1. Stop the Zerg from taking over mobius
  2. save anyone you can
  3. if you have a team, the backup is needed
  4. use your knowledge of Sonic and Starcraft to aid in this RP
  6. you can pick a side, either the Resistance or be a Cerebrate for the Zerg
  7. if you find a Terran Vehicle (SCV, Vulture, Wraith, GUN Tank, WHAT EVER) you can use it


it was supposed to be a normal day for Team Fire And Ice. but a sickness came down on Jayhawk's girlfriend Eva The Fox. She became infested and is now the Zerg Queen of the Swarm. small pockets of resistance made of Terrans, and Mobians like you who are struggling to stay alive in the city. remember, the Zerg will stop at NOTHING to rule this world and devour you OR let the Overmind assimilate everything into itself. Protect the people, Protect YOURSELF, and remember, this entire operation is counting on YOU. so lock and load, and as Tycus from Starcraft Wings Of Liberty says: "you want a piece of me BOY?!"

or if you're a cerebrate for the Zerg, then yeah... kill everyone and infest things... as the Infested Terran would say: "LIVE FOR THE SWARM!!"


anyone who isn't too overpowered

Involved Characters

Jayhawk The Hedgehog, Sydney The Cybernetic Cat, Mike The Arctic Fox, Infested Eva The Fox (Queen Of The Swarm), NEO Metal Sonic, the ENTIRE ZERG RACE, Terrans, G.U.N, Jim Raynor, and you... on whichever side you pick


Infested Crisis City/Part1

Part 1- Day 1 of Infestation (Choose your side)

Part 2- Day 2 of Infestation (prepare for combat)

Part 3- Day 3 of Infestation (go to war)

Part 4- Day 4 of Infestation (meet each other- Cerebrate or Resistance- and prepare for missions)

Parts 5-100- Days 5-100 of Infestation (war)

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