixie when she talked back). Later, Infinite doesn't appear again until the Red Gate attack, but is mentioned when Digger and Alex joke about him. During the Red Gate Attack, Infinite murders the patrol of a young brown Wolf(Rex), with another known casualty being an Ocean Point Refugee known as Tulio. After the attack, Infinite finds Digger and Pixie hiding, and attempts to kill them both, only to be stopped by Stan, who befriends the siblings. Infinite leaves them, but warns that the next time he finds them, they will not be spared. He later returns to scope the city for survivors(as Stan had warned Digger previously), and finds Digger, who takes his sister and narrowly escapes under Infinite's nose. Afterward, Infinite becomes determined to find and kill them, but fails, as the siblings elude him. Later, while Digger and Pixie take shelter in a Resistance camp for refugees fleeing Eggman, Infinite enters Digger's dreams and taunts him, telling him of the deaths of the rest of Ocean Point's villagers(unaware of Ace the Dog, his wife Sara, and Digger's friend Markus sheltering in SlugTerra). Infinite tells Digger that it's only a matter of time before he finds and kills him and Pixie, spurring Digger to hide Pixie in Hedgehog Village and take shelter in Lamarkie.

Rise of a Team: Infinite returns as the main antagonist. In the Prologue, he has Digger captured and interrogates him about "the new leader", who Digger identifies as Monty the Dog. Afterward, Infinite is indirectly mentioned by Finitevus, who alerts Monty to Infinite's willingness to trade Digger's life for Monty's. Infinite later invades Monty's room to warn give him an ultimatum, but is thwarted when a patrol rescues Digger and arrests Finitevus. Later, when Monty is out by himself, Infinite ambushes and cruelly beats him within an inch of his life, but is prevented from killing him by Silver the Lucario. While Monty is in a coma while recovering from his injuries, Infinite is shown in a memory rounding up the residents of Mountain Lake Village while Eggman threatens their leader Mel. Infinite is silent throughout the chapter, glaring at Monty when he speaks up. When Monty escapes the destruction of his Village, Infinite chases him into the forest, but lets him escape. He tracks the pup to Wolfhart City, which he also destroys. Monty again escapes, this time with his new friends Tammy and Gabby. Infinite finds them, and abducts Monty with the intent to kill the puppy. He coldly states that no one escapes from him, but Monty boldly retorts that the people of Ocean Point Village did, only for Infinite to reply that he finished them all off. When Infinite is distracted, Monty escapes, and Infinite once again let's him leave. In a later dream, Infinite taunts Monty, sensing his fear. When Monty reiterates something he said as a puppy, Infinite recognizes the leader as the pup he spared, threatening Monty as the dream fades. A few days later, Infinite surrounds Lamarkie Village with his clones and only agrees to release them if Monty turns himself in. When the leader refuses, the Lamarkie Standoff begins. After several tense days, Monty leads a patrol to try to get some young ones away from the Village to safety, but they are found and stopped by Infinite, who grabs Pixie, threatening her in an attempt to get the patrol to stand down. He is foiled by Stan, who successfully gets e young ones to safety, and distracts Infinite so more warriors can come to help. Several more days later, the villagers fight back, and Infinite is engaged by Fox(as Fire Fox), but escapes when he realizes he can't win. He is then briefly mentioned in the Epilogue.

Rising Courage: Infinite serves as the POV of the Prologue of the retelling of both Sonic Forces and The Heart of a Warrior. In the Prologue, Infinite mercilessly attacks Red Gate City, murdering any people unlucky enough to not get away in time. He also shoots down a Resistance patrol trying to fight back. After murdering the patrol, Infinite turns his attention to a young Wolf boy(Rex), who he spares out of his sadistic nature. After leaving Red Gate for good, Rex has a dreadful nightmare about Infinite, which spurs him to find the Resistance. During Rex's mission on the Death Egg, Infinite vaguely tells Rex about his plans for the warriors, tricking him into unknowingly leading him to the warriors' new camp in the Mystic Jungle. Later, Rex has a nightmare about the destruction of Red Gate, constantly repeating to himself that it's all a nightmare. During a later mission to Metropolis(Operation: Big Wave), Infinite throws everything into chaos, and engages Rex when the young Wolf encounters him and refuses to be intimidated. After the fight, Infinite recognizes Rex as the boy he spared all those moons ago, but when the tries to finish him off, Rex is saved by a Phantom Ruby prototype he has on him. Infinite is confused by this, but decides to let him live anyway. When Rex demands to know where the warriors are, Infinite gives him a vague reply. With the knowledge given to them by Rex, the Resistance head up to the Death Egg to rescue them, but are captured and imprisoned as well. Spotting Rex, Infinite cruelly "thanks" him for leading him to the Storm Fighters. Rex denies this, and Austin says that he met Rex at the border(the young Wolf never went into the camp), but Infinite coldly sneers that he didn't need to go to the camp, just find a warrior to lead him there. After a devastated Rex is thrown into a cell, Infinite tauntingly tells him that his reward will being the last person to die after [Infinite] has control of the Four Worlds. After Pebble retrieves the keys, he is engaged by Infinite, and evolves in the fight, freeing the warriors. Infinite later appears in another nightmare Rex has before the final battle, and is later mentioned by Modern Sonic as he, Classic Sonic, and Rex head off to fight Eggman. After the fight, Infinite tries to drag Austin down to finish him off, but is thwarted, and escapes. He does not appear again, but is mentioned a couple times in Rex's thoughts.

Legends of the Alliance:

  • A Warrior's Courage(Rex): Infinite is given a brief mention, both in Tai's blurb and in Rex's narration.
  • A Brother's Confession(Stan): Infinite is given a brief mention, both in Tai's blurb and Stan's narration.
  • Struggles for Forgiveness(Streak): Infinite is given a brief mention, both in Tai's blurb and Streak's narration.
  • Villain's Rage: In this Chapter, Infinite narrates to The Unnamed Protagonist about his plans, his desire to rule the Four Worlds, and his thoughts on Monty's rebellion during the Lamarkie Standoff. However, in the beginning of the Chapter(after Tai's blurb), Infinite smugly says he can sense the Protagonist's anxiety, implying that they are nervous despite Tai being with them.


Infinite is able to create and control virtual realities and various illusions and copies via the Phantom Ruby. He also uses this to fly and lift even other people(having done it to Pebble twice). As of The Rising Darkness, Infinite appears able to enter and manipulate the dreams of others, likely through the Phantom Ruby, as he does this with Rex in the Chapter Infinite Nightmares. Also, he appears to be able to control someone to a certain extent, as he does this with Stan the Wolf until he regains control of himself after getting kicked in the shin.


Before Infinite: As the unnamed Jackal Squad leader, he is incredibly skilled with his sword, and somewhat speedy, though he was unable to lose a pursuing Alex.

As Infinite: For some unexplained reason, possibly because of the Phantom Ruby, Infinite is able to sense whatever someone is feeling, predominately fear. He enjoys when he senses someone's fear, due to his sadistic nature.


Rex Storm

The two first encountered each other in Red Gate City when Rex was apart of the Resistance there, but when Infinite killed the young Wolf's patrol, he spared Rex to satisfy his own sadistic nature, as he enjoyed Rex's terror. This led to a deep-seated trauma and later hatred within Rex that he would later use as a warrior of the Storm Fighters to avenge his city and later the murder of his father.

Streak the Bird

Streak bears a deep grudge against Infinite himself, due to his mother and father being killed during Eggman's conquest and his sister Winnie going missing. Their full dynamic is unknown.

Pebble the Rockruff/Lycanroc

Pebble was initially terrified of Infinite, but overcame this on his journey with Rex to find Stan. Pebble has now long since outgrown his timid nature, shown in Fall of the Worlds, but maintains a strong hatred toward Infinite.

Stan the Wolf

In the Prologue of The Storm of Evil, Stan reluctantly accepted help from Infinite to find Rex in the wake of the attack on Red Gate City, but Infinite took advantage of this to control him to try to kill Rex and Pebble to weaken the warriors. Throughout the Great Rebellion, Infinite deliberately kept Stan and Rex separate to keep Stan under his control, and used him to do his bidding without Eggman's knowledge. When he regained full control of himself, Stan absolutely hated Infinite for manipulating him and threatening his brother. This worsened when Rex showed Stan the video detailing their father Wilson's demise at Infinite's hand.

Wilson the Wolf

For reasons unknown, throughout Wilson's enforced service under Eggman, Infinite took every opportunity to mock and torment Wilson, though the IT Wolf took it in stride, even retaliating for the jackal's threats to his son Rex by punching him in the face. As seen in A Dark Secret, Infinite and Wilson hated each other fiercely, often getting into arguments that almost resulted in fistfights(though Eggman always intervened). When Wilson tried to leave, Infinite-now powered up by the Phantom Ruby-launched him back to keep him from leaving, though this resulted in the Wolf receiving fatal injuries. Even after becoming a Spirit, Wilson still hates Infinite, with this worsened by his own death and the masked jackal threatening his sons.

Digger the Dog

After the attack on Ocean Point Village, Infinite had Digger and his sister Pixie captured. He instructed Digger to find out where the remaining Villagers were going, but Digger refused, remaining with his fellow villagers once he and Pixie were released and returned to them. Angry at this, after finding the siblings following the Red Gate City attack, he tried to kill the siblings, but was stopped by Stan. He tried again later, but was again foiled by Stan(and Digger having a head start). As a result, he was determined to kill them both to completely eradicate Ocean Point's inhabitants(unaware of AceSara, and Markus sheltering in SlugTerra), though he was willing to let Digger live in exchange for Monty's death, as he wanted to destroy the Lamarkie Defense Force before they had the opportunity to join the Alliance(as he knew of Fox's offer).

Monty the Dog

Similar to Digger, Infinite initially hunted Monty down purely to wipe out the escapees of a Village he destroyed. He tracked Monty to Wolfhart City, which he also destroyed and killed the inhabitants of, though this time Monty had the company of Wolf sisters Tammy and Gabby when he escaped. Monty later grew up to form the Lamarkie Defense Force, and Infinite became bent on destroying the Team before they could join the Alliance, even going so far as to beat Monty within an inch of his life(kept from killing him by the interference of Silver the Lucario and Austin Smith). Realizing Monty survived, Infinite taunts him in his dreams, recognizing him as the escaped puppy from Mountain Lake when Monty reiterates what he said in his youth.

The Unnamed Protagonist

Though the Protagonist does not express anything, Infinite senses their nervousness, and arrogantly points this out after they arrive. It's possible that before telling them his story, Infinite was trying to intimidate them similarly to the Avatar.

Turner the Jackal

Infinite and Turner's full dynamic is unknown, but as shown in The Warrior's Quest, Infinite, as the unnamed leader, tried to coerce/bully Turner into joining him, but the Downunda native refused. Turner stated that he had a duty to his family, and refused to join his "band of rogues". The leader attacked his family in retaliation, and Turner, his mate Kate, father Humphrey, mother Avery, and elder son Tobi all disappeared, with Alex being the only one to escape and successfully make it to the Storming Base. It was later revealed that while Humphrey and Avery both died, Turner, Kate, and Tobi all survived, but were horribly scarred, with Turner being blind.

Alex the Jackal

Taking an interest in Alex for reasons unknown, Infinite(as the unnamed leader) constantly harassed Alex's family, eventually splitting the family entirely and chasing Alex to the Storming Base. Since he failed to get Alex's father Turner to join his Squad, the leader began trying to do the same to Alex, only to turn on him and attempt to kill him in retaliation for being bitten on the tail. So far, Alex is the first person to recognize Infinite's true identity(this is due to a couple of telltale scars he has)

Ash and Vernon

Neither Wolf had the misfortune of getting in as muxh trouble with Infinite, after gaining his new identity, as the warriors did, but both boys were kidnapped by him as the unnamed Jackal Squad leader for ransom. Ash was taken from the Wandering Wolf Pack, Vernon from Wolfhart City. The leader intended to keep Ash until his Pack paid the demanded ransom, but lost his patience and destroyed them, keeping Ash to enjoy his misery. Vernon was captured for ransom for an unknown time limit, but the two escaped. After they did, the Squad relentlessly hunted them, but they evaded them and successfully got away.


Infinite's weaknesses are largely unknown, but it's possible that due to his overconfidence and inferiority complex, he often underestimates his enemies. Also, due to relying almost entirely on the Phantom Ruby's power, this is hindered whenever someone concentrates on the fact that it's not real or someone who has another Phantom Ruby(as Monty utilized), and-in terms of physical strength-is easily beaten by someone who is much larger, like Austin. As seen in the prequel story, The Struggle for Peace, Infinite's powers in a dream can be held off by someone with a strong will, as Storm the Buizel does this(though this may be because of his own special power).


"Trust Infinite to bully a blind kid."
Noah after Infinite threatens Arrow, Journey of Brothers
"I'm tired of Infinite skulking around like everyone thinks jackals do. If he wants to fight us, he knows exactly where to find us."
Fang to Markus after Alex suffers from a nightmare, After the Blackout

Damage Done

Villages Destroyed:

  • Ocean Point; Six survivors, one confirmed death(others implied)
  • Mountain Lake; One survivor, all other inhabitants killed
  • Pine Wood; Two confirmed survivors, others unknown
  • Rockhead; Two survivors, three confirmed deaths, unknown amount of other deaths

Cities Destroyed:

  • Red Gate; Six survivors(ten if Pixie, Digger, Ash, and Vernon are counted), five confirmed deaths, unknown amount of other deaths(two confirmed if Tulio and Wilson are counted)
  • Wolfhart; Ten survivors(eleven if Monty is counted), unknown amount of deaths
  • West Lake; Two survivors, unknown amount of deaths
  • High Mountain; Unknown amount of survivors(three named), one confirmed death, unknown amount of other deaths(if any)

Civilians Killed(known):

  • Wilson the Wolf(Red Gate City)
  • Nathaniel the Wolf(Red Gate City)
  • Erica the Wolf(Red Gate City)
  • Johnathan Trapp(High Mountain City)
  • Thomas the Dog(Mountain Lake Village)
  • Erin the Dog(Mountain Lake Village)
  • Mel the Wolf(Mountain Lake Village)
  • All Mountain Lake Village residents(minus Monty)
  • All Wolfhart City residents(minus Tammy, Gabby, Jay, and Morgan)
  • Streak the Bird's Mother(Metropolis)
  • Streak the Bird's Father(Metropolis)
  • Dart the Wolf(Windy Moor Village)
  • Mary the Wolf(Windy Moor Village)
  • Starla's Husband(unknown)

Warriors Killed

  • Sky the Falcon(Storm Fighters)

Loners Killed

  • Humphrey the Jackal(Downunda loner)
  • Avery the Jackal(Downunda loner)


  • Rex Storm(Red Gate City)
  • Stan the Wolf(Red Gate City)
  • Martin the Wolf(Red Gate City)
  • Stripe the Wolf(Red Gate City)
  • Chris the Fox(Red Gate City)
  • Digger the Dog(Ocean Point Village)
  • Pixie the Dog(Ocean Point Village)
  • Ace the Dog(Ocean Point Village)
  • Sara the Dog(Ocean Point Village)
  • Markus the Hedgehog(Ocean Point Village)
  • Unknown Mobian in Red Gate City(Ocean Point Village)
  • Rynok the Rhydon(Rockhead Village)
  • Hope the Rockruff(Rockhead Village)
  • Tammy the Wolf(Wolfhart City)
  • Gabby the Wolf(Wolfhart City)
  • Vernon the Wolf(Wolfhart City); technically kidnapped before the Great Rebellion; now Wandering Wolf
  • Jay the Wolf(Wolfhart City); now Wandering Wolf
  • Morgan the Wolf(Wolfhart City); now Wandering Wolf
  • Arch the Wolf(Wolfhart City); now Wandering Wolf
  • Kevin the Wolf(Wolfhart City); now Wandering Wolf
  • Paco the Wolf(Wolfhart City); now Wandering Wolf
  • Jane the Wolf(Wolfhart City); now Wandering Wolf
  • Violetta the Wolf(Wolfhart City); now Wandering Wolf
  • Alex the Jackal(Downunda loner turned Storm Fighter)
  • Turner the Jackal(Downunda loner turned Storm Fighter)
  • Kate the Jackal(Downunda loner turned Storm Fighter)
  • Tobi the Jackal(Downunda loner turned Storm Fighter)
  • Ash the Wolf(Wandering Wolf Pack); technically kidnapped before the Great Rebellion
  • Gabriel the Dog(unknown, possibly Red Gate)
  • Anya the Wolf(unknown, possibly Red Gate)
  • Sorrel the Wolf(unknown, possibly Red Gate)
  • Noah the Wolf(Windy Moor Village); now Storm Fighter
  • Arrow the Wolf(Windy Moor Village); now Wandering Wolf

Fate Unknown

  • Much of Red Gate City's inhabitants
  • Much of Ocean Point Village's inhabitants(implied to have been killed, though an unknown resident makes a cameo in Resistance Rising)
  • Blue the Dog(did not appear in Hunt for the Lost Pack)
  • Metropolis Resistance(did not appear in Hunt for the Lost Pack)


Sparing Rex after murdering his patrol


Confronting Rex in Metropolis


  • Despite both being jackals, Alex and Infinite are very different in appearance.
  • This is because Alex is designed to be realistic, much like all original Mobian characters(up until The Phantom Storm)
  • Infinite is similar to Sonic.EXE in terms of personality, but Infinite isn't as eager or likely to violently disembowel his enemies.
  • The voice actor of Infinite, Liam O'brien, also provides the voice of Doctor Strange in the most recent entry in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.
  • Some of Infinite's lines of dialogue are taken directly from Sonic Forces.
  • Of the three villains shown in Legends of the Alliance, Infinite is the most condescending and possibly rude, arrogantly telling the Protagonist he can sense their anxiety, while Nero and Finitevus launch into their stories right away.
  • It is mentioned in The Final Battle that Silver cannot sense Infinite's thoughts, as the Phantom Ruby blocks his aura. However, he can sense fleeting thoughts from Infinite, which are often dark and violent.
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