Inanna (イナンナ, Inanna) is the capital city of New Babylonia and has the largest population that first appeared in True Divine Generation: Need for Speed... game in Sonic Monster World series.

Official Description

Inanna is known for having an exotic tradition and having a powerful magical form, Inannian.


The main language of the city was actually called Innian. Despite without using its language instead Inannians




Nanaya () is Inanna's suburban city as was founded by a leader of Babylon Rogue, after the battle.



Garden of Nanaya

Garden of Nanaya

The Garden of Nanaya (), named as Alephia or Oyora, is a huge mystical grottolike area that was found by the unknown Iadian priestess

In True Divine Generation: Need For Speed IV, Sonic destroyed the Garden when he encounters Jet and Serha, after his engagement refused by Serha, trying to stop him from eliminating the whole humanity and millions of civilised beings across the entire world possessed by the vengeful go Exnir.




  • The city's named after a goddess of love, war and political power from the Sumerian myth in reality. Although, the statue of the city is a hidden reference the eight-pointed star, known as the Star of Ishtar.

    The Star of Ishtar/Inanna.

  • Jet the Hawk believes that his father was once a citizen of Inanna, but it is unknown if was confirmed in Need for Speed series.
  • According to Tails, he confirms that Serha is adapting the culture of the secret Ancient Babylonians' occult.


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