Cquote1 Watch out rookie, 'cause I'm gonna burn ya' hair off! Cquote2
Inferno's famous quote

Inferno the Cat is a minor character in Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna. She's a 9-year old red cat and firebender who is a part of Team Daniel.


Inferno has red fur and flame-like hair with yellow tints with a fringe, white skin and purple eyes. She also wears a black shirt with a Chinese fire sign on it and wears dark blue shorts with white socks and black-and-white sneakers. She doesn't wear any gloves.


Inferno is a very tomboyish and loud-mouthed character who likes to do anything she wants (much to Daniel's dismay). She can also sometimes be distracted from her missions, like the time when she showed her fire powers to Pink Sakura's henchmen. She has a crush on Blossom, explaining why she is often seen together with her, and she liker her because "she smells like cherries".


Most of her history is unknown, since she never mentioned in her entire life where she was born and raised, leading to a massive confusion among the gang. But she once mentioned in one episode that she was a beauty pageant until she got struck by lighting that disfigured her, and decided to make a new body for herself by picking out fake hair from a sacred basement and placed it onto her body with harmless glue.


  • She hates girly stuff; and whenever she sees them, she will throw up (falsely).
  • Despite hating Princess Elise , she kinda likes her dress alot, even though she hates dresses.
  • The nickname "Beeraculous Memebug" is based off a real life meme created by FlowerOfTheWind as a contest on an another wiki she's working on.
  • It seems that Inferno has a Chinese descent hence the fire symbol on her shirt.
  • She would cry if she saw Blossom die is a direct reference to the 77th episode of Sonic X when Cosmo sacrificed herself to save the universe while Tails was crying.
  • Inferno is a little bit similar to Ruby from Steven Universe due to both having a crush on a character with the same gender as them and similar voice as well.
  • Her fur is so dangerous to touch because it can burn your skin. That's why people are so afraid to touch her, especially when it's a hot day.
  • She used to be a part of the Freedom Fighters, but left because she thought it was a waste of time.
  • In one of the concept arts, Inferno looked much younger; with no yellow tint to her fur, she was wearing a purple dress.


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