"I'm quite suprised others still know about...that story."
Inaba the Hare

Inaba the Hare (因幡の白兎, Inaba no Shirousagi) is a fan character made by Gamingar.

Inaba CREDIT TO TheSmallestBirb

Drawing by thesmallestbirb (Deleted account sadly)


Inaba is a small, female hare that is entirely white. She stands 3'1 and is 119 lbs. She wears a white dress with a small pink bow and a denim jacket. She is bare-foot, making it hard to cross gravel, rock, or anything that is sharp to bare feet. She wears white gloves, like most Mobians.


Inaba isn't very social since she's instinctively independent. She's very honest because of the incident that happened decades ago. She becomes apprehensive very easily, especially on beaches or near large bodies of water.  


Inaba can jump extremely high naturally, which can have her jump up to places others normally can't get to without climbing or any other means besides simply jumping. She can also hear very well, making it hard to sneak up on her. She can run fast naturally, up to 47 mph.


A long time ago, Inaba tricked some wanizame (basically sharks) into making a bridge for her so she could go across a sea without swimming by challenging them to see who's clan was larger, the sharks or the hares. She has the sharks go in a straight line and jumped on each, counting them. When she got across, she exclaimed her trick to using the sharks to cross, but unluckily the last shark attacked her, ripping her fur from her.

Nine brothers were traveling to woo a girl when Inaba asked them for help. Eight of them advised her to wash in the sea and dry in the wind instead of helping her, which when she tried it caused great pain to her. The other brother, in contrast, advised her to bathe in fresh water from the mouth of a river, then roll around in the pollen of cattails. This gave her fur back and she helped that brother.


She has a great fear of water as it reminds her of her past. (More to come soon!)


She is heavily based on the Japanese Folktale, "The Hare of Inaba" specifically the Kojiki version. (More to come soon!)

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