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Inferno the Dog is a young male white Dog Avatar who makes his debut in The Storm of Evil. Like many people, Inferno lost his family in the Great Rebellion(his older brother joined Eggman while both his parents were murdered in an attack). Despite his initially confident attitude, Inferno is actually a terrified young lad, though he stated that he wanted to be like the warriors from the Storming Alliance. He has gained confidence by helping as part of the Storm Squad.


Inferno is a young male white Dog Avatar. He has white fur, a tan muzzle, brown eyes, and a black flame pattern stretching upward from his legs to his chest, as well as on his arms and beside his right eye. He wears orange, black, and white gloves, matching sneakers, an orange hat with a blue "S" design on it(a recolor of Rex Storm's hat), a white headpiece like the ones Rex and Streak the Bird wear, and white-framed sunglasses.


Initially, Inferno presents himself as confident and arrogant, eagerly bragging about his supposed accomplishments, but it is later revealed that he is very underconfident, and is terrified of Infinite, much like Rex. Once he came clean, Inferno-who revealed his true name to be Slip-felt seriously ashamed, but came to overcome this and be truly brave when he became apart of the Storm Squad and helped fight Infinite.


Before the Series: Slip grew up in an unknown city, and when the Great Rebellion started, his brother Matthew("Matt") disappeared and Slip's parents were both murdered. Slip remained hidden throughout the Rebellion, but after hearing stories of The Storm Fighters' victory in the final battle, he decided to try to turn his life around and become a brave warrior in his own way. He somehow found a black flames bodysuit and changed his name to Inferno. Inferno also got his hands on a Burst Wispon, and kept himself alive long enough to encounter the Storm Squad.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Storm of Evil: Inferno appears after helping the Storm Squad by using a Burst Wispon to get rid of some replicas Infinite created in an attempt to intimidate the Storm Squad. Rex thanks him for his help, and they introduce each other; Rex notes that the pattern of black flames Inferno has is cooler than the streaks he has himself. Inferno coolly states that the replicas were no problem for him, to a confused question from Stan(who isn't himself at that moment). Rex asks Inferno(elbowing Stan) if he was part of the Resistance, to which the Dog states that he was, but took off on his own, stating that he liked doing things his own way. Inferno decides to come along with them, but when they encounter Infinite, Inferno gives in to his fear, revealing(at a very bad moment) that he's actually not who he says he is. When the Squad get away, Inferno reveals that his real name is Slip, and that he hid for the entirety of the Great Rebellion, as he lost his whole family in an attack. After hearing tales of the victory of the Storm Fighters and the Resistance, Slip wanted to be a warrior like them, and took on the name Inferno and his current look. Aria and Winnie insist on letting Inferno stay despite his lies, and Inferno helps the Squad, gaining some much-needed confidence alongside Pebble and Rex. He later participates in the battle at the Storming Base.


Like the Avatar from Sonic Forces, Inferno has enhanced agility and can keep up with Sonic easily.


Inferno can use a Burst Wispon easily and confidently, like Rex with his new Cube Wispon and Streak with his Lightning.


Like Rex and Pebble, Inferno was deeply traumatized by Infinite, and is deeply afraid of him. It was this that the evil masked jackal used against him, though he eventually got over it.


Inferno started out as an Avatar of Dallas Smith, but eventually evolved into a character all his own.

Inferno was originally intended to have a larger role in the stories he appeared in, but this didn't happen.

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